Sunrider is an eco-friendly MLM, are they worth the hype?

Sunrider is a wellness MLM that manufactures superior eco-friendly herbal products that serve customers around the globe.

They have expanded a ton over the last few years and people seem to love the products. 

So have I been involved?

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Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, a prominent chemist, and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, his wife, (herself a medical doctor) founded Sunrider in 1982. The couple leads a team of health scientists and they work together conducting research and formulating innovative and effective health products. They’ve created a four-piece health plan that is designed to help people reach optimal health:

  1. NBC- nourish and cleanse the five major systems of the body to bring it into balance
  2. Foods- the body is supposed to recognize foods, not chemicals
  3. Variety- there’s no magic material that is going to fix all of your body’s issues all at once
  4. Owner proficiency and production – people require expertise to combine foods and revolutionary manufacturing to extract and focus on ideas

The company originated in Utah but has since spread to 42 countries (including China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia) and has established 22 corporate offices internationally. They’ve also opened more than 7,000 authorized stores.

The presence of physical storefronts sets them apart from most network marketing companies (like Fuxion, Nikken, or Purium).

Sunrider’s main company office and modernized manufacturing facility are presently located in Southern California. Sunrider operates its own research and production facility, which is pretty rare in this particular industry. They also own a botanical herb garden which they use for studying various herbs so they can further enhance their products and ultimately continue to grow their business.

Over the past 20 years Sunrider has received roughly 100 awards, making it an extremely competitive brand in the natural health market.


Sunrider produces more than 415 herbal products, spread over the following categories:

  • Herbal beverages
  • Herbal foods
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Weight management supplements
  • Skin care products
  • Personal care products
  • Oral Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Household products

If you check out Sunrider’s website you’ll notice it’s more or less set up like a health supermarket. You can check out a variety of different herbal food, drinks, and shakes including the SunBar, Dr. Chen’s Secret Sauce, and the SunRider VitaFruit drink.

Each product is designed to promote good nutrition and appearance. Products serve as nourishment for your skin, hair, and nails and help defend the intestines as well as assist in digestion. Most of their beverages and various supplements offer the additional benefits of aiding in weight loss, or suppressing hunger. Sunrider’s line of skin care and beauty products are said to be of superior quality: they are made from gentle, yet effective ingredients.

The home care product line is interesting because not every business in the health and nutrition industry offers organic materials made for household cleaning or laundry. For example one household item they’ve created is called the, “SunSmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse” which is basically a cleaner you can spritz on your fruits and veggies to sanitize them after you bring them home from the grocery store.

I must point out Sunrider’s prices are well above the typical market prices. Their laundry detergent is a ridiculous $51.15. However the company does claim to use only herbal all natural ingredients that are generally pricier than other materials.

Compensation Plan

Since Sunrider hires independent sales consultants to market their products that means you have the opportunity to become a distributor and work from home. Here are the highlights of that opp:

  • Sunrider operates in nearly 50 countries and regions and is a financially stable company.
  • Sunrider manufactures more than 400 health and beauty products itself
  • Sunrider offers training tools to combine with your own selling power that will enable you to accomplish your financial goals
  • Once you get the hang of it, sponsor and train other associates
  • Purchase a Business Pack and fill out an IBO (Impendent Business Owners) contract to get started

For business packs, you have two options:

  • Fortune Delight Business Pack, which includes:
    • Five fortune delight peach flavored packs
    • A company profile
    • 5 Sunrider business prospect brochures
    • 5 company intro brochures
    • 5 product intro brochures
    • 5 fortune delight product flyers
    • Online SunSpot marketing tool
    • Online business guide
  • SunFit Business Pack
    • SunTrim Plus
    • Fortune Delight raspberry flavored
    • VitaShake Strawberry flavored
    • SunBar oatmeal raisin flavor
    • Sunrider Business opportunity brochure
    • 1 company intro brochure
    • 1 product intro brochure
    • Company profile
    • The SunFit pack brochure
    • The Fitness Brigade brochure
    • Online SunSpot marketing tool
    • Online Business Guide

Essentially you wind up with a “franchise-type” company. But keep in mind this doesn’t change the fact that you are fundamentally working for commissions.

Upon completion of steps 1 and 2 (purchase a business pack and sign your contract) you then receive up to 20% retail commissions when members make purchases. As a team member you also have the opportunity to work toward rewards such as:

  • IBO Bonus
  • Performance Bonuses (individual and group)
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Travel Incentive Bonus

There’s an opportunity to make immediate income by selling retail products. If you add members to your group you’re looking at earning a residual income as long as your members are actively making sales or recruting a downline.

The tricky part about working for Sunrider is the fact that their products can be found on crowded marketplaces like Amazon. To make a purchase on those sites, no membership is required and there’s only a slight price differential.

Alternatively, you can also focus on recruiting and act as a business sponsor. In fact, if you want to make any real money you’ll have to.  It’s going to require a lot of work to grow this into a profitable home based business from commissions alone.


If you have a passion for fitness and wellness products then Sunrider might be the way to go, but in my opinion there are better known products at more affordable prices available. In terms of business plans you can find better options in that department too.

Plus, it’s difficult to find any evidence indicating actual profits made by real Sunrider distributors. Social proof needed here.

Finally, Sunrider doesn’t give you much info about their compensation plan. There’s no excuse for holding out on this sort of information unless there’s truly something to hide. That’s two strikes right there. Third strike would be the requirement of purchasing a business pack.

If you want to build a real value-driven business instead of selling the hype of an opportunity, there is a better way.

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