Is My Lead System Pro still hot? (MLSP review)

My Lead System Pro is one of the older, more established “new school” infoproduct network marketing companies.

Similar to MLMs like Business Labs ProGlobal Affiliate Zone and Speedfeeder, these guys offer digital marketing tools and training to help you grow your business.

Am I rolling with them, though?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The MLSP program is relevant to you if you want to:

  • promote your brick and mortar business
  • generate online leads for your current small business
  • generate leads for an affiliate marketing system you’re part of
  • build your team for an existing network marketing/MLM system you’re part of
  • promote My Lead System Pro to others so they can improve their lives

Secondly, what does it give you?

  1. MLSP will give you tools and ongoing training that keeps you up to date on the latest techniques and marketing strategies.
  2. MLSP will give you access to a powerful community of marketers who will share information, bounce ideas, help you out, form partnerships and connect with you under the MLSP system.
  3. MLSP provides members with a proven blueprint for generating leads, building an online business, and the entire world of online marketing, which opens up to you after you join.

It eliminates the need for any other training, networking, or community.

Speaking of community, MLSP rolls 100,000 deep…it’s a great network to tap into.

The general principle of MLSP is using what’s called attraction marketing to achieve your goals, whether they be related to your own business or to building an MLSP network of downlines.

Attraction marketing means rather than actively going out to generate leads and find people to sign up or buy whatever you have to offer, you create such a powerful online presence that they come to you and buy whatever you’re selling.

They buy based on their trust in you, their attraction to the lifestyle you promise, and the belief that you can help them achieve their goals.

Justin Verrengia style, for my Empower Network fans here.

As you can probably tell by now, attraction marketing is rather difficult and takes considerable time, effort and skill.

Compensation Plan

My Lead System Pro offers its members four ways to make money.

This is based on the concept that anyone attempting to make money online should have a diverse set of options for income rather than putting all their eggs in one basket.

Compare it to having a diverse investment portfolio, to cover yourself during periods of volatility.

Here are the 4 income streams available to you once you join:

1. Product Revenue

If you become a top level member of MLSP (MLSP Mastery), you may sell their products and keep 100% minus a small transaction fee. The products are their lineup of marketing training products available on DVD, e-books and other media formats.

2. Continuity Revenue

At the Mastery level of membership, you earn monthly revenue from the people you sign up to the Mastery level: $100 per person per month.

3. High-Ticket Revenue

At the Mastery level, some products earn you $1000 or more in commission.

4. MLM/Biz Opp Revenue

Find your own, because MLSP does not set you up with an MLM opportunity.

However, they do give you the knowledge and the tools to make you a winner with whatever MLM program you’re a part of.

Not counting the 30 day risk-free trial, there are two levels of membership:

  1. MLSP University. $49.97 per month.
  2. MLSP Mastery. $149.97 per month.

Here’s what you get with MLSP University:

  • training in marketing: PDFs, webinars,
  • Facebook group access
  • email & Skype support
  • for your site:
    • custom autoresponder integration
    • site creator
    • split testing
    • video hosting
    • Facebook fanpage templates
  • Five lead-gen bonuses

Here’s what you get when you upgrade to Mastery level:

  • All of the above, plus:
  • extra training
  • 100% pure profit when you sell products
  • $100 per membership per month from people you upgrade to Mastery level
  • 100% access to all the one-time offers


  1. Been around for a while- respected & trusted
  2. Brand name recognition makes building your team easier if that’s what you choose to do
  3. Lots of resources available to members
  4. Member contests to keep everyone motivated
  5. Daily motivation from MLSP to keep members going
  6. Strong social media presence
  7. Money back within trial period (30 days)


  1. Cost is high – $149.97 per month or $1497 per year (for highest level membership)
  2. Even lower-level membership is high (for some): $49.97 per month.
  3. You must have your own product to sell on your website- MLSP doesn’t hook you up with an MLM program
  4. Some people are overwhelmed with all the info to take in…information overload?
  5. Attraction Marketing is often easier said than done
  6. They’re pretty much Empower Network’s red-headed stepchild


MLSP offers you valuable training in running an online business– access to proven techniques for building stable income from any type of online business…

…the philosophy it’s all built upon applies to recruiting in MLM, brick and mortar, anything.

If you know nothing about internet marketing then this program will help you immensely, if you’re willing to pay for it.

Attraction marketing is complex, so having something like MLSP break it down for you has worth.

They also keep you motivated through social media, webinars and such…and since lack of direction is the number one reason online businesses fail, this too has worth.

If you find that you’re good at this sort of thing, then and only then would it be recommended to go for the upgrade to Mastery level within the MLSP system.

The main reason?

That nice 100% commission on selling their training products.

Second reason?

$100 per month for every person you get to sign up for the Mastery upgrade.

So, in a nutshell: try it out for 30 days…if you’re good at this, get the university level and learn all you can.

If you’re looking for education, it’s not a terrible way to go, but if you’re just in it to chase money, it won’t get you anywhere.

There’s a better way that doesn’t involve hopping on the next “launch”. Learn about our coaching here.

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  • Gomer Magtibay April 6, 2016, 4:18 am

    I’d like to commend the blogger for this good review of MLSP. I just want to correct something in the introduction of this blog, MLSP is not a network marketing company or program. It is a training institute that teaches marketers become better marketers.

    Thanks, and more power to you. 🙂

  • Steven Tussey November 28, 2016, 4:19 pm

    Would this work with high ticket items, physical or digital?

    • Jeremy Page December 8, 2016, 6:57 am

      Of course. Both, but probably better with digital.

  • Clem May 25, 2017, 12:33 pm

    I was looking for more information on MLSP becaue my wife completed a training course with Elite Marketing Pro which is like MLSP but more expensive to start with.
    Anyway, I love the online marketing approach to Network Marketing because I have run out of friends and family to talk to about my NWM company. ”Arbonne” been around for nearly 4 decades and has a reputation for stability, however, I was looking for a simpler way compared to the old school way of building a NWM team.

    I am hoping MLSP can help me achieve this.