Karatbars and cashing in on gold and precious metals

Karatbars is a network marketing company that offers an affiliate program for purchasing gold and precious metals.

Precious metals and gold have been hitting all-time highs as investors continue to look for tangible assets to invest in.

It’s not the best home based business idea out there, but if you have a solid warm market to sell to you could possibly make decent side income.

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Karatbars is the brainchild a German named Harald Seiz, who started the company in 2011. With a background in real estate, insurance, and the financial sector, he brings at least 20 years of experience to the table.

In his previous position he found himself working for a German precious metals company but wished it were global. Therefore, he broke off from them and founded Karatbars.

His unique selling point is that almost anyone can purchase gold from his company because he sells in very small amounts.

The company is headquartered in Suttgart but sells product in over 70 countries.


The flagship product is 999.9 pure gold bullion. One may also purchase gold merchandise and gold gift cards.

What are Gold Gift Cards?

Karatbars will sell you one gram.

These are actually 1 gram Gold bars fixed onto a credit card, then laminated. The cards are Fed-Exed to consumers, and security features on the cards include a hologram, certification, and Assayers signature. Assayer signature is certifying metallurgical analysis has been performed, and that the gold is 999.99 pure.

Security features at the plan include a four video program, where gold is handled always on one of four video cameras.

The gold comes from refineries which are listed on the LBMA, which stands for the London Bullion Market Association. They set standards for gold, gold delivery, and sources in general.

Why will people buy these?

Gold is a popular investment and a lasting gift because it not only safeguards your investment, but could double or triple your savings. Billionaires know this: it’s rare to find a billionaire who hasn’t invested in what’s called “real assets” like precious metals.

Some of the world’s richest men are heavily invested in gold, so the idea of Karatbars is…why shouldn’t you also be invested in gold?

Reasons include the steady devaluation of the dollar…even if you have something like a 401K, it diminishes in value whenever the stock market takes a dive. The Dollar continues to decrease and it scares investors, so they look for things like gold, which keep their value…real assets.

Remember, a financial adviser has an obligation to promote the Wall Street Agenda. It’s how they make their money. Therefore, they’ll always suggest investing in the stock market, no matter what. Investing in gold simply introduces some diversification into your investing strategy.

Basically, you make money by securing contracts for Karatbars, collecting residual income on your downline sales, and collecting bonuses when your customers buy more precious metals.

Now, how easy will it be for you to convince people to buy gold?

Should be pretty simple once you point out these value propositions:

  • paper currency loses its value over time
  • the stock market is so volatile, look what happened in 2008
  • stock prices are dependent on things you can’t control, like geopolitical forces, government, inflation, terrorism, weather, etc
  • gold has always had top value, even in ancient times…look at Aztec culture, the time of King Tut, through today, where it’s still the most coveted element
  • gold will always keep its value, no matter what’s happening in the world
  • gold not only keeps its value over time, it grows…since 2004, gold has risen at unprecedented rates and it’s still going strong
  • since release of gold prices to the free market in 1968, the price has risen steadily (*source: The National Mining Association)
  • gold is valued in every culture
  • China is buying up gold like crazy

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for Karatbars isn’t the typical pyramid shaped tree you see in big network marketing companies like Sunrider, Kairos, or 4Life.

There are four levels of the Karatbars comp plan:

  • Bronze Director: sell 50 contracts
  • Silver Director: sell 100 contracts
  • Gold Director: sell 200 contracts
  • Gold Director Elite: sell 300 contracts + 1 Affiliate Gold Director

You can get as many as 3 contracts out of the same customer:

  • purchase plan = 1 contract
  • special purchase of at least 50g (min. 2,500 EUR) = 1 contract
  • lump sum purchase = 1 contract

The Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) is earned whenever you secure a new contract for at least 50 Euros per month. The amount the CAB is worth depends on your rank (see above).

Residual Income is earned at rates of 2% to 5.5%, depending on rank. This is earned at the “Gold Supervisor” level and above, which is at least 2500 points per month in volume (1 EUR = 1 point for recurring monthly purchases). For a one-time (lump sum) purchase, 10 EUR = 1 point.

Commission is paid at a rate of 33% of your total CAB, with a minimum of 500 EUR level. That’s for the first 10 grams sold. For the remaining 40 grams, it’s paid at 67% of CAB, minimum of 2,000 EUR (minimum 50 EUR per month).


  • gold is hot
  • show people dangers of stock market and holding onto cash, and gold is a logical choice
  • some pretty sweet commissions (33%, 67%)
  • Karatbars available in 1 gram amounts so marketable to just about anyone
  • tiny 1 gram bold bars on credit cards are unique and irresistible
  • worldwide market (great for people looking to make money online)


  • slight learning curve as you explore the precious metals industry
  • takes a deeper connection to prospective customers so you have time to explain the value of the product


Karatbars has a good product. I dig it.

If I wanted to go the MLM route, I’d probably rock something like Karatbars. Why? The product is something I’d purchase anyways.

With the US government and banks being as insolvent as they are, it’s a wise move to diversify your assets.

However, if you’re in it merely to chase the next opportunity, I’d move along.

Not to call you out, but you’re a money-chaser, and 99% of the time, you’ll fail.

If you’re looking for sustainable side income, there are much better ways. My 30k months are derived from a completely different industry. You can apply for a mentorship here.

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      Haven’t heard too much about Karatbars recently.

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