Is MWR Life just another scam?

MWR Life, also known as My Warranty Rewards, is an all-in-one lifestyle MLM that offers legal advice, financial coaching, and shopping discounts of all sorts.

They’ve only been around since 2014, so they’re relatively new in the competitive MLM space (see: Legal Shield, TWN, and Digital Altitude).

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


MWR Life was founded in 2014 by Yoni Ashurov and Jay Tuerk. They’re located in Aventura, Florida.

The company is still fairly new, so for now they only operate in the U.S. and Canada, but they have plans to expand.

They didn’t manage to start generating a real buzz for themselves until very, very recently.

Despite the lack of buzz, the company’s got some pretty lofty goals. Their mission is to create “a world where millions of people are empowered to realize their potential.”

How do they plan on doing this? By teaching you how to reach out to your “warm market” and recruit more members – aka by spamming the crap out of Facebook and annoying your family members with sales pitches until they consider disowning you.

How much does MWR Life cost?

There are three different starter packages, and the more you spend, the more you make. You also get better “titles”, start out at higher levels, and are eligible for extra bonuses if you buy the more expensive starter packs.

  1. Silver – $99
  2. Gold – $299
  3. Platinum – $499

In addition to the starter pack,  your back office, website, and training materials cost $30/month, and you need to sell 3-5 product packages in order to be fully active.

While the $99 Silver Starter Pack doesn’t look like much, when you add it all up, this venture can cost you upwards of $1,000 a year.


MWR Life has no physical products. Instead, they sell dozens and dozens of “life enhancing services”, all boxed up and categorized into three different packages: lifestyle services, financial services, and life essentials services.

Each package includes different services and has a different monthly price tag.

Lifestyle Advantage is their shopping discount program that covers a range of retail products, services, and even travel. Membership gets you access to a booking website and shopping portal that offers 110% savings discounts. It includes three different shopping portals for $49.97/month.

  • Grocery Getaway
  • Travel Advantage
  • Shopping & Dining Mall

Now, spending money to save money DOES make sense…sometimes. In this case, they’d have to offer you some pretty great savings to justify a membership that costs 12 times more than a Costco card. And they don’t.

Financial Edge is a bundle of financial coaching services designed to help you with everything personal finance: budgeting, credit scores, savings and investment, and wealth generation. It costs $79.97/month. The products included in this package are:

  • CreditMAX
  • EquityMAX
  • MoneyMAX
  • WealthMAX

Again, sometimes spending money to save or even make money is a good idea. But in this case? There are so many personal finance blogs and budgeting tools out there that are 100% free. Why would you drop nearly $1,000 per year on something you could get for free?

Life Essentials is a membership that includes MWR Life’s 10 most “essential” life services. You can also buy these products individually, but if you want to purchase the bundle of all 10, it costs $49.97/month. It comes with roadside assistance, telemedicine services, 24/7 tech support, a personal assistant, legal advice, financial coaching, the number for a tax hotline, identity theft protection, accident coverage, and worldwide air medical evacuation.

Now, some of these are pretty handy services. But throwing down $50/month, every month, for them isn’t the most economical way to access them. All of these services are things you only need on rare occasions, and many of them you might never use. You also already have access to some of these services, and you may not even know it.

You can get roadside assistance through many car insurance providers, for example. If you’re having trouble with a device, the manufacturer will usually offer tech support. You shouldn’t pay for legal advice every single month when that’s something you might never need, and it doesn’t make sense to pay $50/month for a tax hotline when you can pay someone around that much once and they’ll do your taxes for you.

Compensation Plan

MWR Life offers 11 ways to earn through their compensation plan, giving you the opportunity to start a home based business or make money online.

First of all, you get $25 for every customer you enroll, so if you can enroll 2-3 customers per month, you can pay for your own membership.

In addition to this one-time bonus, you also get a monthly commission payment on all customers in your organization who renew their monthly memberships. This commission payment ranges from $.25 to $8.00 per customer, depending on both their membership and your rank.

Now, you can’t earn a ton by simply enrolling a handful of customers every month. You would need to enroll hundreds upon hundreds of customers who keep paying their monthly subscription in order to make any good money.

But you can make decent money on team commissions….if you’re a total boss at recruiting, that is. Team commissions get you monthly residuals off people enrolled by distributors in your downline, 7 levels deep. They range from $.50-$3.00. While this isn’t much, it adds up when you’ve got 100 people in your downline enrolling new customers.

If you buy into MWR Life with a gold or platinum starter pack, you also get a 25% matching bonus on the pay of your direct recruits. This can be huge if you train them to do really well.

Finally, there are a number of bonuses, all very similar to your typical MLM compensation scheme. You’ve got your fast start bonuses, your rank bonuses, your top-level distributor bonuses, and your incentive rewards. Many of these bonuses require you to be a gold or platinum level member though, so they’re not coming cheap.


MWR has done some decent branding for themselves, but when you really look into their products, you realize that a little financial advice here, a tech support phone number there, and a grocery discount all add up to a big fat nothing.

This MLM doesn’t have any real product. Their discounts aren’t impressive and their services are mostly things you already have or could easily find for free or very cheap.

What they’re really selling is the opportunity to hand your money over to a higher-ranking distributor so that you can try to get other people to do the same for you. It screams pyramid scheme.

Not an MWR Life hater, but if you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

Check this out. You can trash your MLM money-chasing habits for good.

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