Synergy Worldwide is a hot health MLM, should you promote it?

Synergy is a popular health and wellness MLM and has become a renowned brand in the healthcare industry by developing and manufacturing a diverse line of high quality supplements.

These guys are still on the rise and although health MLMs are a dime a dozen these days, (Yoli, Q Sciences, Beachbody, Zinzino, SiselMarket America, the list goes on…) Synergy is actually one of the more intriguing offers.

So have I been involved?

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All good? Let’s continue…


Dan Higginson founded Synergy Worldwide in 1991 with the mostly noble intention of improving people’s health, making some money, and most importantly (according to the website), aiding less fortunate communities.

The outfit originated in Japan, but joined forces with Nature’s Sunshine Products in 2000. Synergy’s impressive growth made Nature’s Sunshine want to team up with Synergy instead of competing with them (if you can’t beat your competitors, devour them).

By 2001 the company had opened their doors for business in the United States. The company’s staff is made up of an impressive-sound array of Ph.D.’s, biologists, chemists, and research experts who all possess long term experience working with nutritional products.

The business has built up a 600,000-person distribution team, which continues to grow every day. Synergy Worldwide has been described as power-house business that is constantly adapting (two features that don’t often go together).

Currently their market reaches 20 different countries and to date they have generated more than $350 million in revenue.


Synergy’s products consist of weight-management supplements, nutritional aids, personal care items, and vitamins. Their raw materials abide by the strictest health safety standards and all of the manufacturing incorporates a top quality guarantee for methods, and technology. Their products fit neatly into seven groups:

  • ProArgi-9+
  • Core Nutrition
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Fitness
  • Personal Care
  • Sales tools

Here’s a smattering of Synergy Worldwide’s most popular products:

  • ProArgi-9+ – this is Synergy’s top seller. It’s a nutritional regimen and each serving contains 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-arginine, which is an amino acid that your body is able to convert into nitric oxide. This significantly improves your cardiovascular system, and can greatly reduce high blood pressure levels. L-arginine also decreases blood viscosity, which is why you’ll find it in many erectile dysfunction products. ProArgi-9+ also boosts immune function, encourages the release of human growth hormone, could amp up energy levels, aids in building muscle, and diminishes adipose tissue body fat.
  • SLMsmart- this is a weight management system that was launched on April 20, 2013. The system uses four products that have been specially formulated to assist users in losing weight and maintaining weight loss. The product boosts fat-burning activity, cleanses and detoxifies the body, optimizes blood flow which increases energy and the delivery of vital nutrients, and also helps to curb cravings throughout the day.
  • Body Cleanse- this beverage is blended with 35 organic herbs and cleanses the body of waste and dangerous toxins that can eventually build up over time due to a poor nutrition or the breakdown of fat stored within the body. It’s super natural and does its job without interrupting a person’s normal day-to-day activities.
  • SLMsmart Health Shake- A convenient meal replacement shake. It’s rich in nutrients, has healthy calories, 26 grams of protein (including whey, casein, & soy), contains a balanced assortment of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, supports lean muscle mass, little or no glycemic effect (such as increasing blood pressure). It also comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. The protein content level matches that of protein shakes used by body builders.
  • Elemence Hydrating Toner- a pH-balanced, alcohol free, skin treatment that hydrates and tones skin. It minimizes pore size, uses witch hazel to provide natural astringent action, balances oily skin, uses fruit extracts (including blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry) to smooth skin, features the Brazilian acai berry which fights against skin aging and dangerous radicals, includes vitamins A, B, C, and E to condition the skin and support its health. Paraben free, allergy safe, and dermatologist tested. All the right buzz words for women’s skin care.

As you can see every product is geared to manage weight or improve general health and well-being. Synergy Worldwide uses raw materials and abides by strict testing standards. Synergy Worldwide is a part of a constantly developing (a.k.a. cutthroat) industry and they remain hard at work developing and researching new ways to impact health and wellness around the world.

Compensation Plan

Synergy Worldwide offers an aggressive but potentially lucrative earning opportunity. They offer a generous 55% payout based around the practices of cooperation and teamwork. Using what they call the Mega-Match bonus, Synergy pays a full 100% dollar for dollar match on basic commission earnings. They claim there are absolutely no strings attached and no cut-offs, and of course the sky’s the limit.

For hard workers, Synergy Worldwide’s weekly payout could entail:

  1. Retailing Product- you purchase products to sell in bundles or one by one and earn a 30% markup for your items.
  2. Fast Start Bonus- earn yourself this bonus by encouraging your teammates to upgrade
  3. Elite Rebate- if personal or customer products above the monthly Elite qualification are purchased by you or members, you earn a 25 percent rebate

Here’s what a look at what a monthly payout might look like:

  1. Basic commission- make up to 10% commissions for your “weak leg volume” on all levels of your organization
  2. Mega-match- can match up to 100% of every basic commission you earn by your personally sponsored “downline”
  3. Leadership bonus- get rewarded for excellent leadership of your strong leg and receive a percentage of your overall volume
  4. Global Share Bonus- hit 400,000 CV in your weak leg volume then participate in a share of the entire company CV

By becoming a Synergy Worldwide distributor you are eligible to purchase and resell their products any way you see fit. You are provided with access to support materials like the Synergy Starter Kit, a subscription to Synergy’s “Leave a Legacy” magazine, and free access to Synergy Pulse which is an office support webpage.

Here’s where it gets slightly more interesting.  Most multi-level marketing companies basically let anyone join. It generally just takes signing up and possibly paying a start-up cost, then you’re off to recruit, recruit, and recruit some more.

Synergy is different because they require you fill out an application either online, by mail, or via fax. Once you’re accepted, you get an ID number and have to activate a “tracking center,” by ordering 150 CV (which activates one tracking center). Or you can choose to purchase more CV’s to get up to 3 tracking centers but that requires an additional fee of up to $100 that is to be paid to a sponsor. From there it’s all about getting to work and moving up in the ranks.


Synergy Worldwide offers a solid compensation plan and is highly regarded for their financial platform for distributors. They offer incentives for growth which is always important.

There is a 30% markup on the products and that is excellent for distributors who’d like to make good money on each sale. Basic commission is 10% at every level of the organization so you could make money at every stage of the game, from the convenience of your home.

But if you are tired of the MLM ways of selling products to your friends and family, there is a better way.

Here’s your non-MLM, doctor-recommended treatment for your MLM money-chasing. Check it out.

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