The truth about Plexus Slim and their unique comp plan

Plexus Worldwide is a health and wellness network marketing company founded in 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

People seem to really love the products and they offer a pretty unique opportunity for anyone who wants to sell Plexus.

In terms of health MLMs, they’re competing against some of the giants (hint: Omnilife, LR Health, and Skinny Body) but they continue to stay relevant.

So have I been involved?

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The unique selling proposition of Plexus Worldwide products rests in the synergistic effect of taking their products together. They also make health claims beyond weight loss, based on proven ingredients taken from nature.

The home based business opportunity offers retail commission, bonuses, and override commissions on downlines. The compensation plan is totally unique, which is why you’ll find it explained in great detail below. It’s considered the primary attraction feature of Plexus Worldwide.

Accolades and Accomplishments

Inc. Magazine has showered many accolades down up on Plexus Worldwide (1). In 2014 PW was #8 on the Inc.5000 with $310.4 million in revenue. The following year they appeared on the list again, only this time at #132, still a respectable slot.

The Inc.5000 list is a measure of the fastest-growing companies in the US, and bases its rankings on the past three consecutive years of growth. For Plexus Worldwide, the 3-year growth leading up to 2015’s rank was a mind-blowing 2833%. They added 160 jobs in that same period, for a total of 220 on the payroll (not counting independent distributors, of course).

Other Inc. Magazine honors for 2015 include #11 for Top Health Companies, #2 for Top Arizona Companies, and #2 for Phoenix Metro Area.

Known Issues

Plexus Worldwide, like many other MLMs, charges an annual fee for Independent Business Owners (IBO’s). And, like many other companies, offers a refund on products but not on the annual fee. This has caused a few issues with customers who canceled their membership but who would like their fee back.

Those disgruntled ex-members have made quite a few complaints to the Better Business Bureau. In one case, the ex-member asked asked for a refund of her fee two months after enrolling, and to make her happy PW actually gave it back.

However, these complaints have still resulted in a less-than-stellar rating with the BBB (2), a B+.


Weight loss products contain today’s leading ingredients, like Garcinia Cambogia, Green coffee bean extract, Yerba mate leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, Omegas, Acetyl L-Carnitine, quercetin, and more.

For each of these ingredients yes there are studies showing evidence for the health, weight loss, and brain health benefits of each.

The products are good, they’re backed by scientific evidence as much as any, and they come with a 60-day guarantee with full refund if customer is not satisfied.

But the real story is the Plexus Worldwide compensation plan.

Compensation Plan

Plexus Worldwide has an extremely attractive compensation plan. Part of its appeal is the unique profit sharing plan, which is open to all of their IBO’s (they call them Ambassadors) right from the beginning.

Most MLMs offer profit sharing only to their highest-ranking IBO’s.

The only qualification is that the Ambassador is up to date with his or her $34.95 annual fee and is enrolled in AutoShip. The AutoShip is only necessary, by the way, when the Ambassador’s personal sales volume doesn’t qualify.

Paying the annual fee but not signing up for AutoShip does qualify you to become an Associate. Associates may purchase product at wholesale prices but that is their only benefit.

The optional buy-in is moderately priced: new Ambassadors can choose from two Welcome Packages, priced at $99 or $199. The Welcome Packs contain product at greatly reduced prices.

Half the price of the Welcome Pack is actually earned back to the uplines in the form of a Business Builders Bonus. That means, when the Ambassador recruits new Ambassadors, he or she gets half the price. All an Ambassador has to do to get the BBB price back is to sponsor at least 2 new Ambassadors.

Uplines also get paid when a new Ambassador purchases a Welcome Package. 25%, 15% and 10% are paid to the first 3 qualified Ambassadors above the actual sponsor.

That means, once you get your family tree built up, you’ll be seeing those nice upline royalties too.

Another Unique feature of the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan: Plexus Points.

Income is earned based on a system of “Plexus Points”. Members earn 5 Plexus Points for every Ambassador on levels 1-3, and 1 less point for each successive level down to 7 levels. Finally, at level 7 each qualified Ambassador enrolled under your wing is worth 1 Plexus Point.

All 7 levels of Plexus Points are available to only the highest ranks. Ambassadors earn Plexus Points only on level 1. Achieve higher ranks to open up new levels.

Your monthly income is based on how many Plexus Points you’ve accumulated that month. The dollar value of Plexus Points changes each month, depending on how business went for the company and how many Plexus Points were earned overall.

PW states on their compensation plan that even if all qualified Ambassadors only made $100 for a month, the value of a Plexus Point would never go below $1.80. They also state that since this plan was introduced, Plexus Points have ranged in value between $2.82 to $4.89.

Compensation Plan: Other Bonuses

Rank achievement bonuses are generous, too: ranging from $100 to $750 for each rank, they add up nicely.

The Fast Start Achievement Bonus is paid on top of the achievement bonus if an Ambassador can move up within 30 days of joining. Get $100 for going Silver and another $250 if you subsequently make to to Gold level. Make it all the way to Gold in just 30 days and the bonus is doubled to total $700.

That’s doubled again to become $1400 if you make it to Senior Gold within 30 days of becoming an Ambassador. And so on for each level up to Senior Ruby, where if you make to to that within 30 days of joining your total bonus would be an astonishing $3,900.

But you better have your hustle on because here’s what it takes to achieve these levels:

Silver: 3 qualified Ambassadors under your wing

Gold: same as Silver but also 100 Plexus Points required in your organization (with 15 points outside your primary leg)

Senior Gold: same as Gold but 250 Plexus Point required (with 40 points outside your primary leg).

Compensation Plan: The Rest

Retail commission is paid starting when you make $100 in sales for the month. You get 15% and when your sales top $500 that goes up to 25%.

Ambassadors get Plexus Points and Retail Commission (5%) on their downlines’ sales over $100.

There are additional Pool Bonuses available at the higher ranks. For example, the Emerald Pool Bonus is paid at 3% of the company’s gross product volume. Here’s what it takes to achieve those rank levels:

Emerald: 6 qualified Ambassadors, minimum 1500 Plexus Points (375 must be from outside your primary leg).

Sapphire: 6 qualified Ambassadors, minimum 3000 Plexus Points (750 from outside your primary leg).


With competitive products, a standout compensation plan and phenomenal growth Plexus Worldwide represents an interesting opportunity.

Company has mad potential, and opportunity-wise, they’re one of the more intriguing offers.

But, it’s still the sad story of selling hype and chasing the hot opportunity.

There is a better way. You can build real value-driven business, and feel good about it.

Check this out. It will help wreck your money-chasing habits.

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