Scentsy and the flameless, scented candles empire

Scentsy is the flameless candle powerhouse that is cleaning up with housewives all over the world.

Combine the power of scent memory, a well-run home party, and you’ve got a nice home based business opportunity for an income stream.

So am I getting involved? Look, these guys’ headquarters are just minutes from where I was born and raised, so I got nothing but love.

But I think home parties, 3-way-calls and Facebook soliciting is so played out.

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Now entering its second decade in business, Scentsy is showing no signs of weakening its strong position in the marketplace for small gifts and home goods.

Signs of strength are easy to see when you take a look at the company’s expansion stats:

  • they’ve expanded and are now international
  • they’re even successful in Europe
  • they have an impressive 157,000 square foot facility
  • they now have 2 distribution centers
  • they have a 105,000 square foot warehouse

Scentsy was founded by a husband and wife team named Orville and Heidi Thompson.

They’re good at what they do. They have an original approach to business, and their warm-hearted ways have gained them a level of loyalty among their employees and distributors alike.

For example, after receiving notice they’d been accepted as a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), they celebrated by giving 100k to employees and distributors.

Makin’ it rain.

Small businesses in Boise and Meridian got a huge boost that day, so s/o to the Thompson fam.

I tell you all this not to elevate the founders but to show you Scentsy is a solid company whose founders are dedicated, passionate, smart, and savvy about running their business.

Far from the bored housewife with too much money to spend on home goods and gifts, Scentsy is forward-thinking and able to reach all sorts of markets.

There are savvy marketing ploys like the Breast Cancer line where proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Also, Instagram contests, and an up-to-date, modern blog that delivers proof and validation of the products.

They’re not going outta style anytime soon.


You’ve heard of Yankee Candle? Or perhaps you know someone obsessed with candles? The home scent industry is bursting with activity and profit.

People love candles.

Candles can be dangerous, too.

Solution? Flameless candles. Oh, the marketing opportunity.

The right mix of gentle fear-mongering, the subtle scent of the season’s best-selling candle burning in the background…ah, it stirs the entrepreneurial heart.

Scenty’s owners have also wisely expanded their line of products, ensuring longevity of the brand. It also encourages repeat orders from existing customers who just can’t get enough of a particular scent.

Here’s what you’ve got to work with:

  • flameless candles in over 80 different scents
  • room spray
  • soap
  • sanitizer
  • laundry products
  • air fresheners
  • Buddies

Buddies are stuffed animals that have a pouch in them for holding a Scentsy fragrance pack. For many women, this product is completely irresistible.

Trust me.

Bottom line: there is a market for Scentsy. That’s not even considering the annual $52 billion spent on holiday shopping. Tap into the year-round gift industry and you’re golden.

Compensation Plan

The buy-in isn’t free or even incredibly cheap, at $99.

The $99 gets you completely set up as a Scentsy Independent Distributor. Remember, you can’t buy the products in stores- ID’s are the only retail source for anyone who wants to purchase.

Once you’ve received your starter kit, you’re ready to throw a party, use your Scentsy website for three months, and receive training from Scentsy.

If you want to continue selling Scentsy on your website to make money online, you’ll pay $10 / mo after the first three months. This covers your hosting and access to the admin panel to mange your website.

Commissions & Bonuses:

  • Retail commission is 20% on your own sales.
  • Retail commission goes up to 25% once you’ve sold $1000 worth of product personally
  • Get someone under your wing to help build volume you get an extra 2% on group wholesale volume and you’re also qualified for 2% in special bonuses
  • Commissions can reach 30% when you figure in monthly sales awards
  • Increases accordingly with sales volume

And since this is a legitimate company with real employees, real products and warehouses, etc, the emphasis is on selling product. Yes you earn money when you bring in new distributors but it’s all totally product-driven, not recruitment-driven.

There are also familiar direct marketing goodies like all-expense paid trips if your volume is good enough.

Past Scentsy trips have sent distributors to Greece, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and New York City.


Scentsy gets great ratings all around.

People love their candles and people love working from home.

And I get that. But if it involves hitting up your warm market with home parties or making a list of all the people you know, it’s not a good look.

For those reasons, I’d never do it. I still think you can enjoy the candles and earn a lucrative side income by going another route.

It involves the ability to scale infinitely, far less competition, and no recruiting.

You can apply for mentorship here.


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  • Daryl murtagh July 5, 2017, 10:39 pm

    I work door to door in the North West of England on low demographic areas promoting and booking photo shoots for there kids on a monthly basis
    A lot of these young mothers have constantly told me how much they are into Yankee candles
    I would be interested in the costing of these Scentsy
    Many thanks