Neways keeps fighting despite legal troubles

Neways is a health and wellness MLM company that offers nutritional and household products from ingredients touted as safe and effective.

Despite facing a few legal issues (not uncommon in the industry, see: Tru Vision, Stream Energy, or Doterra), they have fought through and continue to sell their products across the globe.

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Since 1987 Neways has sought to promote what they call “Neways Healthy Homes” around the world. According to the company their products are created by nature and refined by science, a wonderfully pleasing partnership that strikes all the right chords with the target market, you can be sure.

Right now they operate across 29 countries and represent a lucrative business prospect no matter where you might reside. Their headquarters is located in Springville, Utah and they have corporate offices in the following locations:

  • North America
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan

Neways started operations 25 years ago, and have been hauling in the profits ever since. Of course they’ve also been working hard on their vision of instituting economic independence for families everywhere (their mission is to improve the health, prosperity, and welfare of individuals throughout the world).

Contrary to what their mission statement states, Neways does have a history of unethical practices. They’ve managed to keep it pretty much swept under a rug, however.

In 1993 the company was forced to remove a weight loss supplement from the shelves when it was discovered that it contained a large quantity of a prescription drug called diuretic furosemide.

Then in 2004, Neways faced a criminal charge for distributing a product that contained human growth hormone.

Most recently (in 2005), company owners faced tax evasion charges and were found guilty in court. Apparently Thomas and Leslie Mower made an attempt to cover up $4 million in profits.

After all this, the company experienced several series of re-branding as well as new ownership. Today they are owned by Golden Gate Capital which owned Herbalife before it was publicly launched.


Neways products are divided into the following categories:

  • Max flash technology- a bottling system designed to maximize freshness, flavor, nutrient integrity, and safety.
  • Health- products that renew your cells, replenish your body with vital nutrients, and rejuvenate your general health. Includes anti-aging, antioxidant, bone and joint health, cardiovascular and detoxification, men’s and women’s health, preventative health, weight loss supplements etc
  • Personal- scientifically designed body care products which eliminate any harmful ingredients and protect the body with good ingredients. Includes bath & body, dental, hair and skin, complexion, eye & lip cosmetics etc
  • Household- organic cleaning products that offer safety, guaranteed effectiveness, and solid formulas

A couple of specific products to give you a feel for it all:

  • Hydracial Anti-Aging Skin Care System- an anti-aging treatment that forms a protective layer on the surface of skin leaving it gleaming, feeling smooth, youthful, and firm. Described as an intense, all natural skincare treatment.
  • New Vera- a digestive health supplement that contains 100% organic aloe Vera and is built to balance and support a functional digestive system. 11 natural ingredients, real fruit juice, herbal tea, and great taste.
  • NewBrite Hand & Dish Soap- moisturizes hands as you clean your dishes resulting in smooth feeling hands and spotless dishes. Free of added fragrances and phosphates.
  • Corrective Makeup Primer gentle blend of ingredients that promote a flawless complexion (see the top cosmetic MLMs here).
  • Hydracial Skin Serum Conecentrate- promotes youthful skin, reactivates collagen, and defends noticeable signs of aging.
  • Air Freshener and Deodorizer-eliminate dreadful odors using an all-natural formula to fight and prevent odors.
  • New brite liquid laundry detergent- great smelling, effective cleaner, and environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

Neways says they are adamant about avoiding controversial ingredients and ensuring their consumers safe, useful products.

In light of past problems they faced regarding unsafe ingredients, this makes for an interesting marketing strategy. It’s clear an attempt to let people know their mistakes have been corrected. It’s also made clear that Neways performs extensive research to formulate their original recipes in their personal manufacturing facilities. Apparently they conduct tests on all their products for harmful substances like heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.

Compensation Plan

The company offers a business opportunity for people who want to earn extra cash working from home. An attractive aspect of Neway’s business plan is that you technically get paid to shop for items you need buy. That’s the tagline, anyway.

Your initial goal is to recruit three members who will make three purchases from the company. When they buy $150 of product each month you’re entitled to a 10% commission down to four levels. Then comes a 5% commission on an extra two levels. It is said that Neways hybrid compensation plan is extremely profitable because its payout rates reach volumes of 50%. The company pays out commissions according to two profit centers referred to as the Multiplex Profit Center and the Affinity Profit Center.

The difference is: the Multiplex center is designed to pay you more quickly while the Affinity center is geared toward building up your business and eventually accumulating larger profits. A distributor is placed at the top of the compensation structure in the Multiplex center, and all other distributors are placed directly under him. In the Affinity center distributors are grouped based on group volume.

In addition to the opportunity to make money through sales, Neways offers several bonus programs.

  • Car & Home bonus: You can potentially earn additional money every month to put in a fund to pay for a fancy dream car, or equipment for a home office if you’re the more pragmatic type.
  • Fast Start Bonus: Neways will pay you $50 for each new distributor recruitment you complete.
  • Executive Leadership Bonuses: maintain a 150 PV at all times and you’re qualified for up to 7% cash bonus.

So how do you become a distributor? Simply visit Neway’s webpage and sign up. You will be asked to pay a $19.96 annual membership fee, but it works out because if you get busy recruiting it only takes one person to join (and place a $150 order) and your membership costs are covered.


Neway’s business opportunity isn’t necessarily a stinker, but I would have a hard time trusting a company that has experienced such an extensive array legal issues. Plus, the compensation structure is a tad recruitment-heavy.

Nonetheless, if you have a genuine desire to achieve and promote great health with an attractive line of eco-friendly products from a company that’s survived a quarter century of biting competition from the best out there, this may be your ticket.

But if you want to build a real home based business that you can feel great about, there is a better way.

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