Is anyone making money with Saivian?

Saivian is a network marketing company that offers a digital shopping platform and they’ll pay you to use it.

Getting paid to shop for things you buy anyways sounds pretty chill for an online business idea, but unfortunately it’s not that simple with Saivian.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Saivian was founded in 2015 and is headed up by Eric J. Dalius.

If you pay attention to the world of online marketing and internet scams (see: Global MoneyLine or Global Affiliate Zone), you may have heard of this guy.

Having your name be synonymous with internet scams isn’t exactly a promising way to take charge of a new company, but that’s exactly what Dalius did.

Eric J. Dalius claims to have made over $50 million in internet marketing since 1990. Of course, he’s probably lost much, much more than that, considering he’s had more failed ventures that were outed as scams than Kody Brown has wives.

He’s cycled through My Travel Club USA, GasUpUSA, U.S. Gas Rebates, MLM Apprentice, Making MLM Millions, Realty Fund USA, and more, and each time, he’s left hordes of gullible folks who gave him their hard-earned money in the distance. Almost none of his ventures have lasted more than a few months.

The man has been convicted of felony charges – once in 1995 and then again in 2000 for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

National banks have had to freeze his bank accounts for suspected fraud. He’s had to answer to court orders for suspected fraud. In 2003, Patriot Bank froze his accounts, announcing that they were having an unprecedented amount of customers at his company GasUpUSA issue chargebacks because they were being charged for something they didn’t purchase. [1]

Interestingly enough, his new company Saivian only accepts checking accounts as a form of payment, because it’s much harder to issue a chargeback from a checking account than a credit card.

How much does Saivian cost?

$125 every 28 days, or about $1,628 a year.


The Saivian platform is a shopping discount portal. However, rather than offer the discounts up-front, reflected in the pricing, the platform has a cash back program that will eventually give you money back once you spend enough.

You don’t have to shop through the portal, though. It includes “partnerships” with pretty much anywhere you’d normally shop, from Target to your local grocery store to Saks Fifth. You choose 10 stores you frequent the most, spend as you usually would, submit receipts, and wait for the cash back rewards to magically appear in your account.

The cash back amount is advertised at 10%-20%, but the actual calculations appear to be random.

Saivian obviously doesn’t have partnerships with every store in America, so it’s very unclear how this platform works for them. Where is the cash back coming from? Likely other people’s membership fees.

And there’s no guarantee that your cash back will come anywhere close to what you’re spending on their $125 monthly membership.

Compensation Plan

Commission is paid out daily and based on the size of your downline. It’s pretty simple, actually, and offered on a uni-level structure.

3 affiliates gets you $5 a day.

(Recruiting 12 affiliates gets you $20 a day, 39 affiliates gets you $30 a day, 80 affiliates gets you $50 a day, 150 affiliates gets you $100 a day, 300 affiliates gets you $150 a day, 500 affiliates gets you $200 a day, 750 affiliates gets you $300 a day, 1,000 affiliates gets you $500 a day, 2,000 affiliates gets you $750 a day, 4,000 affiliates gets you $1,000 a day, 6,000 affiliates gets you $2,000 a day, and 8,000 affiliates gets you $3,000 a day.)

This means that Saivian offers the possibility for you to make up to 3 grand a day on their app.

Sounds awesome, if it were actually possible. Even if this company isn’t a scam, good luck finding 8,000 friends who want to join with you.


There’s no product, so you’re not making money selling anything. Instead, all of your potential earnings come from recruitment. Basically, they pay their monthly membership, and you get a sliver of a portion.

Let’s do the math here: if you recruit 8,000 affiliates, you get $3,000 a day. $3,000 a day sounds pretty amazing, but 8,000 affiliates paying $125/month comes out to a profit of just over $35,714 per day for Saivian on your affiliates.

That’s an 8.4% commission rate. The way they write out their compensation plan does a terrific job of hiding the fact that they have the worst commission rate in the game.

An opportunity to make money online and work from home? Doubtful.

Look, I’m not a hater of the company. But if you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without pushing shady gigs on your family and friends.

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