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Ranking the top 10 cosmetic MLMs of 2019

Thanks to the huge cosmetic MLM industry, every other Amber or Ashley you meet is already “triple diamond” or something in some cosmetic company.

What’s with all the buzz for these cosmetic MLMs? [continue reading…]


Ranking the top 10 skincare MLMs of 2018

Skincare products are HUGE in MLM, rivaled only by the popularity of miracle weight loss cleanses and magical herbal supplements.

Anti-aging formulas and eye creams have become so popular that it’s hard to find an MLM that doesn’t sell them.

So have I been promoting any of them?

This video explains: [continue reading…]


Global Affiliate Zone is a network marketing company that claims they have a training program that will teach you how to become a “set it and forget it” internet entrepreneur, raking in money online while you’re not even at your laptop.

It was founded in 2015, so it’s relatively new in the network marketing space full of big daddy MLMs (see: Advocare, Ambit, and WGN).

So have I been involved with these guys?

This video explains: [continue reading…]


Are people really getting rich off iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is an MLM that combines Forex trading and network marketing, and claims to have a program that can make anyone rich.

No financial or investment knowledge needed, and no massive start-up cost (just $15). Different from the passive income systems offered by Zukul and ClickFunnels, this one relies on the fluctuations of foreign exchange rates.

So have I been involved?

This video explains: [continue reading…]


UR Association is a network marketing group and prodigy of Amway, kind of like an MLM within an MLM.

They’re officially an Amway Motivational Organization (AMO), but they’re definitely making a name for themselves like trendy MLMs BeachBody and Scentsy are doing.

So have I been involved?

This video explains: [continue reading…]


World Wide Dream Builders is an Amway Motivational Organization, and a network marketing opportunity in itself.

Once upon a time, there was a little MLM that grew up and got so big, it started spawning off its own little MLM children left and right.

That MLM is none other than reigning world champs Amway, and the lovechild we’re going to talk about today is World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB).


World Wide Dream Builders is an AMO (Amway Motivational Organization) – basically a pyramid built on the back of another pyramid (also see: UR Association).

Here’s how it works: Amway got so huge that some of its top earners and high ballers started creating their own motivational products based around the teachings that helped them lead their organizations to victory. Basically training for how to be a successful Amway rep. They then sold those motivational products through a direct sales model (see: Gano Excel, Organo Gold, and Paparazzi Accessories).

Ba da bing, ba da boom, you’ve got Amway babies (AMOs) popping up left and right. World Wide Dream Builders is one of those.

One of Amway’s most legendary distributors is Ron Puryear. He’d been with Amway since way back, started up in 1972 with his wife Georgia. While most people wait around for 10 years just to get a promotion in their flaccid office job, it took the Puryears a mere 4 years to move all the way up to Diamond.

So, whatever this guy is doing, he’s doing it well enough to get rich. I’d say that’s a product.

In comes WWDB, which he founded in 1997. Eventually they became Amway’s largest training platform. Over time, the Puryears built up over 500 diamonds in their organization, many of those going on to become some of Amway’s greatest success stories as well. Ron has since passed away, but WWDB continues to be led by all of the Diamonds in his organization, who share in ownership of the company.

Also known as World Wide Group, they’ve blown up in both the U.S. and Korea. The company has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. [1]

Because this MLM is an offshoot of Amway, its major components (cost, compensation) will look a lot like Amway’s.

How much does World Wide Dream Builders cost?
$111.90/month, plus additional costs.

The basic WWDB Premiere Membership costs $49.95/month. On top of that, you need to pay a fee to use Communikate, their organizational communication system. This costs another $36.95. The basic monthly subscription to their training CDs or audio files is another $25/month. Altogether, it comes out to about $112/month.

Of course, there are all kinds of other events and trainings that you can purchase and attend, all of which come with a fee of anywhere from $75 to $250 or more. Then, you have to hit 100 PV (about $300) per month in sales volume to even qualify for commission. As you can see, these extra costs can really add up. A lot of newer IBOs are shelling out $500/month to try and make it with WWDB.


WWDB sells motivational and training products to help Amway distributors sell, recruit, and move up in their organization, eventually (in theory) becoming another Diamond. The real goal here is to hit that 6 or 7-figure earnings mark.

These products are obviously only useful to Amway reps, so all of their customers come from Amway.

Products include motivational tapes, CDs, audio files, and reading material, as well as training seminars and events held in hotel conference centers.

The basic “Standing Order Tape” gets you the six latest CDs or audio files each month for $25/month. Books and additional training materials are sold separately for additional charges. Monthly training seminars can run anywhere from $20-$50.

Communikate, the communication system that comes with your WWDB membership, also allows you to communicate with your entire organization all in one place through a streamlined, easy to use platform.

Their massive and infamous World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night (“the biggest event of the year!”) costs $75 to attend.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for WWDB is interesting. You really have to work at it to get anywhere, and it’s going to take time. Don’t expect to shoot up like Ron Puryear did.

You’re basically working on building out 6 legs at once. They call it “going eagle”, which means you have 300 PV and 6 legs hitting 100 PV/month and qualifying for a bonus check. Five of those legs have to be on Standing Order Tape and three have to be attending company events. You can also hit double eagle, which means you double all of that. It’s as hard as it sounds.

Their comp plan is a “stairstep breakaway” model, which means that once one of your legs hits Platinum (7500 points), it breaks off and you start all over rebuilding another one.

Commissioned payouts are 30% and turn into 4% royalties when your leg breaks off.

You need to hit 100 PV per month to even qualify for commission at all, which comes out to about $300/month in sales volume. Just to get paid at all.


Not gonna lie, WWDB is a brilliant concept. Amway Motivational Organizations are a brilliant concept in general, but these guys did it best. They really built something huge.

But just because Puryear is a legend, doesn’t mean everyone who joins his now massive organization will be. It’s not easy to make money with WWDB. Although their comp plan is pretty ethical by MLM standards, it means that you could find yourself shelling out lots of monthly fees before you even start seeing any decent money. Plus, having your legs break off once you really start chugging and losing a huge chunk of commissions when they turn to royalties can be discouraging.

You can make it big with WWDB, but most people won’t. And you’ll be hustling to all your friends and family, which is skeezy at best.

If you like passive income streams, there are better opportunities out there.

After reviewing well over 200 opportunities, here’s my #1 pick.

(and it’s not even close 🙂)

Keep climbing,

– Jeremy Page