The truth about Nikken and the wellness MLM industry

Nikken produces products aimed at enhancing wellness by catering to the Five Pillars of Health: Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.

Their products are modeled after nature and are meant to bring balance back into people’s lives, and give affiliates an opportunity to build a home based business.

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For more than 30 years, Nikken has been using advanced technologies to create products aimed at enhancing wellness by maintaining and strengthening what founder Isamu Masuda has coined the Five Pillars of Health: Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.

They do this by creating organic products modeled after nature.

You can find their products on Amazon and eBay, all of which hearken back to Masuda’s original product: Magstep.  That was a shoe sole designed to comfort tired feet.

If you’ve been to Japan, or at least to certain bath houses in Japan, you’ll have seen therapeutic pebbles in some baths.  Rolling your feet on them hits nerve centers and, like having a foot massage, you enjoy instant relief from tension.  Same principle for Magstep which uses the pebbles concept combined with magnetism.

The products range from sleep enhancers (comforters, pillows and the likes) to skin products. In addition to offering the consumer products, they also hold events and wellness training courses and as they are an MLM, Nikken also puts forth the opportunity to benefit financially through sales if you become a consultant.


Nikken offers products to enhance skin care, rest and relaxation, nutrition and environment. Technologies that these products use include:

  • Advanced Magnetics
  • Air Wellness, Far-Infrared
  • Negative-Ion
  • Full-Spectrum Light
  • Kenko Sleep, Kenzen Nutrition
  • PiMag Water

The Nikken Magnetic technology is used in many of their products. It’s based off the magnetic energy of the natural world. It’s Nikken’s belief that human impact has negatively affected this natural magnetic force and so it is their goal to rebalance this through products such as the Kenko Dream Comforter and the Kenko Pet Pad, both of which include magnets that are claimed to put you or your pet back in natural harmony.

Their True Elements Marine Organic Skin Care products have a seaweed base making them gentle and enriching for the skin. These products are certified organic by Ecocert. One example of the skin products available is the Nourishing Face Cream that incorporates shea butter and aloe vera to help firm and hydrate the skin (see: AlureVe, Purium, or Seacret Direct).

In the nutrition department, Nikken offers a variety of options through their microsites, Wholefoods Revolution and Kenzen Vital Balance. Wholefoods Revolution is based off of the idea that healthy and natural food is the best medicine. Nikken claims that their whole foods have been created by preserving more of the natural elements that make them good for you such as vitamins and minerals.

These whole foods are used to make dietary supplements such as the following:

  • Kenzen Ciaga – provides antioxidants
  • Jade GreenZymes – made from barley grass
  • Kenzen Vital Balance – packed with probiotics and encourages fat burning by increasing metabolism and also helping to appease the appetite
  • Kenzen Bergisterol – a citrus-based juice that is claimed to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Products may be returned for a refund if they are unopened and if they are resalable inventory.  The refund window is a whole year, provided Nikken is still selling that particular product. There is also a 10% handling fee.

Compensation Plan

In addition to these customer benefits, Nikken provides entrepreneurial opportunity if you join as a consultant, giving you the opportunity to work from home.

When you join as a consultant each person begins at the Direct sponsoring level. Based on Nikken’s annual income statistics from 2013, the average annual income that consultants make from Nikken at this level is $59.90 but there are only 1.87 percent of consultants in this category.

Gaining income and moving up to the next tier is solely based on the individual’s closed sales to the consumer. There are four total sponsoring levels starting at Direct and ending with Bronze, in which the average annual income is $175.47. Once a consultant has maxed out the sponsoring levels they then enter the leadership development levels.

The first tier in the leadership development level is Silver in which the average annual income in 2013 according to Nikken is $507.58 with the high topping out at $49,856.35 and the low being $5.00. This category is the largest with 32.45 percent of consultants falling in the Silver leadership development level.

The highest tier is the Royal Diamond, which has an average annual income of $204,706.19, but reaching $838,033.13 on the highest end and $1,253.46 on the lowest. Only 0.27 percent of Nikken consultants have reached this category.

Nikken is adamant that the opportunity is what you make of it. The more you can close and the quicker you do it directly results in the money that a consultant can make.

Nikken is confident in their products and their theory that wellness is achieved by nurturing and enhancing the Five Pillars of Health, and it’s important to them that Nikken consultants believe this as well. They provide training to all consultants as well as optional events.


Nikken has a lot of products and though their goals seem to be good ones, the website is a bit unorganized making it difficult to navigate and causing it to feel slightly overwhelming.

On the plus side, a company that has been running for over 30 years based on the same original concept, ideas and beliefs appears to be trustworthy. Not only have they claimed to be consistent with their intentions from the beginning, but they have continued to add more products and offer more options based on these Five Pillars of Health.

However, it seems that their many years in the market can work against them as well. The website seems outdated and so does the information they provide regarding consultant benefits. The statistics and income numbers that portray the consultant’s real results on their website are from 2013.

Reviews on working for Nikken suggest that the atmosphere is positive and the camaraderie is good but they also refer to the company as being stuck in the past, implying that they haven’t done a great job modernizing to keep up with the competitive market of organic products and the growing shift to people looking toward MLM models to supplement their incomes and allow for a lifestyle built around more freedom.


By far, not a Nikken hater as I’ve shown throughout the review. They have great qualities as a wellness company.

But in the end, it’s still the same story of selling an opportunity. It just rarely works anymore, which is why MLM success rates are laughable. It’s not Nikken’s fault, more of an industry plague.

It’s still not for me, as I’ve wrecked my MLM habits and built $30k/months going in a different direction.

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