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Numis continues to shine as a hot coin-collecting MLM

Numis is a network marketing company that features a coin-of-the month club for collectors who want to build a serious portfolio of tangible value and make a little money from home.

Coins come from around the world and are presented to members in a subscription-style format.

The network marketing opportunity runs on a binary structure and offers commissions on membership recruitment (similar to Qivana, Infinii, or Emgoldex).

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The company name “Numis” comes from the exotic-sounding “numismatics”, which means the study and appreciation of coins. By inference we’re talking rare coins here…collectors don’t get wowed by just any old silver dollar, they want rarity.

The company is officially “Numis Network LLC”, and is registered in Tampa, Florida. The business started in 2009 and they are considered a coin dealer business. They operate strictly through network marketing. The Better Business Bureau rates them with a “B-“. However, that’s based on only 3 customer complaints in 7 years.

Certain office-holding members of Numis Network LLC are connected to other Numis businesses in Florida. These include:

  • Founder & President Ian Cordell
  • Founder Jake Kevorkian
  • Founder Christopher Kent

They are associated with two other similar-sounding businesses registered in Florida in recent years: Numis Enterprises LLC (2014) and Numis Ventures LLC (2012). All are registered to a man named Paul Degance.

All of them have network marketing experience but not coin, precious metals, or collectibles experience.

Numis has on its staff an expert Numismatist named Mike Mezack. His claim to fame: hosting coin collecting infomercials and appearing on the Home Shopping Network.

Keith Love, another Numis expert, helped develop the coin-of-the-month program. He is apparently an icon in the industry, having given his expert opinion on federal cases involving counterfeit coins. He is a coin grading expert, and knows how to identify the coins that come from a mint in flawless condition (otherwise known as “MS70 Condition”).

Mr. Love is the one who procures the coins for Numis Network.


To understand the Numis Network product, you first have to understand numismatics.

  1. Coin collectors love coins that are in perfect condition.
  2. Coin collectors love coins that are not round in abundance in the world.

The “mint condition” aspect of coins actually has a grading system. The best condition is “MS70”, where as the worst would be “MS0”. Not all coins come fresh out of the mint in MS70 condition, so people like Keith Love are necessary to pick out the good ones for programs like Numis Networks.

The coins may bump into each other, people at the mint handle them too much, or whatever…things happen to coins before they leave the mint. Only a small percentage of coins are MS70, hence the “rarity” aspect.

Numis coins are purchased directly from the agencies who grade them, so fraud need not be a concern.

So, the way it work: people join Numis by signing up for a monthly automatic shipment of a collectible coin. The monthly subscription price is $79.85 and you can stop at any time. There is an introductory promotion where the first month is only $49.95.

There are also a la carte coins to build your collection faster:

  • Gift subscription ($199 for 3 months)
  • jewelry made from coins ($80 – $120)
  • ancient coins ($275 – $600)
  • key chains
  • money clips
  • watches ($70 – $100)
  • cuff links
  • supplies

Compensation Plan

To become a Distributor for Numis, you must pay $495. That covers a backend business system including a website for your personal sales. The Numis program is for US and Canadian shipments only.

There’s also a three-for-free program: refer three people in a month and get that month’s auto-shipment coin for free. It’s unlimited, too: refer 6 people and get 2 free coins.

But for full-fledged Distributors, here are the highlights of the Numis compensation plan:

  • Retail commissions: buy at wholesale, sell at retail.
  • Preferred (Silver Premier Club) customer purchases and personal purchases: 10%-25% commission on the BV. Your rate depends on your rank.
  • Accelerator Bonus: 10% – 50% of BV on Accelerator packages (depending on rank).
  • Binary Pay: 10% – 12.5% with maximum payouts, on your weaker leg, down unlimited levels.
  • Binary Matching Bonus: 5% – 40% depending on rank
  • Bonus pools, car incentive at higher ranks.
  • Qualify for lowest rank with 60 PQV every 35 days.


Serious coin collecting is no joke: it exists and for some it’s a lifelong passion. Never, however, is it meant to be an investment as we traditionally think of investments. Unlike gold bullion or even bullion coins, numismatic coins are purchased for their collector’s value.

Numis Networks is a wonderful way for people to spread the wonders of collecting coins. It is not a way to invest in gold and silver bullion.

With collectors’ items there is no guarantee that the premium you paid for a numis coin is going to be valued the way you’d like any time in the future. Collectors are funny people: they are subject to trends, meaning if your panda silver dollar from China isn’t what numismatic societies value twenty years from now, then you’re not going to see humongous returns on your “investment”.

To be fair, Numis is clear about this: numismatic coins are not investments. They are collections. People who value these coins love them for their relative rarity, their beauty, what they represent, or all of the above.

Since this is a tight niche product involving some pretty arbitrarily-valued rare coins, it would be nice to see someone at the helm who had some serious numismatic credentials. Appearing on a coin-collecting infomercial in the wee hours doesn’t cut it. Mike Mezack may know a thing about coins, but it’s hard to tell.

Did you know there’s an “American Numismatic Society”?  It’s based in New York City and was established in the 1850s. They have hundreds of thousands of rare coins housed there, and allow researchers to come and investigate their collection. Truly professional, totally nerd-level and blissfully academic, the ANS is the Harvard of numismatic circles.

Therefore, it would be nice if Mike Mezack were a member of the ANS rather than an infomercial talking head. Numis might make more of being associated with Keith Love, coin expert.

On another note, training for the network marketing side of things is crucial for Numis. If their direct sellers fan out promoting collectible coins as a hedge against inflation, a way to stockpile value for the future, or any other way to safeguard and grow wealth, that’s a problem. Those are arguments for investing in bullion, not collectible coins.

Just as the Numis website says, front and center, this is a program to build a legacy. You’re building a collection which will have value because it’s a collection, not because the items you purchase will beat the stock market over time. Numis is up front about their product, and so should their affiliates be.

The problem is, there’s not much in the Numis program about training at all. That’s a warning flag for any MLM, but here especially, where the product can be so easily misunderstood.

Love the idea, but feel there aren’t enough safeguards in place to prevent widespread misinformation about the program.

In other words, I’m convinced there’s a better way.

Check this out. You can build a real business without the home parties and Facebook spam.

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Multilevel Marketing

Zija review: Nutritional supplements from moringa

Zija is a nutritional products network marketing company capitalizing on the healthful properties of moringa.

In May 2017 they acquired Xango, making them a bigger force in the health MLM space.

Run by a pioneer inventor in the herbal supplement industry and propelled by a top Harvard scientist, Zija is setup to do big things.


We’ll take a look at exactly what Zija is celebrating. You’ll find out whether the science is there to support the claims made about moringa. You’ll also discover how well their International compensation plan stacks up in a sea that’s brimming with nutritional energy drinks (hint: Tru Vision, Isagenix, and Visi).

First let’s find out about moringa.

Moringa Oleifera is a tree found in the foothills of the Himalayas known for its drought-resistant properties (1). The seedpods are eaten in Africa and Asia. The leaves are the most nutritious part and are eaten in Southeast Asia. The flowers are said to taste like mushrooms.

There seems to be no question as to the high nutritional value of moringa. It’s a good source of protein as well as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and phenolics (2).

But delve a little deeper and the clinical studies aren’t there yet for many of the claims made by Zija Interntional. More on that below.

Who is Zija International? The founder of Zija is Ken Brailsford. He is credited with inventing herbal encapsulation, and with helping to bring moringa to the supplement industry after watching a documentary about the health benefits of consuming parts of the moringa tree.

Mr.Brailsford is actually something of a “star” in the herbal supplement world. He started Nature’s Sunshine in the 1970s, to capitalize on his new herbal encapsulation methodology. He ran that until 1979 when he left to become a stockbroker because of a noncompete clause with Nature’s Sunshine (3). He later went back but fully retired in 1997 until he founded Zija years later.

The company is based in Lehi, Utah and boasts an executive team of “experienced MLM professionals.”  That would include CEO Rodney Larsen who was hired to promote the growth goals of Zija. Mr.Larsen has been with ZI since 2006 and his LinkedIn profile shows no other data before that year. Some Zija affiliate websites do mention that he worked for NEXX and a branch of NuSkin Entrprises before joining Zija.

President Brad Stewart’s profile mentions that he has managed his career “through vision and faith”. He has been involved in network marketing his whole life.

Executive Vice President Darrell Eyre started as an Amway distributor and has been in network marketing for 25 years.

COO Michael Hershberger has over 15 years experience in management and IT and an MBA.

The takeaway: apart from the Chief Operating Officer, Zija International is run by people who have pretty much always worked in network marketing. The founder is recognized as an important figure in herbal supplement history and founded one of the oldest and most successful herbal supplement companies in the world.

Zija International is a BBB accredited business with a rating of A+.


The ZI products can be divided into three categories: moringa, ameo, and ripstix. Headed by  Harvard Medical School valedictorian Joshua Plant, the scientific wing of Zija International is actively engaged in formulating new products based on moringa and other botanicals.

Moringa is believed to support a wide range of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory support, improved digestion, improved mental clarity, increased energy, anti-aging, immune system support, and blood glucose level regulation. All of these benefits are listed on the Zija International website.

Scientific evidence and clinical trials, however, are hard to find.

There is one agricultural study  where mice and ruminants were given moringa tea. It was found that the white cell count in the mice who drank the tea was significantly higher. Mice also experienced reduced inflammatory responses.

In that same study, Moringa also improved cell viability in sheep and goats, and reduced oxidative stress from internal parasites. No effect on the gut health of pigs was observed, however (4). The results of this study have only been published informally to date.

The same Ag & Tech school that’s conducting that study is also looking into the use of moringa to promote animal health. Specifically, they’re researching moringa’s effects on the immune system (on B and T cells). In addition, they’re studying moringa’s effects on growth rate and performance of pigs. However, at this time it’s merely stated that more research is needed (5).

There is also a World Health Report citing the use of moringa in the use of water treatment in developing countries (6). But so far, not much has made it into the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed system.

The takeaway: moringa is incredibly nutritionally dense, but clinical studies are needed to support many of the health benefit claims made by Zija Interntaional.

Essential oils produced with clinical-grade standards and Zija’s exclusive patent-pending certification system.

Ripstix Hydration and Fitness Line – these are energy drinks in powdered form. Fitness supplements containing L-arginine (8) and electrolytes, they also contain fructose which some people try and stay away from.

Compensation Plan

There are tens of thousands of independent distributors working for Zija International. They have access to an extensive network of Zija training modules, including videos, an app, audio training, all of which is measured by a series of exams.

It’s the only MLM known to have a certification process for its distributors. Not only that, but every 90 days, distributors must re-certify. Passing exams means higher pay, too (7).

This is similar to how non-MLM companies handle their training. For example, public school teachers get pay raises when they pass graduate-level courses from accredited institutions of higher learning.

So what if Zija operates its own training, testing, and certification program in-house: it’s far above and beyond what you’ll see in other MLM companies.


1) IBOs profit by purchasing products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail (up to 25% profit).

2) Qualify to earn commission by being on autoship for at least 75 PV per month.

3) Get 10% of sales made by your personally enrolled recruits.

4) Team commissions and further bonuses as you advance in rank.


Zija appears to offer a good product. They have done a lot of things right and have a unique niche in the competitive nutritional supplement industry. But the income potential isn’t worth my time.

I’m not saying Zija International is a bad company – they’re not.

With any MLM, peddling products to your family members and friends at church might work for a couple months…maybe over a year if you’re lucky.

In the end, it’s still the sad story of selling hype and chasing the hot opportunity.

There is a better way.

Check this out. This will help wreck your money-chasing habits.

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