MLM blogging and my journey to 6 figures

While MLM leaders duke it out at hotel presentations, home meetings and 3-way-calls…

…I create automated income on my MLM blog.

Why do you need a multi-level-marketing blog?

Sometimes screenshots are worth a thousand words:


Consider this:

None of these people knew me before joining my business.
None of these people called me before joining my business.
Few (if any) of these people emailed me before joining my business.

And, they have one thing in common:

They found me on my innocent-looking MLM blog.

(It’s almost not even fair)

Welcome to Network Marketing, 2.0.

This is where cold-calling leads, making a list of your family and friends and prospecting well-dressed people at Walmart stops.

It just flat out sucks and you like silly doing it, too.

There is a better way, I promise you.

You need to learn the digital secrets. You need to become a network marketing blogger.

Lucky for you, I’m going to drop some been-there-done MLM blogger gold.

The following tutorial will show you how to build your very own, lucrative MLM blog.

Beast mode [ON] OFF, let’s go…

How to build your MLM blog

Follow along as I walk you through everything – from purchasing the domain, installing WordPress, to optimizing the content to get Google traffic.

Want the long version?

How about 44 minutes of fresh-cut video content that walks you through the entire blogging process?

Don’t mind if I do…

Or, you can opt for the cliff-note version:

Step 1: purchasing domain & hosting

To get started, you need your own domain and your own web hosting.

You’ll want to own your blog (so don’t be tempted to use a Blogspot or Tumblr blog), and you’ll want to be able to brand it according to your preference.

Now, my advice for choosing your domain name:

Don’t put the name of the company you are promoting in your domain.

You want the domain to be about you. Putting a company name in the domain puts boundaries on the niches you can go after, and it also can be a rough route to go, compliance wise (some compliance departments will go after you for copyright infringement).

I think your name is a great way to go, as is a general phrase or unique wording that encompasses yourself and your craft.


Two words. Easy to remember. And, people can associate it with “Multiple Streams of Income”, which is what I teach on this blog.

Also, stick with .com, .net, or .org. Anything else will look tacky.

I highly recommend Bluehost for your web hosting.

It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s cheap.

Plus, I got thee hookup for a lower rate at $6.99 $4.95/month.

Click here, then click “Get Started”.

Next, choose your domain:


Then, fill out your billing info and you will be ready to assign your domain and install WordPress.

Step 2: install WordPress

Thankfully, Bluehost has a sexy, one-click WordPress installation.

Seriously, it takes 30 seconds.

Here we go:

Click on “Home” inside your Bluehost account, then “Install WordPress”…

…then choose your domain (either or, fill out your site info…and then you’re done.

Go to, put in your username and password, and you’re inside your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: install your WordPress theme

For the highest-optimized MLM blog possible, you want an original-looking blog that search engines love.

The answer, my friend, is the Thesis theme.

Cop it for $99.

It’s worth every dime.

Easily customizable, clean code, and high-converting skins.

My site actually noticeably started loading faster after installing Thesis.

Now you can get pretty crazy with all the customized options in Thesis, but just stick to the basics and keep everything lean.

Remember, faster load times are huge when it comes to ranking high for MLM keywords, and keeping your site lean will play into Google’s algorithm with faster page load speeds.

Step 4: site setup & blogging strategy

Make sure you have an about page (tell your story), and a partner page in your home page navigation.

Then, install your WordPress plugins.

Again, sticking to the simplicity principle here, only install these 3 WordPress plugins:

(these are all you need…seriously….anything else just weighs your site down)

1. Google XML Sitemap
2. Digg Digg
3. W3

And finally, the actual blogging itself.

Find keywords in your MLM that have medium-level competition, and build content around them. Instead of frequent blogging, just build better, longer blog pages that will rank for several keywords at once.

In short, blog less and blog about big-ticket items.

This is the new way of blogging.

I wrote about blogging less in Search Engine Journal and I wrote about big-ticket keywords in Crazy Egg. They’re good resources, so check em out.

Additional resources: Troy Shanks, “Make Money Expert” – one of the realest in the SEO game. Follow him and study his materials.

As a final reminder, your content needs to be nothing short of epic. Videos, images, charts, and flowing, conversational content that locks in your audience.

This is good for your conversions, and Google digs this, too.

They’ll see people are staying on your pages longer, which validates your webpage even more.

And there you have it: MLM blogging to six figures.

Your blogging coach,

Jeremy Page

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