Nerium killing it in the anti-aging space

Nerium is a popular skincare MLM that has been trending in their space in recent years.

Skincare is a competitive industry (see: Jeunesse, Ava Anderson, or Nu Skin), nevertheless, Nerium International is pushing into the market share with a unique product line.

So have I been involved?

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Seems the world just can’t get enough of new skincare products. But is Nerium a good product and a good company with a good opportunity to work from home? Let’s see.

Based in Texas, Nerium was launched in 2011 and features the slogan “looking better and living better”. It’s a skincare line and marketers have had to foresight to get the line featured on major media outlets such as…

  • the women’s talk show The View-
  • Good Morning America
  • CBS Chicago
  • The Wendy Williams Show
  • dozens of local magazines like The Dallas Business Journal
  • national magazines like Life & Style (a gossip rag like People)

The founder is Jeff Olson, founder of The People’s Network which you may have actually heard of (personal development company). He wrote “Slight Edge”, a book on achieving success. It’s an actual hardcover book, for actual sale on Amazon with 4,634 actual reviews on Goodreads. [1]

Mr. Olsen is formerly associated with PrePaid Legal, he left that outfit to form Nerium International.

The rest of the team is comprised of an impressive lineup of heavy-hitters with decades in network marketing.

Sure beats the Founders Page of many MLM setups, where all you get is a few kids with some selling under their belts. Here you see real professionals with titles like Director of IT, General Manager of Mexico, Director of Global Quality & Supply Chain.

The Company culture is strong, and there are pictures of the corporate team on the website, along with their life-size mascot, Nate the Beaker. He represents the science behind the products.


The NeriumAD Sincare line is based on the age-defying properties of Nerium oleander. Before you sound the alarm on its potential suicide-related uses, be assured that NeriumAD is not harmful.

As WebMD states, small amounts are used medicinally, especially for the heart. [2]

30% of profits from sales go directly into skincare research. Nerium International is a division of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc and a partner with Nerium SkinCare…so as you can see they’re serious about their formula, their research, and about developing future products…which include:

  • Eye cream
  • Brightening Cream
  • Contouring lotion

Right now the products are the day cream and the night cream versions of Nerium AD Age defying treatment, which will always be the flagship product.

What makes the product stand out in a crowd? Well for starters, nobody else is using oleander in their products, or pouring quite so much research into this ingredient. Here are a few more marketing tidbits:

  • it contains a proprietary protein blend and exclusive NAE-6 extract (from nerium oleander and aloe)
  • skin specialists use digital imaging to see changes in customers’ skin…visible proof
  • you can see some of the slightly creepy looking images on the Nerium website under “clinical trials”
  • even long-term safety trials were conducted by an independent lab
    • refer to the impressive and imposing “Science and Safety Info Packet” from the website, complete with references etc. Great marketing, great resources for brand partners.
  • Over 1.5 million bottles shipped
  • impressive scientific advisory board
  • lots of science on the website to back things up
  • also marketable to men

Compensation Plan

Become an “Independent Brand Partner” and take advantage of the incredible rich array of training and resource materials made available, including business materials in 4 different languages.

I’m going to skip the car bonus, and some of the other slightly “gimmicky” benefits of the Nerium compensation plan and just give the meat of the matter:

  • Personal Customer commissions starting at 10% up to 25% depending on volume
  • Each new Preferred Customer nets you bonuses starting at $16 for 1 bottle of night cream
  • Residual income is 5% up to 6 levels and 2%-1% on 4 more levels below that
  • PV requirements & group volume requirements to earn residual income:
    • 200 PV retail
    • 1,500 GV and 3 active legs
  • Optional success packs qualify you to immediately earn commissions & bonuses:
    1. Option 1: $999.95. You get 20 bottles of various product + launch kit
    2. Option 2: $499.95. You get 7 bottles of various product + launch kit
    3. Option 4: $99.95. You get the Brand Partner Launch Kit but no product.
  • qualify for free autoship
  • earn $50-$325 when you sell success packs to new personally sponsored Brand Partners in your first 30 days

Retail sales income is generated by purchasing the product at wholesale and selling it for retail price. An example of pricing:

NeriumAD Night Cream retail price : $110 – wholesale price = $30 profit

NeriumAD combo pack retail price of $165 – wholesale price = $45 profit

NeriumFirm retail price of $98 – wholesale price = $28 profit


  1. awesome science to back up skincare line
  2. unique ingredient in the product line
  3. exploit the rising demand for new skincare lines
  4. direct selling celebrity caché with Jeff Olsen at the helm
  5. spending on the global market for skincare just keeps growing [3]
  6. nice residual sales take: 5%
  7. awesome training for Brand Partners
  8. professional development opportunities for Brand Partners


  1. skincare-so competitive
  2. pricey products…but remember that means higher earnings per sale
  3. slightly complicated compensation plan


When you invest your time and money in a home based business opportunity, you like to think you’ve chosen a good company and a good product. You’ve already seen what a good product this is, and now you know how good the company seems to be as well.

If you’re turned off by what you think are obstacles to making money online selling skincare products, but at the same time attracted to the possibilities in such a high-demand product area, then Nerium International might be the one to try.

Nerium International exudes a solid, caring company culture that reassures anyone considering joining, They offer a multitude of resources & training for Partners, and the product is something easy to get behind.

Want to be part of something real? If skincare is your thing, Nerium is it.

However, if you’re in it merely to chase the next opportunity, I’d move along. Not to call you out, but you’re a money-chaser, and 99% of the time, you’ll fail.

If you’re looking for sustainable side income, there are much better ways. My non-MLM, 30k months are derived from a completely different industry. You can apply for mentorship here.

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  • Annette October 21, 2015, 6:26 am

    I saw a difference after 2 months i am only a purchaser of Nerium. It’s been just over a year I am told I look younger & better yet while on vacation with my grandsons & my daughter & son in law & husband in Florida I was asked for identification to purchase a drink in the hotel bar. I laughed told them it made my day! I’m 52! I use the night cream. Better yet I sell skin care products that are great for another major company!

    • Jeremy Page October 23, 2015, 9:27 am

      Wow, congrats on your youth-ness…that’s gotta feel good.

  • Rob January 26, 2016, 5:31 pm

    Great post, J. I use Nerium myself and love it. Of course claims of the product get a little screwy among the internet noise, but they guarantee reduced appearance of wrinkles in 30 days or your money back. My mother tried it and she didn’t see a significant difference, but my mom’s friends tried it and the before and after pictures looked like she went under the knife. Its a great product and opportunity, but it’s definitely not going to work for everyone

    • Jeremy Page January 26, 2016, 10:09 pm

      Thanks for your thoughts, Rob.

  • Cherie August 17, 2016, 11:36 pm

    I will never buy this product again.Awful customer service, I returned the product because i didn’t realize it was automatic shipment every month they say my product was lost in the mail so I’m out 180.15 sad customer service they never return phone calls to discuss the return .the product itself didn’t do anything that i noticed.

  • Janet Graves September 9, 2016, 5:23 am

    The first bottle I tried 3 pumps lasted 2 m9nrhs to the day I got my next bottle .That one was bad it peeled on my face when I put it on and had a bad smell. The person I bought off of is the nurse for my Dr. and she gave me a new one .then that bottle lasted 62 days at 2 pumps. Then I get the 4th bottle and it only lasted 42 days at 2 pumps . The nurse turned me over to who got her started and she said to come to Danville to get another bottle and I would have to give her mine when I got it .which is around Sept 12 .Which that will put me in same position if I had to give her mine. I will try this one more time .If this bottle is light I’m done . I love this product but it is very expensive and no I haven’t noticed much differences in my face but I’m still hoping.I hope you check out your Quality Control group because 2 out of 4 bottles were bad for me .Am I the only one getting the bad or light bottles?Like I said it’s a good product but I can’t pay for something I’m not getting all of . I feel I should have been given another bottle because the one I had was way light. I’m not sure about this new representative. Thankyou

    • Diane September 23, 2016, 7:07 pm

      Hi Janet,

      I feel your pain. I’m a Canadian brand partner and I really do love the product. My mom and some of her friend’s results were simply stunning (they are all in their 70’s). Had a great first 6 months, then it was unfortunate that the Canadian branding of Optimera changed to ‘Nerium AD/Optimera formula’. The international branding for Canada, Mexico, and no I believe Japan, cannot use Oleander or the NAE-6. So the international formulation is SIG-1273 (I’ve actually heard many people say the international formula is better than the US one)… however… After the new formula and presentation of packaging was revealed – (even tho we spent many $ for product and marketing materials that we couldn’t use anymore) we received our new bottles. First one… fantastic.. it smelled slightly different than the original formula, but it was still wonderful. Then the crap bottles came. I can’t tell you how many of the bottles I received smelled horrible or wouldn’t even pump out of the bloody bottles. I had preferred customers drop out of my line like flies. I still haven’t recovered. That being said, I still believe in this company, and I’m in the process of trying another auto ship to see if it’s changed. If it hasn’t. That’s it… I’m done. I cannot put my good name behind a product that has severe inconsistencies. Which really saddens me… the company is doing everything else right. This is no fly-by-night company. They are abiding by all international rules and regulations.. and these are great products. I don’t know what happened with the product (bad batch, exposure to air… ) no idea. But I’ve seen the results… first hand, and they blew me away. So I will try again, and hopefully have a second wind of success! Good luck to you!

      • Beverly Pfab May 18, 2017, 9:59 pm

        That is disheartening to hear. I have been hearing so many good things about this company…and I have been considering getting into using and selling it. But it really ticks me off when companies change products after they get popular! Don’t they realize people will eventually see
        that it no longer works and everyone will stop buying it and then the company will go under? I hope what I’m reading on here is not true and they did not change the formula to save money! I think I am going to research a little further before using this product. Thanks for your input everyone.

  • sherry January 3, 2017, 2:00 pm

    If you have bad smelling and bottles that are “light” and you are standing by the company –you are drinking their Kool-aid. The “product” costs them a few dollars and they sell it for a hundred. The only bottom line they care about is their own!!

  • Colleen Comden May 2, 2017, 3:11 pm

    I have been trying it for over a month and have not noticed any improvements. My friend wants me to consider selling it but I can’t endorse it because it doesn’t work. In fact my before and after photo looks worse after using for a month. It’s very expensive and I would expect results for that price. The eye cream is a joke. I bought sudden change at a department store do $6 and it really did work wonders. Don’t waste you time, money or friendships on this over priced, under whelming and somewhat scam of a product.

    • Jeremy Page May 4, 2017, 7:12 pm

      Interesting, i’ve heard mixed reviews with Nerium