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MLM leads and my path to 6 figures

If you’re like 99% of MLM bloggers, you’re lucky to get one MLM lead per day.

Oh, the struggle.

I started this blog in November of 2013 to build MLM leads.

Now, as of September 2015, this blog does over 2,000 unique visitors a day and makes more money than most doctors and lawyers.

The reason? I get 15-20 MLM leads per day.

The secret?

Found the right mentors, joined an underground blogging community and built this innocent-looking blog to extract leads.

You can apply for mentorship here.

But, back to MLM leads, and how you can start getting 15-20 MLM leads per day.

Back to November of 2013. I was getting one lead every three days ago.

My opt-in conversions were LOL-able, so I started snooping around for inspiration. That’s when I found a few blogs in the internet marketing space that were bringing in absurd amounts of leads with no email opt-in in the sidebar.

No visible opt-ins anywhere, not even opt-in forms at the end of each blog post.

They were getting leads through subtle in-text links or linked images that pointed to squeeze pages.

It was brilliant, because people feel less pressure clicking on these links. No flashing arrows, exclamation marks or red buttons, just a normal-looking internal link.

It’s subtle, but it’s also very strategic:

You want to use the same copy you’d use in an email opt-in form and make that a sentence in your content. Then, link somewhere in the sentence and point it to a squeeze page.

My experiment

So, I used this strategy for a page that was getting half my traffic at the time (about 50 visits) and boom – it started to squeeze out a few leads a day.


Like, 300-500% increase in leads.

Today, that same page gets about 200 hits and several leads a day.

It’s just a product review page of my main income source of this blog, but it also offers strategic copy at the beginning of the post…

I have two strong CTA that squeeze leads outta the post:


The red link in the grey box gets one-third of the page leads, the video image captures the other two-thirds.

Notice the copy. It basically says, “before you read this product review, you need to watch this video”.

It’s a strong CTA for every person who comes to the page. It also tells people why they should watch the video. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a video – it can be an exclusive PDF download, access to premium tools or courses, or anything you’d incentivize peeps to join your list.

Deliver the illest in Your niche

If the goodies are lame, they won’t be on your list for a long time. In fact, nothing is more of a turn-off than opting in to something and then being severely disappointed. If your resources aren’t scarce or exclusive, it will come across gimmicky and people will feel violated for giving you their email.

A few more reminders when utilizing this strategy…

Always ask for something

If you have a page that get’s targeted traffic, you should always be telling people to do something. Watch a video, click a link, pull out their credit card.

This is wisdom that conversion-buddha Unbounce does on their home page.

Check out their home page lander – there is no guesswork here. They are telling people to click on the orange button:

Different scenario, but same principle: always tell your reader to do something.

At minimum, optimize your top 10 traffic pages to clearly tell your readers to take action in some way.


This might be obvious to some, but I see marketers not doing this all the time. They are getting leads to their squeeze page from all over their website, but they don’t know what pages are referring leads.

Always affix a tracking code to all of your links so you know what pages are being converted into leads.

For example, you have a site that has a universal squeeze page.

Let’s say,

But, if you linked to your squeeze page from your about page, you could track it by putting “/?=about-page” at the end of the link.

You can use anything, as long as it starts with “ /?=“.

Then, when you are checking out your leads inside your autoresponder, you can see what pages are referring the leads.

So, it would like this:

You can see it in action here.

Towards the top of my review, I have a red “click here”, which points to to show leads from the My Advertising Pays review page.

Since making this a habit, I feel much more involved with the conversion science of my blog. Now, I can tweak the pages that aren’t converting, and identify the pages that send the most leads for further optimization opportunity.


MLM leads does not have to derive from paid efforts. The best leads will come from your blog, because people will want to work with you.

Put out dope content, then make the right call-to-actions on your blog, and getting 10-15 leads per day will not be hard.

PS. How did my blogging income get so wavy? Like, 30K months.

Simple answer: Found the right mentors.



  1. Troy

    July 30, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Anyone who is in this online space and needs quality targeted leads should re-read this. The tracking nugget is pure gold, in all my years online never knew that “conversion science”. What else comes to mind are the 3 C’s of marketing (Create, Capture and Convert) when thinking about lead generation strategies and techniques to utilize mentioned.

    • Jeremy Page

      July 30, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      All love Troy thanks for dropping by

  2. Alan

    November 22, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Pure gold writing and tips. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Jeremy Page

      November 22, 2015 at 6:47 pm

      All day, bro.

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The power of attraction marketing and 7 essential tips to keep in mind

Attraction Marketing means establishing yourself as a leader, an expert, or a winner so that people will naturally want to follow you down a particular MLM path.

The concepts behind Attraction Marketing are nothing new.

However, it’s hard to find anyone outside MLM talking about Attraction Marketing per se.

Major business magazines don’t seem to know about it by name, although the principles involved are universal.

“Attraction Marketing” is merely a new name for an old concept, familiar to anyone who’s worked in high-end retail, for one. It’s all about the concepts of personal attraction.

What’s new is the way in which these principles are applied to MLM.

Luxury brand marketers use Attraction Marketing.

You’ll recognize most of the basic precepts of Attraction Marketing if you’ve ever been a part of luxury brand marketing. It’s basically the same principles but applied to a different industry.

Here’s how luxury brands approach selling (1).

All of these luxury brand marketing ideas are used by MLMers practicing attraction marketing to gather distributors to their family.

Practical application of the concepts may change with the times but the underlying philosophy driving the techniques doesn’t change at all.

Like luxury brands, MLMers aren’t trying to make absolutely everyone buy in. They  know only a fraction of the population is right for their product and they hone their message in order to target those people.

Attraction Marketing is targeted, precise, and focused on value.

So, the net you’re casting is a little smaller but it’s more efficient. Provide something of value (e.g. business advice for MLMers or high-end shoes for luxury brands…it doesn’t matter) and once the right people find out about it, they’re yours if their beliefs align with yours.

So, by focusing on the money someone will make with you, you’re going about things all wrong. You’re casting too wide a net and providing no value. Anyone can say that!  But you haven’t made them trust you by providing value to them. You haven’t made them like you.

Besides, money isn’t a value or a belief. It’s a by-product of being good at something and providing value.

By providing value on your website, you’re fostering trust, too. And we all know that people prefer to buy things from people they know. This goes for MLM, too. Providing value on your website means people will want to visit again. The more they visit they more they get to know you, perhaps even like you and trust you, the more likely they may someday be to buy from you or follow you.

There’s one single man who’s credited with taking basic principles of luxury brand marketing and translating them so they made sense for folks in MLM.

A network marketer named Mike Dillard wrote a book called “Magnetic Sponsoring: How to Attract Endless New Leads and Distributors to You Automatically”. The term “attraction marketing” was coined about ten years ago after people read his book and found it to be life-changing.

Described as “blunt” and “snarky”, Dillard’s writing cut through the fluff and outlined what it takes to get people to follow you and become distributors of the MLMs you’re promoting.

It’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for the MLM world.

In his book, Mark Dillard lays down a few principles which are still heavily adhered to today:

1) selling works better when you cater to your own strengths when you market your product

2) duplication in your downlines doesn’t work because everyone has a different personality and different strengths

3) we are hard-wired to judge how much value others will offer us

4) the more value they offer, the more we are attracted to them

5) deep down, we think we’ll gain power through association with that value

So it’s not just value you should offer…it’s also expertise. Be powerful, be an expert, and you’ll be a magnet, attracting people who hope that some of your power will rub off on them.

According to Mark Dillard people who display strong leadership qualities naturally attract followers because those followers subconsciously sense they have something to gain by following a strong leader.

So, anyone trying to get distributors to follow him or her must exhibit leadership qualities. In MLM, this translates into showing that you’re an expert and connecting in meaningful ways with your audience.

But since you can’t always talk to your prospects, your website has the bulk of the burden when it comes to doing Attraction Marketing.

To convey leadership qualities that attract distributors to your business and make them want to join you, here’s what to do…

7 Basic Tips for Attraction Marketing

1. Know your stuff. Be authentic and don’t push something you haven’t personally experienced. People can spot a fake a mile away, even on the internet. Be an expert, not a poser. By always being authentic, your job will be easier in the long run and you’ll be less likely to burn out.

2. Give, give, give. Authenticity means truly wanting to deliver something other than a sales pitch. It also means providing value to your website visitors knowing that very often you’ll get nothing in return. People hate it when they think they’re being sold to so stop doing it every time you post something.

3. Learn how to do copy writing. All the expertise in the world will fall flat if you’re not adept at communicating your message. A good way to learn is by studying the masters…Robert Bly, Drew Eric Whitman, David Ogilvy and other masters of the genre.

4. Stick with it, be consistent. Always be there to answer questions and communicate with your prospects. Be reliable, consistent, and fair…like a parent.

5. Connect in real ways. Be personable, listen to your audience, and always respond to them in real ways that show you’re interested.

6. Design your website so it attracts people.  Make it easy to navigate and quick-loading. Don’t just slap a logo on it: get a color scheme, a trademark look, a style…brand yourself, in other words.

7. Make your website work for your audience, but make it work for you, too. Learn how to create an elegant sales funnel that coaxes your audience to where you want them to be (buying, joining, clicking, providing emails…whatever).

If you’d like an attractive business model (where people plead to do business with you), check this out. You can thank me later.

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