Can Nspire Network live up to the hype?

Nspire Network is a wellness MLM that started their pre-launch around the beginning of 2017, and the buzz has been growing ever since.

They JUST launched, and the hype train hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The Nspire Network website is currently down for maintenance due to the inpouring of visitors. A message from their IT team states:

“There have been over 1,000,000 visits to the site in the past several hours confirming that the launching of Nspire Network is an unprecedented, record-breaking event. Due to this demand, We are temporarily taking down the backoffice servers for upgrading and maintenance. At the same time we will be optimizing and upgrading several elements of our website for performance.

All of your enrollments are saved, and everything you have done will remain intact once the servers are restored.

Thanks for your patience. This is history in the making!”

Nspire Network was founded by Spencer Iverson and appears to be located in Georgia.

Iverson has had a really successful run in MLM, both as an entrepreneur and a distributor, since 2008.

He founded Millionaire Lifestyle Institute in 2008, which rebranded itself in 2011 to Worthy of Millions Institute.

He then spent a year at Organo Gold before joining travel MLM Paycation in 2015 and making it to executive levels. He was eventually offered a position as President and Co-Founder, but he left to start up Nspire Network.

How much does Nspire Network cost?

Nspire Network offers four options for Distributor Packages. You must purchase one to get started. The more expensive the pack, the more product you get and the more earning potential you’ll have.

  • Builder Package – $99
  • Achiever Package – $299
  • Premium Package – $499
  • Elite Package – $999

You also have to pay a $35 annual fee to remain a distributor.


Nspire Network sells nutritional supplements, and they currently have 6 products on the market as of launch: Empower, MaxLife, Total Recall, Taboo for Him, Sweetest for Her, and Cherish.

Empower is a testosterone boosting supplement that’s designed to help men “regain youthful confidence” as well as increase energy and “vigor”. The full list of benefits include increased testosterone and libido, increased energy, enhanced sexual performance, boost in metabolism, increased muscle health, athletic enhancement, increased muscle, and decreased fatigue. They’re $79.99 for a two month supply.

MaxLife is a prostate care supplement for men suffering from BPH and Prostatitis. The list of benefits includes reduced frequent urination, improved sleep, improved urination stream, more complete emptying of bladder, and improved bladder control. It was formulated by urologists. They’re $79.99 for a two month supply.

Total Recall is a memory booster containing five mental enhancers, including Bacopa Monnieri and Korean Red Ginseng. It’s formulated for people aged 18-85 and marketed toward college students. Benefits include memory and recall enhancement, decreased mental fatigue, increased focus and concentration, reduced stress, improved quality of life and job performance, and academic enhancement. They’re $79.99 for a two month supply.

Taboo for Him is their male sexual enhancement supplement. It’s formulated similarly to Viagra and meant to increase blood flow and firmness, increase energy, increase libido, enhance performance, and increase drive, stamina, and pleasure. They’re $89.99 for a two month supply.

Sweetest for Her is their female sexual energy supplement for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. It’s formulated by doctors and gynecologists, and benefits include increased passion and energy, enhanced performance and lubrication, and increased drive, stamina, and pleasure. They’re $89.99 for a 2 month supply.

Cherish are premium day use pads designed with 8 layers of 100% cotton to provide maximum comfort and absorption to women during menstruation. A negative ion strip is embedded in the pad to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort. They cost $5/pack.

Compensation Plan

You must sell 25 PV to 100 PV per month to qualify for commission.

Affiliates get paid a retail commission of 40% on both regular and preferred customers, which is pretty high.

You get bonuses when new personal recruits purchase their starter packs, ranging from $25-$125 depending on which pack they purchase.

Residual commissions are offered on a hybrid plan, so affiliates can earn on both a binary and uni-level structure (see: Yoli, Limu, and Asea).

Binary commissions pay out on two legs, a left and a right, and they require that affiliates have balanced the two legs in their downline. They pay anywhere form 10% to 24%, depending on rank. The binary commission cap for highest ranking members is currently $88,000/week.

After you sponsor someone and they make their first product order, you start earning uni-level commissions. You can make 10%-25% on the sales volume of your downline this way.

There are matching bonuses of up to 40% on your personally sponsored members’ residual commissions. If you rank Star or higher (500 PV/month+), you qualify for the Global Bonus Pool.


This is a brand new MLM, so it’s hard to say where they’re going to go. It looks promising though. They’ve built up a lot of hype in just a few months, and their founder seems pretty legit.

That being said, nutritional MLMs are a dime a dozen nowadays, and these guys could tank at a moment’s notice.

If you want to get in at the ground level and try to be one of the first, this might be a good chance. But remember that you really have to love what you’re selling in order to do well in MLM. Nspire Network’s products are completely generic. There’s nothing special or unique about their supplements – in fact, they’re not even clinically tested or FDA approved. And there’s no customer base to provide reviews for their effectiveness.

So, if you think you can go in blindly and sell the crap out of some way overpriced pills that are probably just placebos, give it a shot.

Bottom line is, if you like passive income streams, there are better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling products to your family and friends.

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