What’s up with Legal Shield these days?

Legal Shield is a network marketing company with an online legal service platform that is available when you need, and as often you need it.

Founded in 1969, the company started off solving legal frustrations and making legal protection more accessible for people. In recent years, they offer an enticing opportunity to work from home.

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There are essentially three steps to understanding Legal Shield’s system.

Membership is of course step number one: you enroll as a member by creating an online account. Upon your joining, the company ensures that you will be granted access to their devoted law firm as often as you need it. You can deliberate whatever legal matter you seek assistance with.

Part two is to figure out what can be covered, and part three is to then establish who is covered by Legal Shield.

Legal Shield can be relied on to conduct the following services:

  • Advice & Consultation
  • Write Letters & Issue Phone Calls on Your Behalf
  • Personal Document Evaluation (up to 15 pages apiece)
  • Trial Defense (in the case you are named defendant or respondent)

This is only the tip of the iceberg as Legal Shield offers many additional services such as standard will preparation and consultations for IRS audits. And they offer their services to individuals, families including children (dependents or minors), as well as spouses and/or partners.

Legal Shield was founded in 1969 by Harland Stonecipher. Stonecipher explained he experienced an epiphany when he found himself drowning in legal costs after he was in a dangerous car accident. He was the victim yet the legal fees still piled high and he discovered a new-found desire to help other people who might encounter the same problem.

As a result the company was created to offer accessible legal protection. He initially called the company “Sportman’s Motor Club” back in 1972 (not to be confused with MCA Motor Club). It was then changed again in 1984 to “Pre-Paid Legal Services”. The company finally officially become known as Legal Shield in 2001.

Since the company’s launch Stonecipher has passed away (in 2014) but the company is still very much alive. Everyday employees at the Legal Shield work hard to keep Stonecipher’s dream alive. Presently the company is serving over a million members throughout 49 different states across the nation as well as four Canadian provinces. They employ 39 law offices and have 1,100 provider lawyers for members’ convenience and assistance.

As a member you create a package and pay a monthly fee. In order to really cover all bases Legal Shield has been designed like a typical insurance company (hint: Primerica).

However, they sweeten the deal by offering legal representation if an accident occurs too. For instance you might invest in a family package which covers specific issues like a motor vehicle accident. As part of the package you are also given free preventative legal assistance which might include proposing or updating a will. So you get the insurance and the advantage of a free legal service too.


Legal Shield offers several products to meet various customer needs. To be more specific their products consist of different legal aids and plans. Two popular plans include the “individual” and the “family” Legal Shield plan.

  • Individual Plan- $17.95 per month
    • Coverage for single adults with no dependents
    • Offers legal counsel and advice
    • Will produce letters and make phone calls on your behalf
    • Legal document review available
    • Trail defense available
  • Family Plan – $19.95 per month
    • Coverage for families ie. you, your spouse or partner, and dependents
    • Offers legal counsel and advice
    • Will produce letters and make phone calls on your behalf
    • Legal document review (this includes mortgage)
    • Trial defense available
    • Will handle uncontested divorce, separation, or adoption

Obviously these two particular plans are more geared toward adults, married couples, and parents. But with Legal Shield’s wide assortment of products and flexible plans they can be designed to meet any person’s needs. So next up are the small business plan options.

  • Small biz 10- $39.00 per month (no more than 10 employees)
    • Unlimited legal consultation
    • Allows 20 call/letters each year
    • Allows 5 collections letters a month
    • Allows 20 document reviews a year
  • Small Biz 50- $89.00 per month (no more than 50 employees)
    • Unlimited legal consultation
    • 30 calls/letters each year
    • Allows 10 collection letters per month
    • Allows 30 document reviews a year
    • Trial Defense Available
  • Small Biz 100- $140.00 per month (no more than 100 employees)
    • Unlimited legal consultation
    • 40 calls/letters each year
    • Allows 15 collection letter per moth
    • Allows 40 documents reviews a year
    • Trail Defense Available

As you will notice the plans vary in price in an effort to make the services affordable for people of all financial backgrounds. To meet customers’ needs additional types of coverage are available to pick and choose from as way to customize your insurance/legal plan.

An advantage to using a company like Legal Shield is that since their legal services are offered online, it’s way more convenient. The most significant advantage though is that unlimited consultation with the law firm is included in membership which allows people to communicate with knowledgeable attorneys without the dreadful hourly rates.

Compensation Plan

To market their services Legal Shield uses a system of independent sales associates who are located across the nation and also in Canada. Essentially everyone has the opportunity to hop on board the Legal Shield train and join the business. You will find that their opportunity page is loaded with testimonials that indicate great success and a genuine love for the company.

If you would like to become an independent sales rep you are asked to pay a one-time fee of $249.00. With the purchase you gain access to four ways to potentially earn which include:

  • Personal sales- sell memberships to make commissions
  • Build a team- sign up members to become associates and earn a bonus for each sale they make
  • Residual income- when you sell a membership that lasts a year, you receive a commission for each month they remain active
  • Performance club- sell and earn points then redeem points for cash bonuses, trips etc.

Actually Legal Shield offers a pretty cut and dry, seemingly fair compensation plan. Of course it’s only going to be worth it if you can really recruit and have a knack for selling.


To conclude Legal Shield is basically a company that will work as the middle man to direct you and your legal needs to a reputable team of legal advisors who are available at your fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week even 365 days a year.

To get involved in the business and actually produce a profit you have to rely on recruiting and sales, as well as a firm understanding of ALL the services they offer. Better bone up on your legal knowledge.

Like I’ve shown throughout the piece, not a Legal Shield hater by any means. But it’s the same story of selling an opportunity where the top guys get paid and the rest of the 99% fight for the scraps. There is a better way to make money online, and actually feel good about it.

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