Morinda is a trendy health MLM, are they legit?

Morinda is a health and wellness network marketing company devoted to helping people live healthier, longer lives with all-natural products like Tahitan Noni Juice.

The company has really grown, competing against hundreds of other health MLMs (see: Isagenix, Purium, or Plexus). But are distributors making any money with Morinda and have I been involved?

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This company was originally called Tahitian Noni International and was founded in 1996. Morinda’s main headquarters is in Provo, Utah (they have factories in Tahiti, Germany, China, Japan, and other states throughout the United States).

In 1998 the company found itself the subject of a little controversy and faced a court case about making “unsubstantiated claims” about their product’s health benefits. Their legal problems were resolved by Morinda agreeing to abide by certain advertising regulations issued by the court.

Since then they have not experienced any more disputes and the brand has a much improved public image. Morinda explains that their business venture began in Tahiti with one of the most extraordinary medicinal plants found on earth, Noni. Upon discovering Noni, John Wadsworth became inspired to get involved in the health industry and fill people in on the major benefits of this miracle juice as well as other natural products to promote health and extend life.

In 2003 the very first human clinical study took place proving the acclaimed benefits of the Tahitian Noni Juice. Morinda scientists figured out that the iridoids in Noni are the reason for its excellent health benefits. Iridoids can aid in preventing premature aging, illness, and diseases.


Morinda has a diverse collection of products, from health supplements to apparel. But Tahititan Noni Juice remains the flagship product…

  • It’s packed with iridoids that will make you healthier
  • It gives you more energy
  • 30 mg or iridoids per 60 ML serving
  • More than 150 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants
  • Helps strengthen & balance the entire body
  • Validated by more than 12 human clinical studies
  • Antidote to the stress of daily life

Iridoids are produced mainly by plants to protect against infection from microorganisms or to defend against plant-chomping herbivores who want to eat them. The science behind the supposed benefits of ingesting iridoids supports an anti-inflammatory use, as well as anitviral.

What’s clear is that iridoids are highly bioactive.  That creates a world of possibilities as far as health benefits, but we’ll need more time for more research to come out before we really know what noni juice can do for us.

In the meantime, be clear on this: there is no science that supports any anti-cancer activities from drinking noni juice.

The company also features the Tahitian Noni plant in health supplements like TruAge Max, which:

  • Contains 30 different iridoids from five sources (obviously Tahitian Noni is one of them)
  • Protects cells from damage by advanced glycation end-products
  • Promotes health blood vessel formation
  • Maintains healthy circulatory function

Morinda also offers a line of essential oils, several detox kits, skincare and hair care products, and anti-aging creams and supplements.

In addition, Morinda offers a creative nutrition system called, “Whole Foods Blends.” The theory behind the Whole Foods Blends is that different colored foods offer different nutrients and benefits. The blends are all-natural non-GMO fruit and vegetable supplements that you can conveniently incorporate into your diet. Throw it in your water, or toss it in a dish as you’re cooking and essentially you’re eating your fruits and veggies. They offer a couple colors to choose from. For instance:

  • Purple- made from blueberry, blackberry, acai, black currant, apple, Concord grape, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, pear, tomato, red beet, and elderberry
  • Red- made from tomato, sweet potato, cranberry, red bell pepper, cherry, apple, pear, red beet, rasberrry, watermelon, strawberry, pumpkin
  • Green- made from broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, parsley, spinach, pineapple, lime, pumpkin, zucchini, apple, pear, sweet potato
  • Orange- made from orange, carrot, mango, papaya, banana, pear, tangerine, pineapple, sweet potato, apple, pumpkin, and butternut squash

Compensation Plan

The company markets its products via its webpage and of course via its independent salespeople. According to the Nexera Top 25, Morinda is a fairly popular online. However, the company doesn’t release their average earnings per affiliate…only the highest and lowest.

Morinda income statistics from 2015 show an assortment of commission payments for different ranked sellers and includes an average monthly commission payment per rank. The lowest turns out to be $15.97 and the highest is an enormous $88,043.57. It’s pretty apparent that the large number is from the most experienced seller or the Platinum Diamond Pearl member, but what’s not apparent is how many of Morinda’s affiliates fall on the lower end of this payment spectrum.  We can make a pretty good estimate, though!

One perk of joining the Morinda team is access to the TruAge operating system that includes:

  • TruAge Scanner- use the scanner for more convenient connections
  • Automated emails, monitor leads & daily tasks- the company basically does your work for you
  • Easy work- get notified of your lead’s progress & learn other things that’ll be good for managing your customers

A few facts about the compensation plan:

  • No breakage- pay a full 53% to sales associates
  • Dynamic compression- commissions are guaranteed to be paid to every qualified distributor
  • Global Bonus Pools- work to one day earn a share of the company’s global revenue
  • Area Developer Program- earn two incomes from one business
  • Other incentives- trips, cars, & adventures

To join there’s a $35 fee (which isn’t outrageous). It’s actually quite affordable in comparison to the start-up costs of other brands in the industry.  Marketing is the most important aspect of the Morinda opportunity. The company wants people to succeed though, and they’ll help you establish a target market and grow your sales. It can actually be very lucrative for the right person. Noni juice, despite all the bad press, is still enjoying a healthy market share in the health drink category.


Morinda is dedicated to improving people’s health and wants them to look and feel their best. But let’s be honest: the health and wellness industry is massive and we’ve heard those lines before. Most companies are going to offer similar products, and it’s just a matter of who offers the best deals and how it’s all marketed and by whom.

But the business opportunity is solid which is what other brands might not be able to offer. And unsubstantiated claims (about noni juice) aside, the product still has value to many consumers who believe in the magic powers of juice healing.  They just no longer believe it cures cancer.

So while it may be possible to make money with Morinda, there are better ways to make money online. You can build a real business you can feel good about, that doesn’t involve selling products to your family and Facebook friends.

Start here for your non-MLM, doctor-recommended treatment for your MLM money-chasing.

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