Lyoness continues to expand worldwide, are they legit?

Lyoness is a world-wide, multi-sectored shopping community that was founded in 2003, and it’s also an MLM.

With a global fanbase of loyal product users and distributors, Lyoness is commonly promoted as a lucrative work from home opportunity.

But are they legit and have I been involved?

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With over 1,000 employees working in 46 countries, Lyoness can boast of having over five million members.

They use a network of companies, small and mid-sized businesses, plus their online Loyalty Merchants to enable shopping from anywhere in the world – good to know for those planning to make money online selling Lyoness.

Their program revolves around a cash back shopping system where you actually get paid when you make a purchase. They also use a point system that can be used in a variety of means for substantial discounts.

Lyoness cares about the community and the members within it. They have developed two charitable foundations, The Lyoness Child and Family Foundation and the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. The first helps with education for people in need, and the second was developed over world concerns like global warming and alternative energy solutions.

There is a Lyoness TV channel which has a variety of shows that they labels as “infotainment.” Their shows last approximately 20 minutes and cover a wide assortment of topics from shopping, to economical issues.

They also host their own store with a huge assortment of merchandise. When you shop there, you get both the opportunity to earn cash back and collect Lyoness shopping points.

The CEO of Lyoness is a man named Hubert Fried he launched the company in 2003 in Austria and they achieved a great deal of success throughout Europe. Around 2012 they came into the U.S. market and grew at an impressive rate of 43% in the first six months of being here.


Lyoness doesn’t offer any products, what they do is market is their memberships. By becoming a member, you are eligible for discounts, cash back savings and a point program whenever you make a purchase.

This is very similar to the company Dubli.

When you make a purchase through Lyoness, you receive 1%-2% cash back, but you have to wait until your amount reaches $15 before you can withdraw it.

Compensation Plan

By getting other people to enlist into the Lyoness program you recieve benefits towards future shopping purchases that can seriously add up over time. You do this by investing anywhere from $225-$3,000.

However, the Lyoness training video repeatedly says that this is not an investment, simply a sort of down payment towards any purchases you may make in the future.

They have three different levels within their system and like all of the MLM based programs out there, the more people you get to sign up into your group, the more opportunity you have to generate revenue.

You get paid on time and if the right amount of time and effort is put in, you will have a chance to make money.


First of all, the fact that Lyoness has been in business since 2003 shows that they are legitimate. A company couldn’t be around for this long if they truly didn’t have something to offer the public. Will you make a ton of money by signing up with this company? Probably not.

The average person who decides to enlist in this program only gets an additional 1.6 people to join up with them. This fact should be enough to discourage most potential investors by itself.

This brings me to the amount of money it takes to get started up with this program. $225 in my opinion is a rather steep number to come up with if you are starting your own home based business. I know that Lyoness doesn’t like to call this an “investment,” but you have to put the money up front, I don’t care what they call it.

Their website was confusing and difficult to navigate through in my opinion. It is important to do the research before you decide to put your time, money and effort into any business venture. By making things difficult to receive the information needed to properly understand the program, it seemed a bit of a turn off.

1%-2% cash back doesn’t seem like much of an incentive to me, but I guess it all boils down to much shopping you want to do through them.

I feel that there are a lot of potential money making systems out there that would prove to be more lucrative than working with Lyoness.

I guess it really depends on what your individual goals are. How much money are looking to earn? How much time and effort are you prepared to put into making this money?

When reading other reviews and comments from people who have had experiences with Lyoness, I found that many people weren’t very happy. The biggest complaints seemed to revolve around the fact that payment was received in the form of “vouchers” which could only be used to make additional purchases.

Another common complaint was that people seemed to have difficulty getting their money back if they decide to withdraw from the program and I saw several people say that they were going to file class action lawsuits because of it.

They wouldn’t be the first MLM to face legal allegations (hint: ViSalus, FreeLife).

In summary, I would definitely not recommend getting involved with Lyoness. There are numerous other MLM opportunities that seem to provide better financial opportunities and the fact that there are so many negative reviews about this company by other people, was something that gave me reason for concern.

Lastly, $3,000 is a ridiculous amount of money to put up to become a Premium Member in my opinion. I guess it really depends on how much shopping you want to do through them.

Maybe if you actually sat down and did the math, most people would easily spend this amount of money on things they need throughout the year. But to just be able to come up with up front, in one lump sum, would be difficult for most people that I know.

Take the time and do the research on Lyoness for yourself. I’m fairly confident that you will agree with my findings and decide that this is not the company you want to join up with. It all boils down to what it is you hope to achieve in your home based business venture.

If you are looking for a sustainable way to generate income and actually feel good about what you do, there is a better way.

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