How to live alpha

Living alpha is a good look.

Superior provider? Peak performer? Stays ready? Check, check, check. I don’t claim to have all the alpha answers, but my life is trending in an alpha-sorta-way.

I’m smarter, stronger and thinking bigger, attacking life in Westbrook fashion.

The result? A life, where alpha happens:

  • attending the Pac-12 basketball tournament in Las Vegas
  • experiencing SXSW from a friend’s downtown condo in Austin
  • taking backpacking trips with my retired Dad
  • spending time with my sister’s family in Paradise, CA
  • attending a 3-day investment summit in Cancun, Mexico
  • mini-retiring in Brazil for sun, solitude and learning

When you create time wealth, you put yourself in a position to better your relationships, improve your fitness and live a more meaningful life.

Here’s the steps that’ll get you there:

Step 1: find mentors and coaches

Going alpha requires you to put yourself around people who’re already doing what you want to be doing.

Finding coaches and mentors, or the 1%-ers.

This was probably my biggest breakthrough in 2014.

Instead of following dozens of other marketers, I deconstructed my learning from ground zero and found mentors.

My biggest mentors? Troy Shanks and Brad Campbell.

They’re both living happy, healthy lives in sunny locations, engineered by passive income. They’re people who’re already doing what I want to be doing.

I studied their content, bought their coaching, read the same books, and OCD’d about their lifestyle and habits.

Then, I produced for them, eventually forming partnerships with both.

Living alpha is producing for your mentors and proving yourself as a peak-performer or A-lister.

When you do this, you earn a spot in their circle. Surround yourself with a few of these 1%-ers and it’s impossible not to get on their level.

Step 2: develop habits for peak performance

My routine the last 90 days:

Start day with prayer, 40 push-ups, drink 20oz of water, and listen to mindset audio while sipping on a protein shake during my 13-minute commute to work.

Begin work by addressing the biggest task of the day. What’s the one thing that needs to get done?

Lunch. Usually the same thing: steak burrito with pinto beans, salad and extra steak.

More water. Diet Monster energy drink and 40 more pushups right after lunch. Continue working at office until 4:30.

Meet up with older brother for quick workout. Dinner. Scoop up buddy and head to coffee shop in downtown SLC. Order yerba mate, work till midnight or 1 AM. Read before going to sleep.


Although this daily routine is not permanent, it’s engineered by habits that qualify myself for peak performance.

Let’s study the habits behind the routine:

The morning routine is borrowed from one of my coaches, Brad Campbell. Notice my body is strengthened, hydrated and fueled with positive energy before I turn my computer on. The result? Optimized, peak performance.

The one thing? From Gary Keller’s The One Thing, the power of starting your work addressing the most important (oft-times most uncomfortable) task and doing nothing else until that task gets done. One internet tab recommended.

Ask yourself, what’s the one thing that needs to get done such that everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?

Same lunch? It’s healthy and minimizes willpower. I don’t have to decide where or what to eat for lunch.

Workouts with the bro and coffee shop jam-sessions with a buddy? Power of accountability. Finding others to ride with you will keep you in check and make habits easier to keep.

Reading before going to bed? Simple, alphas study alphas.

I’ve consumed Richard Branson, MJ DeMarco, Gary Keller, Peter Drucker and Neil Strauss all in the last few months from consistent, nightly reading.

The result? I think 10x bigger than I did a year ago.


Again, this routine is not permanent, but an example of what can be done with the right habits in place. I rarely went out, and my social life lagged.

However, during this period, I hit a tipping point and doubled my side income in three consecutive months.

Magic happens at the extremes, they say.

Now that I’ve let my 9-5 go, the habits stay the same. I’m just 8 hours closer towards my own entrepreneur work, every single day.

Step 3: stay ready

Staying ready is the art of not getting comfortable.

Study peak performers, and you see a borderline-obsessiveness of staying ready.

Anyone who is world-class – entrepreneurs, visionaries, athletes, authors – they condition themselves through daily repetitions.

They’re getting better and preparing for what they cannot control.

Your first 5k month? Congrats, dude, but that $5k coming in every month is not guaranteed.

The daily repetitions, income-producing-activities, mindset conditioning and gym workouts must go on.

Staying ready is committing yourself to a lifelong pursuit of mindset development.

Staying ready is living within your means while seeking to expand your means.

Staying ready is having your best month financially, but approaching each day like you’re broke.

Staying ready is being in peak physical performance, ready to protect and defend your family.

Think the US government and federal reserve are insolvent and on the verge of collapsing?

Staying ready is opening a bank account in Singapore or applying for dual citizenship in Panama or Belgium.

Be alpha about it. Do something, don’t get emotional about it.

Always stay ready.


Wanna be a superior provider? Wanna be in peak physical form? Start living alpha, and take control of what you can control. Living alpha comes down to following the right mentors, developing the right habits, and never getting comfortable.

Now, since you’re here, on Multiple Streams, you’re probably looking at MLM’s or ways to make money online. I get that.

Ask yourself, am I chasing money? or am I following a coach or mentor who’s already doing what I want to be doing?

If it’s the former, cock-block your money-chasing habits and look at mentorship possibilities here.

Stay alpha,

Jeremy Page

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Brad

    Dude, congrats on killing the day job. It’s been unreal watching you grow online and get better every day. You’re definitely living alpha now. Keep killing it buddy.

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate that. I’ve had a blast.

  • Paul

    Nice blog post. It’s real…gets to the core of the issue. I identify with everything you said.
    ….If it’s the former, cock-block your money-chasing habits and look at mentorship possibilities (I think I realize that anything done out of chasing money ends up sucking)

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Paul. Yes, I think you’re right.

  • what up alpha, alchemist here; you the chief i’m just the chef cookin’ curry chicken in the kitchen, you the job killer and jersey krusher with that multiple streams system. #takinnames #claim2fame #SplashBrosSEO #EnFuegoMiAmigo

    • Jeremy Page

      Alllllll day. Splash

  • Morgan

    Sorry, if this comment doesn’t fit. I have been scanning this blog and it has really intrigued me about the business success you have had. I am just slightly confused as too what business it is. Correct me if I am wrong: you couch people in marketing?

    • Jeremy Page


      No worries, I only promote stuff through subtle CTA’s so it can be a little tricky.

      Yep, I’m part of a crew that teach people how to build digital assets and crush local business. It’s how I make my digital money, too.

      Read more here.

  • Diana

    Thanks!! I greatly appreciate the positive images and role modeling for thinking bigger than life.

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you liked it, Diana.

  • Solomon m

    Congra Jeremy
    I am interested someone to mentor me.



    • Jeremy Page


      Hint: pay attention to the link at the end of the post.

  • Patrick

    Hello! I feel this comment may be a little out of place please forgive me for that. I have just scheduled a call with you guys tomorrow and I’m excited. You seem to have a real formula to teach people and seem to be willing to help implement it. I am looking forward to hearing back from you and our conversation as I’m very fresh into this and need REAL advice and help. I believe with what your system appears to be I have a couple of local leads already.

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you scheduled a call, lemme know how it goes. Stoked for ya though

  • davide

    Bookmarked, bro! 😉

  • JP

    I don’t think that wearing skinny leg jeans and glasses when you don’t really need them too alpha. Love the site.

    • Jeremy Page


      Westbrook goes hard like the rents due – that’s alpha.

  • MJT

    J – congrats on killing the bow to the corporate king. Your life will improve. Love the blog, but dude, you gotta’ kill the energy drink! Get some tumeric tea or something a lot healthier, those caffeine bombs will kill you! Everything else you are doing rocks! Had my call, onboard, getting ready to gear up! Love the energy of all you guys. BTW – was hunting info on MLM I knew was a scam a friend got sucked into when I ran into your blog, that is what sent me to the link and signing up for a call – You Guys Are Real, NO BS, hit the ground running. SO refreshing!

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, congrats on taking action.

      Although I’m not convinced those caffeine bombs will kill me (1), I can get my increased mental focus in other forms…

      …like Athletic Greens superfood mix that I’m sipping on this very moment. Been taking it for a few months now – never sick, rarely tired, and packs some stimulation as well.

  • Zach Handziak

    Hey Jeremy,
    This site is what led me join JK a week ago, studying it hard every day now and appreciate these frequent inspirations, great content!

    • Jeremy Page

      Epic bro, saw you in the program. Stay focused.


    I have been following your post since I stumbled on your page two weeks ago. You’ve been impressive. The 10x and Living Alpha posts are very interesting and I urge you to keep the posts coming. The most interesting aspect in the whole stuff is that the business unlike other MLM’s does not involve recruiting people, you have to build your own business … wow.
    Could this be divine???
    I’ll definitely book a call when I’m ready.

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad I was able to provide some value in your life bro

  • Jill Lee

    Hello Jeremy! I stumbled upon your page because I suspected an MLM being pushed on me and my mother, and your post promotes the mindset I’m trying to be in.
    I applied to a school that promised more that it could deliver into a major I realized that I didn’t want to study and work in for a living. It was in another country too, so it was a pretty crushing blow altogether. Dropped out during my first semester and was pretty content with doing absolutely nothing productive for a while. Glad that phase is over! I’ve been reading and watching a lot of productivity and mindset content and I’ve been working to implement it in my life. Thank you for this content! It works for someone at a low point like me.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thank you Jill, this really means a lot

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