Is Sisel another lame generic MLM? (full review)

Sisel International is a wellness MLM that sells personal care products, cosmetics, energy drinks, Ganoderma coffee, nutritional supplements and more.

They’ve caught some serious buzz in recent years and have some competitive advantages in a tough market:

1) they manufacture their own nutraceutical products in their own facility
2) their products are higher quality than most
3) they claim to offer better-than-normal commissions to their distributors.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Coming up on their ten-year anniversary in business in 2016, Sisel now operates in 30 countries.

They’re based in Utah and have another HQ in Switzerland. “Sisel” stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

The company was founded by a dynamic duo father and son team who appear to be fully capable of taking this company to even higher levels of achievement for the next ten years. Their names are Tom Mower (Sr.& Jr.).

Not only that, but they are billionaires who love to spend money on their company. That includes at 400,000 square foot manufacturing plant, a coffee plantation in Panama, millions to charities, and a pretty attractive compensation plan.

Mower Sr. has superstar-level network marketing experience dating back to the 1970s but he’s also made his mark in the corporate world. Tom Sr. worked his way up at Dell Chemical (he’s a chemist) to become National Sales Manger. He also founded a hugely successful network marketing company called Neways International, which he sold in 2006 to focus on Sisel.

Tom Sr. holds patents in natural medicine and health care products, and he’s a whiz at network marketing. This magic combination of talent is the bedrock of Sisel International’s momentum and success.

The company donates millions to charities and their $100 million manufacturing facility ensures quality, pureness, and cost control for their nutritional supplement division.


Whenever possible, Sisel tries not to put harmful chemical ingredients in its personal care products. They use science-based formulas in safe, concentrated strength so consumers get maximum value. Their manufacturing facility ensures GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). They have a team of dedicated research scientists churning out new ideas and testing them day and night.

Here are a few superstar products from Sisel International:

  • Sisel Kaffé. Totally worth the $25-$35 per pound pricing. They run their own coffee plant in Panama, which produces “Panamanian Boquete Geisha” coffee. This bean is so tasty it has won awards. Sisel infuses it with Ganoderma (like Organo Gold products), a mushroom extract used in ancient traditional medicine for longevity and improvements to the immune system. Also infused with other extracts which deliver nutrients for the mind and body.
  • TS-X (Anti-aging skin care). TS-X makes use of telomeres, which protect and revive skin at the cellular level. It actually protects DNA, and employs real science based on DNA repair. Granted, this is brand new science, but it’s incredibly promising too. Telomeres, by the way, are the keystone ingredient for internationally famous and highly regarded Jeunesse products as well.
  • Body Shield™ dietary supplements. These contain organic fulvic acid, LimuMoui, and kelp…all working to deliver detoxification, cellular cleansing, and super high levels of nutrients. Super anti-oxidants, thyroid support and immune protection.
  • Elegance Nail System. Gel nails with superior color quality that last up to six weeks.
  • SiseLash Enhanced 3D Fiber ExtensionSystem. The fibers are all-natural.
  • Siseln Lips & Hips Lip Gloss. Here’s a winner for originality: it contains a fragrance that makes you not want to eat!
  • Bath and Body products do not contain sulfates, parabens, PEG or laureths.

Sisel sells everything!  The idea here is that once people see how great this company really is, they’ll want to purchase a wider variety of products from them. You can’t help but notice the quality after learning about Sisel and their products. It’s not about one product in particular: it’s a family of products people will want to buy because they believe in the company.

It’s about alignment of values, which is why it’s so important that the management is authentic, visionary, successful, and respectable…which they are.

Compensation Plan

Sisel International operates its opportunity on a uni-level compensation plan. The plan is a strong one for several reasons:

  • Sisel pays a DAILY Fast Start Bonus on all new volume down to 8 levels.
  • Dynamic compression (on 7 levels, which can be compressed down from 10) so you don’t miss out on commissions.
  • Direct Commissions paid at every rank level. Just 50 PV from you to qualify with downline volume requirement.
  • Daily Retail Commission at 20%. This is paid out on top of the Fast Start Bonus and the Direct Commissions, above. Paid on your Personally Enrolled Customer Purchases.
  • For higher level distributors, there is also Master Check Match paid on the commissions of your higher-ranking downlines.
  • Global Leaders Pool for higher ranks: 1% of worldwide company volume.
  • Fast Start Pool for higher ranks: 5% of new worldwide company volume.
  • Luxury Auto Bonus for higher ranks.


If you were to take the most successful MLMs with the most authentic and highest quality products and roll them all into one MLM, it would be Sisel International.

Sisel products are top of the line. Their coffee rivals that of Organo Gold but they do it better because they use award-winning beans for better flavor. Their Limu drink contains not one (like products from the Limu Company) but three types of fucoidans. Their anti-aging line contains not just a few but 24 active ingredients AND it’s non-toxic.

And so on with all their product lines.

Sisel management is rock solid- proven success, they have their own manufacturing facility, their own coffee farm, they hold patents, they give away millions to charity, they sponsor Olympics…how many signs of success can one company rack up?

Finally, their compensation plan is original, generous and fair. For example, nobody else has a Fast Start Pool in addition to the regular bonus pool. Plus, it’s a generous 5%, which is higher than most bonus pools. It’s very easy to qualify for commissions, especially with no volume requirements for your downlines for the Direct Commission.

With all this going for them, it’s a wonder they’re not more visible online. Hardly anyone in MLM is doing Sisel reviews, and they don’t rank for much in the search engines.

Maybe they truly are spreading the good news by word of mouth…just don’t expect a long-term income stream. If you are looking to make money online and work from home, there is a better way.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with Sisel even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling supplements to your family and friends.

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