The full truth about Shaklee

Shaklee is popular nutritional network marketing company that uses a gentle products and simple systems to help people meet life, health, and weight management goals.

It’s the MLM company that your aunt still posts about on her Facebook (right up there with Avon and USANA).

They’ve been around forever and continue to stay relevant in a competitive industry (hint: Visi, Plexus, and Herbalife).

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


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Business has been booming for over 50 years since Shaklee was founded in 1956. It is a well-established company that produces mostly environmental friendly products in an effort to diminish making a carbon footprint. Shaklee has invested more than $250 million toward research and revolutionary development to make sure their merchandise is top notch.

Product ingredients regularly undergo an intense screening process that Shaklee claims even “surpasses the pharmaceutical standards of the United States Pharmacopeia”, meaning that you can be sure that all of their products are 100% safe.

The company has also ranked first place in the “natural nutrition products” category. Under this category you would find health supplements, weight supplements, beauty products, and even home care products.

Scientists working for Shaklee have published 125 scientific articles and presentations (7 of which took place last year). They study crucial information regarding the way the body absorbs nutrients and are continuously working to create the best absorption process.

The Shaklee team consists of 1.2 million members and their global commissions are approximately $7 billion. In 2015 they established what they call, “the Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Innovation Center” which is anticipated to be the platform for another 100 years of scientific discoveries by the company.


When you use Shaklee’s website to shop you will notice their goods are categorized in five sections:

  • Healthy foundations
  • Healthy solutions
  • Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Beauty
  • Healthy Home

Healthy home represents a variety of green cleaning products. The healthy beauty category is responsible for promoting nourishing hair and skin products like lotion and shampoo. Healthy foundations like the name suggests are an assortment of necessary minerals, vitamins, and proteins that people need to be able to establish a solid foundation for their health. Kits are available for sale in the weight loss section. An example is:

  • Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit- lose weight & look better using this program calculated to burn fat vs. muscle
    • Health supplements to get you through your day
    • Two Healthful Shake Meals (Shaklee Life Energizing Shakes & Shaklee 180 bar)
    • Energizing Tea
    • Healthy snacks
    • A metabolic boost supplement
    • Program support available via the website, Shaklee 180 tab (includes workouts by Pure Performance teammates, meal plans, recipes, and extra tips for success)

Now since this is a competitive market I know you are asking yourself what sets Shaklee apart from its competitors? The companies claims their products are better because they include:

  • Added leucine to preserve lean muscle
  • Pure non-GMO protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose free
  • Considered kosher
  • Low glycemic to manage a slower rate of digestion and eventual release of glucose which adds to more successful weight control and better long term health.
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors

In the solutions section you can find products like:

  • Aging well- substance to slow cellular aging
  • Bone- solution to lessen the risk of osteoporosis
  • Vivix- substance formulated to neutralize free radicals
  • MindWors- improve cognitive performance

Plus, there are countless other substances designed to improve appearance and health. Maybe your initial thought was that Shaklee was probably most highly focused on weight loss and management (I know mine was). But after doing some exploring it’s evident that they have products for everyone, not just people looking to lose weight.

We’re talking about people that want to use safe and eco-friendly products in every aspect of their life. If that’s you, it’d be worth checking out Shaklee’s merchandise.

Compensation Plan

There is an open opportunity to become a Shaklee distributor. Pretty typical: by introducing the brand products to family and friends you have the chance to earn extra cash. It’s a flexible system that allows you to take the reins to your future and make your own rules.

By becoming an independent sales associate you are able work from home and pick and choose how often or how little you work. You also have the advantage of marketing from essentially anywhere and everywhere.

Shaklee offers several perks with membership, including:

  • A 15%-25% discount on your personal purchases
  • 10$ auto-ship discount
  • Potential to work your way up to a 16% in price variance
  • Up to 20% discount on group purchases
  • 14% of bonuses paid on purchases within the organization

They also offer a Fast Track program that allows members to accumulate car payments, and bonuses like vacations. Now Shaklee acknowledges that not all of their rewards are necessary financially but it does make up a majority of their compensation plan.

So how do you get started? Start by choosing a selling kit. Each kit is equipped with the most significant health products available on the market.

Depending on which kit you choose you will have access to a personal business website from anywhere from 3-12 months. A typical kit will include one or more free registrations to Shaklee and cost anywhere from $349.00-$1,049.00.

But to meet the financial needs of everyone they also offer a cheaper kit called the “Distributor Welcome Kit” which is significantly less expensive costing only $49.95 but it doesn’t come with perks like the webpage.

Of course the opportunity to simply become a member instead of selling are available too. The membership fee is $19.95 and upon joining you have the option to select a health plan (which comes with all the necessary products to see results) at a reasonable price. In some cases they will actually waive the membership fee if you make a selection from the plans and decide to purchase the products.


This isn’t my first rodeo reviewing a company who is a part of our ginormous health industry, so when it comes to a company like Shaklee I am able to accurately draw conclusions about its legitimacy and success. I’m happy to report that Shaklee is by far more successful than a majority of companies in the weight supplement and Eco-friendly product market.

This is a company that already has a 50 year lead on up-and-coming diet fads and health systems. For this reason Shaklee is a more secure option than other brands. As a sales rep you might not develop a steady income right off the bat but because of the company’s widespread popularity, selling success is definitely possible.

But there are much better ways to kill your 9-5. I am living proof. I’ve gone in a completely different direction without hitting up friends on Facebook, 3-way-calls or home parties.

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