MLM recruiting secrets that’ll bring in 3 per day

News flash: approaching well-dressed people in Wal-mart or spamming your Facebook with links is not a good look.

Scout’s honor.

Your whack approach is giving zero value to the marketplace, and you’re merely another dime-a-dozen money-chaser.

You’re chasing money, and just like “chasing” the opposite sex, it never works. You’re desperate, vulnerable and mainstream.

Luckily, there is a better way.

I’ve never begged anyone to join my business, and my inbox is looking like this these days:

…and most recently, like this:

99% of the time, I’ve never talked to them, either.

I have 3 distinct methods. You’ll want to take some notes.

Here we go…

1. MLM blogging

Optimized blogging is my secret sauce. Most people want to throw up basic, 20-minute blog posts about a deal they joined, hit publish, and think that people are going to be intrigued by their message.

First of all, the potential buyers will see right through this, because you aren’t offering any unique insight or value.

And then, Google knows better not to rank your site, as recent Google algorithm updates have specifically addressed thin content that does not give real value to the user.

So what is optimized blogging?

It’s blogging that plays into the potential buyer’s mind – and plays into Google’s ranking algorithm.

You want to whip up 1500+ words of posh content that is full of unique perspective, videos, graphics and discussion.

For each blog post.

You’ll see that I break down the concept into easy-to-understand instruction, I provide proof of the concept, and I have a strong CTAs (call-to-action’s) throughout the post to get people into my deal.

For one, it converts well from a user-end, and it also ranks well for “My Advertising Pays” keywords (second only behind the corporate site).

But that is just one post. That is only one audience (people searching information about My Advertising Pays).

Gotta take it further. Think about the hundreds – even thousands – of other audiences out there on the internet that would be interested in your deal…think about it.

There are hundreds of programs out there. Thousands, even.

People who do join those deals are also interested in my deal…you see what I am saying?

Find those niches and exploit them. If you’re in a vitamin deal, find 10 other vitamin deals out there and write the best pieces about them. You’ll find that there are few people taking advantage of this, which is why I am cleaning up on blogging leads.

Affiliate marketing programs, MLM companies, mindset books, internet coaches, and all the keywords related to “make money from home” or “make money online”.

There are literally tens of thousands of audiences that you could tap into.

That is what optimized blogging is all about…finding those audiences and putting out the best piece of content in that niche. You’ll either get leads or sales.

And with those leads, get in the habit of hitting up your email leads a few times a week, providing value, and offering them resources to becoming successful network marketers and internet entrepreneurs.

Yes, you’ll need a good email autoresponder for this, but for any MLM-er transitioning to the online business route, this is a necessary $20/mo expense.

Now, you’ll need your own blog to do this. I highly recommend you use your own domain for this, as it is hard to build authority to a Tumblr, Blogger or Empower Network blog.

You want 100% complete control of your own domain, and it will require you to grab your own hosting and domain.

If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend you use Bluehost for this, as their 30-second WordPress installations make it possible for you to have a website up and running in 10 minutes.

I secured a special discount using this link.

Once you get your domain and hosting, Bluehost has a sexy, one-click WordPress installation.

Seriously, it takes 30 seconds.

Click on “Home” inside your Bluehost account, then “Install WordPress”…

…then choose your domain (either www.domain.com or domain.com), fill out your site info…and then you’re done.

Go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin, put in your username and password, and you’re inside your WordPress dashboard.

For the full MLM blog setup, i shot this video for everyone.

It will guide you through setting up your blog, installing WordPress, installing your WordPress theme, picking out opportunities to talk about, and the full execution.

Hosting: Bluehost

Remember, before your posts go live, you’re not done.

You gotta cut a video, amigo.

And get that bad boy ranking on YouTube…


First, make sure the title and description have the keywords you’re going after…

Then, share your video in a few Facebook groups..

(for MAP, share it in all the MAP groups…this will get you 100+ views right outta the gate)

Then, pour some Youtube “ranking sauce” on your video:

First, social bookmarks ($5)

Then, some backlinks ($5)

Then, some retention views ($5)

I linked those 3 Fiverr gigs for a reason. They work.

Also, keep the video files on your computer or save them on a disc or portable hard drive in case “flaggers” get your YT account deleted (this rarely happens, but it happened to several people in Empower Network).

And remember, do not just make videos about My Advertising Pays (or whatever deal you’re in).

If you’re in MAP, go after Global Ad Share, Neobux, Zhunrise, Genesis Global Network, etc, etc – there are THOUSANDS of niches you could go after…

Great, now that you’re blogging better than 95% of the other MLM-ers, let’s move on to the next method.

2. Facebook Ads

Most marketers on Facebook are doing it horribly wrong.

They just put up the same link on their FB wall every day, telling people to join, and spamming the same message in tons of money-making FB groups.

Desperate, much?

That’s not attraction marketing. With Facebook, you want to be a little less direct.

The solution: attraction marketing.

Just post results.

Your FB updates should be results-driven from your own production. Like a screenshot graphic showing daily earnings, or your weekly YouTube video showing the inside of your business.

Something like that.

A friend of mine (Frank Calabro) does this beautifully.

Every day on his Facebook wall, he posts the same graphic showing total income earned, new members he sponsored that day, and in big letters, the total amount of money he earned that day.

He does it every day, without fail.

Because of the consistency and the daily results, people are intrigued by his business. For one, it shows that he has nothing to hide because he is showing full documentation, and, it also shows that he is focused on results.

Now, this strategy only works if you are consistent (and you have results to prove it).

With My Advertising Pays, I would recommend daily updates because you earn daily on a company-wide profit-share.

Now, to supplement this Facebook strategy, you also want to do these things (H/T Frank Calabro):

  • BUILD your Facebook friends to 5,000. Only add business minded entrepreneurs. Go to network marketing groups and pages to find friends. Be selective.
  • Once per week, set up a Facebook event and invite everyone to see a live webinar in your company. Create your own webinar or live event if there currently isn’t one in your MLM or program.

3. Other paid traffic

If there was a drug that roided out your MLM sponsoring or recruiting, it’s paid traffic.


With paid traffic, you could throw 25 people into your deal in one day.

You just have to know where the good paid traffic is…

There is banner advertising, traffic-exchange sites, ad networks and sponsored content sites you can use.

Now, without dropping just a few places to spend money on advertising, I compiled some exhaustive lists of validated places to advertise.

I’d recommend testing ad copy and ad graphics using Google Adwords or Facebook advertising before spending the big bucks at traffic sites. There are plenty of places on Google that will walk you through your first Google Adwords or Facebook ads campaigns, so I won’t cover that here.

(Hint: there are places on the web where you can buy $50 Adword spend coupons or $50 Facebook ad coupons for $5…the site rhymes with Diverr)

However, you want to test your copy and images so you can find one that converts well.

Then, when you find a winner, you’re ready to spend some cash.

Banner Ads:



Ad Networks:



Traffic-exchange Sites: (Good for My Advertising Pays)




These three methods work.

They’re income-producing activities.

MLM-millionaries have been created from these secrets:

…optimized blogging (see: Justin Verrengia, David Wood)…
…Facebook marketing (see: Simon Stepsys) …
…and paid traffic (see: Vick Strizheus).

Knowing this, you don’t have to master all three.

At minimum, become great at one of them before trying to master all three.

Either way, stick to these proven strategies. Mindlessly wandering on Facebook or buying more marketing products on the internet will not get you there.

Stick to these income-producing-activities…the “MLM recruiting secrets”.

Here’s to bringing in 2-3 people into your business every day.

PS. Did you know MLM is only 10% of my six-figure income? Check out the other 90% here.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • John Davis

    Jeremy, the is THE single, most helpful, freely given, so much appreciated post for an overwhelmed internet marketing ‘trainee’ EVER. Thank you SO much. You rock.

    • Jeremy Page

      Makes my day hearing this kinda feedback.

      Rooting for you.

  • Pamela Weir

    Jeremy, I do not understand all this stuff yet… I WILL. Very detailed info. Thanks for sending me here! Pamela Weir

    • Jeremy Page

      It’s all good, Pamela. Read it over a few times. You will get there by taking action. You don’t have to do all of it, but at minimum, choose one method and go after it…

  • Darren Ned Kelly

    Fabulous article Jer, your honesty is so refreshing and very helpful. You have just given me true direction. I tip my hat in your direction!! Cheers

    • Jeremy Page

      Makes my day hearing this…attack your gameplan and crush. Good luck Darren.

  • Bex Lund

    Thanks so much for sharing these 3 secrets to building MAPs biz or any other online biz Jeremy! Great read and so much value!
    Many thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you found some value..hope you crush it Bex.

  • Melissa

    Wow…this was soooo helpful! Thanks:)!

  • Steve

    What is the product??

  • Roland Travas

    I live in Jamaica, West Indies. Is there any thing different for international people to know before joining MAP?

    • Jeremy Page

      Hey bro, you should be good to go…some countries have issues…best way is to try…if you have the means for it and the plastic swipes you’re in, partner.

      Now, as far as cashing out, VX Gateway, the merchant account MAPS uses, has put together countries it excludes. You can peep it here, but it looks like Jamaica is fair game.

  • Jami June

    Hey Jeremy,

    I’ve been an energy consultant for SolarCity for a couple of months now. i run my own solar business basically. The money is great, but I can already tell my network is beginning to dry up and if I want to move up the ranks I need to A) continue to get more sales and B) recruit like crazy. I was just wondering what you think would be a good route for me to take in order to optimize my business and reach these goals. Thanks!

    • Jeremy Page

      If SolarCity is an MLM, you’re probably running into these problems.

  • Tammara McDonald

    I need help with my MLM Company

    • Jeremy Page

      Most do. The industry is flawed. There are only a few that work.

  • Gomer Magtibay

    Wow, what a mind-blowing experience! It’s like attending a one-week seminar that reveals Page’s secrets. All free here! This blog post of yours is worth bookmarking so I can get back later. Lots of tips and resources! Thanks, Jeremy. 🙂

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you’re feeling the wisdom.

  • Larry Morrow

    Hey Jeremy this is awesome insight…! For 5 years I have been in a financial services company that is similar to a mlm. I wanted to ask you if you would suggest these tactics for my kind of profession…?

    • Jeremy Page

      99% of the time, I don’t suggest MLM to anyone. I have been teaching this instead.

  • Jen

    Great article, Jeremy!

  • Stephen

    You are a blessing. Thank you for being so opened and simple. I have learnt a lot and intend to implement ASAP.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Stephen. Glad you’re seeing value here.

  • kent

    How do you show results update on facebook when you are still starting up in MLM with no results to show yet?

    • Jeremy Page

      I’d wait until you have at least some results.

  • Kent123

    Great advice thanks!!

    Didn’t quite understand no.3 would much appreciate some more info in ‘simple’ form 🙂

  • Anthony Garces

    These is absolutely awesome! I have been one of those desperate people who post some like “Learn how to earn xxx of $. Pm me how” with images of money.

    I’ve learned a lot on this article!

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, glad it helped.

  • Simon

    Hello Jeremy, there are beautiful free themes and premium themes. Is the main difference between both only about SEO?

    • Jeremy Page

      No difference, really.

  • Jackie Rodriguez

    Thank you so much for sharing these secrets. I’ve been one of those putting my link over and over in Facebook. No wonder no one leaves any comment. I have learned a few tricks and I can’t wait to start implementing your ideas.

  • Bill Sklodowski

    Love the idea of Facebook ads for generating traffic. Yet FB won’t allow ads for “home-business” MLM companies. Any ideas / workarounds / suggestions?

    Great post! Thanks for the info….

    • Jeremy Page

      My Facebook timeline is blown up with marketing gurus, coaches, programs, etc – there is always a way. Study the ad campaigns of Grant Cardone, Gary V, etc

  • Pausious

    Thanks let me try this.

  • Jason

    Great blog! Was wondering if you had an outline of your daily routine to go along with this type of online campaign? Would love to know so that I could budget accordingly…

    • Jeremy Page

      Sure, this post digs into some of my daily routines.

      (Not just marketing, but life in general)

  • Chris Thompson

    Man, this is awesome.
    So much great information–thanks a ton my man! Going to implement immediately. Will update with results. Again, very much appreciated!

    All the best
    Chris Thompson

    • Jeremy Page

      Epic, glad it made a difference!

  • Danny Bennett

    This is awesome information man! I’m excited to start trying these tips and putting them in practice. I love this page man, it has become my go-to spot to get advice and information. Thank you so much…

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate it, you should share it with your friends and reference it on your blog.

  • Amin

    Great sharing. Got to do these.

  • This is hands down exceptional! Very grateful for your help and detailed information you have given here free! Thank you Jeremy

  • Ashley

    I know you are a busy man but could I hire you to help me with these three steps?

    • Jeremy Page

      It’s not that I’m super busy – because I built a lifestyle of automation – I just rarely take on client work.

      You can email me your proposal: support (at) multiplestreams.org

  • Megan Sisko

    I’d love to just pay someone to do this for me… i’ve blogged for a while and understand the concept but it still seems like tons of work I dont have time for.

    • Jeremy Page

      Show me $ and income success that doesn’t require “tons of work”.

      To others reading, if someone says “make money with no work” ruuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn away fast

  • nina petrov

    what’s the best place to post an ad that will reach people that are doing a network marketing business?

    • Jeremy Page

      Anyone? (since I don’t post ads for an MLM…)

  • Sylvester

    Great, inspiring and educative piece even to me as a new MLMer. I hope I would be able to master them to boost my network marketing business.

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