Vector Marketing sells Cutco knives, can they be trusted?

Vector Marketing is the network marketing company that handles the sales division of the "Cutco Corporation," makers of fine cutlery, based in Olean, New York. We've all sat through the half hour meetings in the living room where you watch fancy knife demonstrations the whole time, right? Now don't get me wrong, I've got love […] Read More

Should you promote ViSalus? (Full review)

ViSalus is a health and nutrition network marketing company founded in 2005. If you want to sell something in the health market, phrase it as a challenge and people will line up to be part of it, right? That's the idea with ViSalus. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's […] Read More

Usborne Books, the MLM company and what you need to know

Usborne Books is a UK independent publisher of children's books that are sold around the world by independent affiliates who earn commissions on the books they sell. They're not as big as Avon or Pampered Chef, but for an MLM company, they really couldn't have a more innocent product with children's books. So have I […] Read More

USANA continues to grow after decades of health products

USANA is a popular wellness direct sales company founded in 1992. They have great products and have worked with some big names (hint: Dr. Oz and The Women's Tennis Association). A company that's been in the MLM game for 20+ years now must be doing something right. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // […] Read More

Thirty-One Gifts is a trendy direct selling company. Are they legit?

Thirty-One Gifts is one of the leading direct-selling companies in the U.S. making personalized products that range from home organization bin solutions to purses, pockets, totes, wallets and accessories. The company is huge and competes with some of the biggest in the industry (see: PartyLite, Longaberger, and Paparazzi). So have I been involved? This video […] Read More

The unbiased truth about Primerica, the financial service MLM

Primerica is a popular network marketing company that offers financial services to middle-income clients, with a focus on families. Services are sold through a blend of direct selling and franchises located in just about every US state also across Canada. They are a great company and all, but you have to really know how to […] Read More

The truth about Xyngular, a global wellness MLM

Xyngular is a fast-growing network marketing company offering products in the health and wellness market. At only six years old, the company had already won multiple business awards and expanded across international borders. Besides business awards and recognition, their products have done well too, despite steep pricing. It's an intriguing offer for people who want […] Read More

uBox, the MLM that streams media. Can they compete with Netflix?

uBox is a network marketing company that sells streaming media through the use of a device called the uBox. Streaming media has become more popular than ever, so they're definitely in a hot industry. It's an intriguing offer for people who want to start a home based business. So have I been involved? This video […] Read More

The truth about Stream Energy (company review)

Stream Energy is a natural gas and electricity network marketing firm in the US, particularly active in states that have deregulated energy markets. Energy in the MLM space isn't something we haven't seen before (hint: Ambit, Viridian, or Powur) but Stream Energy actually has a pretty unique concept and interesting business model. So have I […] Read More

The truth about Stella & Dot (full review)

Stella & Dot is an Inc. 500 company based on social selling of boutique style jewelry and accessories. They've been in the home jewelry MLM game for over a decade now (longer than Chloe and Papparazzi) and they continue to grow. People dig the products, too. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? […] Read More

SendOutCards is a popular direct selling company – should you join?

Established in 2003, SendOutCards is a first-class mailing company that sends gifts and greeting cards on behalf of its customers. It's also a direct selling business, giving affiliates the opportunity to start a home based business that caters to a global, evergreen market and cuts across all socio-economic barriers. So have I been involved? This […] Read More

The truth about Plexus Slim and their unique comp plan

Plexus Worldwide is a health and wellness network marketing company founded in 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona. People seem to really love the products and they offer a pretty unique opportunity for anyone who wants to sell Plexus. In terms of health MLMs, they're competing against some of the giants (hint: Omnilife, LR Health, and Skinny […] Read More

The truth about Origami Owl, a trinket MLM founded by a 14 y/o girl

Origami Owl is a custom home jewelry MLM specializing in lockets and charm bracelets. Products are sold online or at parties hosted by affiliates and managed by independent business owners called Designers and can be shipped to all 50 US states, Canada, and a handful of island territories. So have I been involved? This video […] Read More

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