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Neobux is still hanging around after a decade

Neobux is a network marketing company founded in 2006 that sells advertising for online business owners, and they continue to hit waves.

They’ve had difficulties to overcome, like most MLMs have to face (see: Vemma, Limu, or Empower Network), but Neobux seems to always bounce back.

So have I been involved with these guys?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Neobux, as a PTC (pay to click) business, is an online advertising company. They pay its members to look at advertisements.

The concept is simple: members join, get paid to look at and then click on advertisements, then get paid even more when they refer people.

New members are called referrals, and these are members’ way to really start making money. A member’s referrals makes him money every time they watch and click ads.

You see, there is opportunity for leverage. It’s not unethical, it’s just smart business.

So, while the initial stages of a Neobux membership are about watching ads and clicking on them, the real money is through referrals.

The founding story of Neobux explains one of its greatest strengths, as it was and always has been the motivation for creating this company.

You see, the founder, who goes by the name of Fernando or Rekz, had a bad experience with an online network marketing company: they stole money from him after a month of membership in the program.

Rather than walk away bitter, he decided to form his own PTC business and do things right: the focus would be on prompt payout.

To this day, the company maintains a policy of instant payment once a member has requested it…and this is the backbone of Neobux’s singular longevity: they’ve been in business now for 8 years and counting.

In the world of online companies – especially profit-share companies..

(see: My Advertising Pays, Global Ad Share, and Traffic Hurricane)

…you know that eight years is an eternity. Well done, Neobux.


So, where does all the advertising exposure come from in Neobux?

Simple: it comes from the advertisers whose ads members are viewing. Their motivation is exposure for their product.

So in essence, Neobux is a marketing company, connecting advertisers with an audience. The advertisers have a consistent stream of viewers paying attention to their videos, banners, and website landing pages, while the Neobux members get paid to simply view those ads. The whole network grows via referrals.

Existing members are motivated to help the company grow by developing their own squadron of referrals who work under them, earning them a commission. More members means Neobux has a wider audience to view ads placed by their advertisers, so everybody wins.


  • Free to join. At minimum, you can try it out with no-strings-attached.
  • Rent Referrals. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Neobux business model is the option to “rent” referrals. Remember, the more referrals a member has, the more money he or she will make, and finding referrals is up to the member. With Neobux, members can rent referrals. They simply pay a small fee to have a team of “ad viewers” work under them, earning them commissions.
  • Mini Jobs. Here is yet another way for member to earn money: advertisers pay members to perform small tasks such as categorizing things or answering questions about a website, telling whether an image caption matches the title, whether there’s a phone number on the website, etc. (Kinda like a mini Fiverr)
  • Easy to earn money. Click on ads, refer others? This is painfully simple.

Remember, Neobux is at the top of their industry. Yes, there are a lot of imitators out there doing the profit-share thing, but none of them hold a candle to Neobux’s numbers.

There is a reason for that.

They’re doing a lot of things right: Paying members on time, all the time, positive profit-share margins, etc…

…this company deserves our respect.


  • False Expectations. One thing to note is that although it’s possible to make a lot of money with Neobux, the road to riches is a long, gradual ascent. It does take several months before members start seeing any money, and even longer to build up a cadre of referrals…unless you have a marketing baller like me as your mentor (hint, hint).

Quite honestly, many members simply don’t make it through those first few months, and that’s the “con” of Neobux: it’s a long slow roll to the top and many people simply can’t hang.

Compensation Plan

We mentioned the long, gradual ascent to riches with Neobux…it takes hard work and a time investment at first.

That’s pretty much to be expected…

…Neobux doesn’t promise instant riches, or a get rich quick scheme.

No. This, like any other legitimate home based businesses, takes some initiative, motivation, persistence and vision. Members must understand the business model in order to be able to persevere.

What Neobux can do for its members is supply a steady, moderate income which supplements other income streams. Not everyone has the persistence to stick with the program and not everyone has the ability to get through the initial phases of membership, which involve some grunt-work of watching and clicking on a whole lot of ads, although I guess you could outsource this pretty easy.


For the past eight years, Neobux has developed its business model steadily and with true vision behind the scenes. The creation of the referral rental program was revolutionary. It showed that Neobux is an industry-leading force that’s focused on the future.

They’ve also developed other ways to earn, which could be a good thing or a bad thing…

(I personally would rather work in a painfully-simple business model that keeps people focused on one single thing)

They’ve also added some recent upgrades that help make Neobux the “gold standard” in pay-to-click advertising:

  • Incorporating the “red dot” system to prevent use of autoclicks (this is huge..prevents fraud)
  • Engineering the “Mini Jobs” as additional way for member to make money
  • Instituted a poll-driven increase in minimum cashout, approved by members

So, can you crush it in Neobux?

Absolutely, and thousands of people do.

Bottom line, you’ll need to know how to recruit.

Opportunity is there, but understand that the real money is in the leveraging of other referrals.

Yes, you can retire off of Neobux earnings, but you’re going to need to recruit dozens of high-committed Neobux soldiers if you wanna be rocking top-floor penthouse with your golfing buddies in Dubai.

Remember, the world is a very big place, and people need advertising. But if you’re doing this to chase money, just stop.

There’s a better way that doesn’t involve hopping on the next “launch”. Learn about our coaching here.

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Multilevel Marketing

Zija review: Nutritional supplements from moringa

Zija is a nutritional products network marketing company capitalizing on the healthful properties of moringa.

In May 2017 they acquired Xango, making them a bigger force in the health MLM space.

Run by a pioneer inventor in the herbal supplement industry and propelled by a top Harvard scientist, Zija is setup to do big things.


We’ll take a look at exactly what Zija is celebrating. You’ll find out whether the science is there to support the claims made about moringa. You’ll also discover how well their International compensation plan stacks up in a sea that’s brimming with nutritional energy drinks (hint: Tru Vision, Isagenix, and Visi).

First let’s find out about moringa.

Moringa Oleifera is a tree found in the foothills of the Himalayas known for its drought-resistant properties (1). The seedpods are eaten in Africa and Asia. The leaves are the most nutritious part and are eaten in Southeast Asia. The flowers are said to taste like mushrooms.

There seems to be no question as to the high nutritional value of moringa. It’s a good source of protein as well as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and phenolics (2).

But delve a little deeper and the clinical studies aren’t there yet for many of the claims made by Zija Interntional. More on that below.

Who is Zija International? The founder of Zija is Ken Brailsford. He is credited with inventing herbal encapsulation, and with helping to bring moringa to the supplement industry after watching a documentary about the health benefits of consuming parts of the moringa tree.

Mr.Brailsford is actually something of a “star” in the herbal supplement world. He started Nature’s Sunshine in the 1970s, to capitalize on his new herbal encapsulation methodology. He ran that until 1979 when he left to become a stockbroker because of a noncompete clause with Nature’s Sunshine (3). He later went back but fully retired in 1997 until he founded Zija years later.

The company is based in Lehi, Utah and boasts an executive team of “experienced MLM professionals.”  That would include CEO Rodney Larsen who was hired to promote the growth goals of Zija. Mr.Larsen has been with ZI since 2006 and his LinkedIn profile shows no other data before that year. Some Zija affiliate websites do mention that he worked for NEXX and a branch of NuSkin Entrprises before joining Zija.

President Brad Stewart’s profile mentions that he has managed his career “through vision and faith”. He has been involved in network marketing his whole life.

Executive Vice President Darrell Eyre started as an Amway distributor and has been in network marketing for 25 years.

COO Michael Hershberger has over 15 years experience in management and IT and an MBA.

The takeaway: apart from the Chief Operating Officer, Zija International is run by people who have pretty much always worked in network marketing. The founder is recognized as an important figure in herbal supplement history and founded one of the oldest and most successful herbal supplement companies in the world.

Zija International is a BBB accredited business with a rating of A+.


The ZI products can be divided into three categories: moringa, ameo, and ripstix. Headed by  Harvard Medical School valedictorian Joshua Plant, the scientific wing of Zija International is actively engaged in formulating new products based on moringa and other botanicals.

Moringa is believed to support a wide range of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory support, improved digestion, improved mental clarity, increased energy, anti-aging, immune system support, and blood glucose level regulation. All of these benefits are listed on the Zija International website.

Scientific evidence and clinical trials, however, are hard to find.

There is one agricultural study  where mice and ruminants were given moringa tea. It was found that the white cell count in the mice who drank the tea was significantly higher. Mice also experienced reduced inflammatory responses.

In that same study, Moringa also improved cell viability in sheep and goats, and reduced oxidative stress from internal parasites. No effect on the gut health of pigs was observed, however (4). The results of this study have only been published informally to date.

The same Ag & Tech school that’s conducting that study is also looking into the use of moringa to promote animal health. Specifically, they’re researching moringa’s effects on the immune system (on B and T cells). In addition, they’re studying moringa’s effects on growth rate and performance of pigs. However, at this time it’s merely stated that more research is needed (5).

There is also a World Health Report citing the use of moringa in the use of water treatment in developing countries (6). But so far, not much has made it into the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed system.

The takeaway: moringa is incredibly nutritionally dense, but clinical studies are needed to support many of the health benefit claims made by Zija Interntaional.

Essential oils produced with clinical-grade standards and Zija’s exclusive patent-pending certification system.

Ripstix Hydration and Fitness Line – these are energy drinks in powdered form. Fitness supplements containing L-arginine (8) and electrolytes, they also contain fructose which some people try and stay away from.

Compensation Plan

There are tens of thousands of independent distributors working for Zija International. They have access to an extensive network of Zija training modules, including videos, an app, audio training, all of which is measured by a series of exams.

It’s the only MLM known to have a certification process for its distributors. Not only that, but every 90 days, distributors must re-certify. Passing exams means higher pay, too (7).

This is similar to how non-MLM companies handle their training. For example, public school teachers get pay raises when they pass graduate-level courses from accredited institutions of higher learning.

So what if Zija operates its own training, testing, and certification program in-house: it’s far above and beyond what you’ll see in other MLM companies.


1) IBOs profit by purchasing products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail (up to 25% profit).

2) Qualify to earn commission by being on autoship for at least 75 PV per month.

3) Get 10% of sales made by your personally enrolled recruits.

4) Team commissions and further bonuses as you advance in rank.


Zija appears to offer a good product. They have done a lot of things right and have a unique niche in the competitive nutritional supplement industry. But the income potential isn’t worth my time.

I’m not saying Zija International is a bad company – they’re not.

With any MLM, peddling products to your family members and friends at church might work for a couple months…maybe over a year if you’re lucky.

In the end, it’s still the sad story of selling hype and chasing the hot opportunity.

There is a better way.

Check this out. This will help wreck your money-chasing habits.

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