Can PhytoScience make it in the global market?

PhytoScience is a wellness MLM from Malaysia that offers nutritional and cosmetic products based on the healing effects of algae and stem cell nutrition.

The Asian market is ripe for new nutritional and beauty products, particularly skincare. It’s one of the biggest markets in the world for these trendy products.

PhytoScience knows that, and the company based in Kuala Lumpur is going full force with global expansion, after dominating the MLM space in Malaysia.

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PhytoScience was founded in 2012 by a man named Lai Teck Peng. They’re headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In just 5 short years, they’ve already made it to the top of the MLM scene in Malaysia, but they’ve still got to conquer the global market.

PhytoScience definitely has a few things going for them. They’re already a multi-million dollar company, and according to their website, they’re already hitting about $9 million/month in sales. If that’s true, it’s certainly impressive.

Their mission is, “To empower the lives and well-being of our members, partners, customers, and staff with the highest quality, scientifically proven & clinically researched products, innovative and best business opportunities.”

How much does PhytoScience cost?

You’ll need to purchase an affiliate starter package to join, and they come in 6 different levels:

  1. Silver – $116
  2. Silver Mix – $128
  3. Gold – $688
  4. Gold Mix – $755
  5. Mobile – $2290
  6. Mobile Mix – $2512

The higher up your package, the more product and earning potential you get.


PhytoScience is a health and wellness MLM that focuses on stem cell nutrition and the powerful healing effects of algae.

Some of their popular products include…

2 Slim, an all natural weight loss pill

Double Stemcell, their proprietary stem cell blend

H2O Moisturizer, a skin hydrator that nourishes skin cells

Snowphyll, a hemoglobin supplement that contains snow algae and mulberry leaf

Miracle Intense Essence, a skin product that helps your skin cells maintain balance

Parfum Elixir, off-brand designer perfume oils

Shine Stem, a stem cell based anti-aging formula

Double Snow Chocolate, a chocolate flavored protein drink with extra vitamins and calcium

Their website doesn’t provide any kind of pricing information. PhytoScience products are mostly manufactured by Mibelle Biochemistry Group, a Switzerland-based company that develops naturally-based, scientifically tested products for the beauty industry.

PhytoScience is the largest user of PhytoCellTec stem cells in all of Asia.

Some of the benefits they claim for their stem cell and algae products include:

  • Intestinal protection
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improved cellular defense
  • Anti-aging effects

Side Effects:
There are no known side effects associated with PhytoScience products, but the company is still fairly new and no real testing has been done.

Compensation Plan

First of all, affiliates only get to actually cash out 80% of all commission earned, while the other 20% goes into a “redemption points” balance. Redemption points can then be used to purchase products from PhytoScience. Lame.

Commissions on your new recruits will depend on the package level you bought into to begin with.

Silver and Silver Mix Affiliates earn $30 for recruiting new silver members, $88 for recruiting new gold members, and $176 for recruiting new mobile members.

Gold and Gold Mix Affiliates earn $30 for recruiting new silver members, $176 for new gold members, and $294 for recruiting new mobile members.

Mobile and Mobile Mix Affiliates earn $30 for recruiting new silver members, $176 for recruiting new gold members, and $588 for recruiting new mobile members.

There are overrides here, so if you recruit someone at a higher level than you bought into, the remaining balance on that commission goes to the next person in your up line who bought in at that level. For example, if you’re a Gold Affiliate and you recruit a new Mobile Affiliate, you get $294, and the remaining $294 ($588-$294) goes to the next Mobile Affiliate in your upline.

Mobile and Mobile Mix affiliates also qualify for a Key-In Recruitment Bonus, which is an extra $3.65-$73.50 paid out on new members, depending on what starter pack they purchase.

Residual commissions are also offered on a binary structure, so you’ve got your left and right leg. There’s a point system associated with the structure – each new affiliate generates a certain amount of points for the leg they’re placed into. Silver affiliates generate 73 points, Gold generate 440 points, and Mobile generate 1,470 points.

Each time both your legs hit 73 points, you’re paid out a $14.60 commission. There are daily caps as to how much you can earn on binary commission.

You must purchase a certain amount of product in order to qualify for binary commission, which comes out to around $60/month in product.

Affiliates can also earn uni-level commissions down to 10 levels deep.

Your level 1 affiliates (personal recruits) get you 6%.

Level 2 and Level 3 affiliates get you 5%.

Levels 4 to 6 get you 4%.

Levels 7 to 10 get you 3%.

As you move up, you access more levels in the uni-level commissions plan, as seen in many other MLM comp plans (see: Monat, Zurvita, and Divvee).

Finally, the company also offers various matching bonuses.


They’re still pretty new, so it’s hard to know where they’ll go from here. They’ve managed to grow a lot in Malaysia, but they haven’t really built up any hype for themselves outside of their home country.

It’ll take a lot of adjustments in product design, branding, and marketing for them to start expanding worldwide.

The compensation plan is decent but it’s way too complicated. You’re not going to make money selling the product, but you might make good money if you can recruit 100+ people into your downline.

Good luck with that.

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