Can you make a living selling Purium?

Purium is a health and nutrition MLM with an emphasis on “pure” supplements like weight loss shakes and anti-aging skin care creams.

Their cleanse product is making the rounds amongst some of the world’s trendiest (see: Jeunesse, Nerium, and Arbonne), and they’ve even been endorsed by editors at Harper’s Bazaar.

So have I been involved?

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Purium was founded in 1993, and they’re headquartered in Long Beach, California. Not a bad place to center your diet business, considering everyone there “wants to lose 10 pounds”.

Purium founder and CEO David Sandoval is one of those real rags to riches success stories. He went from being a homeless vagabond at the age of 17 to the millionaire owner of a multi-national MLM. The guy’s a true entrepreneurial spirit.

He spent years job-hopping from bowling alleys to oil factories to real estate, and he got fired from pretty much all his jobs for constantly telling his bosses how they could do things better, cheaper, and more efficiently.

In the early 90s, he started working for a pharmaceutical company that marketed their products as healthy and organic when they in fact weren’t, at all. This inspired him to start making his own 100% pure, healthy products from home, and that’s how Purium got started.

They’ve now built up a network of 100 pharmacists and 30,000 salespeople worldwide. They hit $47 million in revenue in 2014. [1]

Purium maintained pretty steady but unimpressive growth until around 2014, when they finally started to get a lot of hype. They hit maximum buzz last year and seem to have leveled off a bit, but that’s normal…

Either way, it’s still one of the trendiest cleanse/diet programs in the game. They’ve even been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, and according to some big name editors, the brand is making its rounds through the NYC health scene. [2]

How much does Purium cost?


Purium offers health and wellness products in the following categories:

  • Weight Loss: shakes, supplements, and meal replacement products as well as weight loss programs.
  • Athletes: Performance-enhancing supplements and beverages, as well as a fitness program.
  • Anti-Aging: Skin products and supplements designed to fight the effects of aging on both appearance and health.
  • Family Nutrition: Nutritional meals and products designed for kids health.
  • Greens: Green juices, smoothies, and supplements made from herbs and organic fruits and vegetables.

Their main product is the 10-day transformation kit, a diet and cleanse program. They sell one geared toward weight loss, and one geared toward fitness. Both cost a hefty $290 for the 10-day supply.

The products are vegan and all natural. They’re designed to reset your metabolism, detox your digestive track, burn fat, build muscle, and break down addictions to harmful foods. The kit includes…

  • Power Shakes in Apple Berry or Original
  • Super Amino 23 Pure Protein
  • Apothe-Cherry Hydration and Electrolytes beverage
  • Caramel Apple Daily Fiber Blend
  • Super Lytes for Hydration and Electrolytes
  • BPA-Free Shaker Bottle
  • Tape Measure
  • Gym Bag

For 10 days, you consume only the shakes, supplements, and cherry beverage with a couple servings of vegetables or fruits throughout the day. Supposedly, you can lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds in just 10 days.

Those are some impressive results if it works, but you also have to consider that most of that is just coming from an extreme calorie deficit. You’re basically paying $300 to starve yourself, which you could easily do for free. If all you’re getting is 20 protein shakes and 10 glasses of cherry juice, you could probably find that elsewhere for a lot cheaper.

The company also has licensed Naturopaths that offer free nutritional consultations and assistance throughout the program.

According to Purium, their 10-day transformation kits:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Detox your digestive system
  • Burn fat
  • Build muscle
  • Break down addictions to harmful foods
  • Reset your metabolism

Of course, none of these claims have been proven, and their products are not FDA approved or backed by clinical research.

Side Effects:
Here’s where things get sketchy.

Customers have experienced a number of side effects, although a lot of them have to do with toxins being released from their body. Reported side effects have included nausea, bloating, headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

More disturbing, though, is a lawsuit that came up against Purium in 2011 from the Environmental Research Center. They claimed that Purium products contained lead, and not only that, but that Purium knew it and continued to market the products anyway.

Compensation Plan

Purium has an interesting way of handing out profit on personal sales.

Instead of offering commission or retail profit, Purium gives their distributors sets of $50 gift cards for their 10-day transformation program, free of cost. Distributors can then hand these gift cards out to people who are interested in purchasing the program. Once a customer uses one of their $50 gift cards to purchase the 10-day transformation program, that distributor then gets a $50 bonus. This explains why the program is so expensive.

I can see this being a pretty effective way of making sales, to be honest. People are wayyy more likely to purchase something from you when you hand them a discount or gift card, even if you’re really just lowering a way marked up price to its actual value.

But the customer is still shelling out $240 for the program, while you’re getting $50 of that. That’s about 20.83% commission, which is definitely below industry standards.

That being said, handing out these gift cards and getting people into the product is a great way to reel them into becoming a member, which puts them in your downline. Then you can earn up to 36% commission on a uni-level structure up to 8 levels deep. If you move up high enough, you can even access revenue sharing pools and a $10,000/month lifestyle bonus.

Of course, almost no one makes it that far. According to their income disclosure statement, the average Purium distributor makes $21.35 to $740. That’s not even good side money.


Purium has done a great job of making a name for themselves, and they’ve actually built up a pretty trusted and trendy brand, despite the lawsuit.

The program probably works like they say it does, too. But it’s way, WAY overpriced.

If you have some serious sales and marketing training, Purium is a pretty good option as far as health and wellness MLMs go. Give it a shot and see what you can make. Just don’t expect to quit your job to work from home with it.

If it’s a passive income stream you are looking for, there are better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling products to your family and friends.

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