Make money filling out surveys? A review on Panda Research

Panda Research is a company that offers paid online surveys and a referral program for those who have a lot of time and patience and want to make money online.

Members are paid in cash, discounts, coupons and giveaways. They also offer an affiliate program where you get paid for everyone you bring on board.

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Panda Research has been around for over ten years, continuously offering paid survey opportunities the entire time.

They’ve always had a referral program, and they’ve always worked pretty much the same way: members offer up a bit of demographic info and an email and in return get access to a database of opportunities.

Incentives of course are cash money for completing surveys, but some offer other incentives.  Sometimes members are entered in giveaways in exchange for their opinions.  That’s gone a bit mainstream in the past decade, with brands reaching out directly to their consumers without the aid of a clearinghouse like Panda Research.

In any case, PR keeps on ticking and people still go for it, making part-time income in very small incremental amounts.

Surveys are taken online and range the entire spectrum of topics.  From asthma to auto insurance, anyone 18 years or older and who resides in the United States can work from home and earn money by completing offers from Panda Research.

Where does Panda Research get these offers?  The company acts as a sort of learning house for company surveys and offers, which can come from anywhere.


  • The main product here is paid surveys.
  • There are occasionally opportunities for participating in focus groups, which tend to pay a lot more.  These take longer (1-2 hours).
  • In addition, there are also phone surveys which pay more than surveys but less than focus groups.
  • There are also opps for reading emails (Panda Mail)
  • Once in a blue moon you get a gig to drive a car for money

Focus groups are usually conducted via live chat, and offer you the chance to express your opinion on a product or service.  Duration is between an hour and an hour and a half but you will be able to find out the time commitment before signing up in case you have to be somewhere.  These can sometimes pay well over $100.

The online surveys show up in the database but not all of them will be available to you.  The information collected about you when you registered is used to qualify (or disqualify) you.  The information collected includes:

  • gender
  • birth date
  • address
  • email
  • phone
  • household income
  • marital status
  • education level
  • race/ethnicity

If your particular demographic matches up with a lot of survey requirements, then you’re in the money (if you take advantage).  But if you aren’t what the companies are looking for for their surveys, you won’t get asked to participate in many of them.

It’s all about how well you match the client needs and neither you nor Panda Research can change those facts.  Therefore, for some members this won’t turn out to be the cash cow they’d hoped it might be.  Of course Panda Research doesn’t make any guarantees.

Compensation Plan

Panda Research isn’t your typical network marketing company with a pyramid-style comp plan, like World Wide Dream Builders, uBox, Atomy, or Tru Vision.

There are actually two ways you can make money with Panda Research.

The first way is to join and earn income by taking the online surveys and participating in the other “products” described above.

Registration for Panda Research is free and members can cancel at any time.  Earnings range from zero to $12 per survey, while some surveys offer non-cash incentives.  We’ll call them “prizes” for simplicity’s sake.  Prizes are things like product samples and gift certificates.

The other opportunity is the Panda Research Affiliate Program.

If you have an online business, you can put a Panda Research link on your own website and referrals will be tracked for credit to your account.

Panda Research supplies affiliates with their own tagged link for identification of referrals.  The restrictions are as follows:

  • no use of SPAM emailing to drive your affiliate page
  • no “questionable websites” may participate in the affiliate program (violence-promoting sites, porn sites, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities etc)
  • affiliates may not copy the identity of the Panda Research brand (you may, however, use their graphics and text that’s specifically provided for affiliates)

Your referrals earn you residual income to the tune of 10% of their earnings.  That’s for the lifetime of their account, too.  However, note this: you get 10% of their offers, but not their Panda Mails.  There is no benefit to you on your “downline” income that comes from completing Panda Mails.

Payment is made via PayPal and happens in increments of $50.  That’s different from a payment threshold, so be warned.  The threshold is $50 but if you make $50.85 you only get paid $50.  The eighty five cents is stored for your next $50 chunk of payment the following pay period.

The same goes for your residual income.  You’ll have to wait until your downlines earn enough so that your residual check comes to $50 to get anything out of that.

Payment is every two weeks.


A quick look at internet archives confirms that Panda Research is truly what they say they are, and have been for over a decade.  They’ve never claimed you’ll get rich, and they never claim to be something they’re not.  They offer tiny bits of cash for members to take company surveys, that’s it.

It might be difficult to get paid, based on the $50 increment setup and given the nature of the tiny payments.  But that just means members have to think in terms of bulk…it’s lots of work.  But once again, Panda Research isn’t even trying to make it sound otherwise.

In fact, there are complaints about not being paid, and Panda Research’s reputation has suffered because people love to gripe about payment issues.  You never know what’s behind those complaints, so much of the time you can pretty much ignore them- consider the source.

There are numerous restrictions on how you can participate in the affiliate program, so it’s entirely possible that many unpaid members have violated rules.  They could have used website accelerators or proxies servers, for example.  There is only one account allowed per household.

So Panda Research is what it is: paid online surveys for tiny bits of income and a decent referral program…if you can mange to refer some hard workers.  They make no more claims than that and they never have.

The business model hasn’t changed in over a decade and it’s pretty simple.  No mysteries here: just a lot of hard work for a modest amount of return.

Could you make money with it? Sure, it’s possible. But I’ve found a better way to make money online that doesn’t involve filling out surveys or spamming friends and family on Facebook.

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