Tai Lopez review – Is Tai Lopez a scam?

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Not mad at ya.

First, though, how about that time I interviewed him at my house?

Lol. Good times.

That’s actually my lil bro.

But, anyways, back to the review.

I first met Tai Lopez at a “make money online” event in early 2016.

Dude had an entourage following him around at the Mandalay Bay and just like any curious cat, I walked up and struck a convo with his right-hand (and cousin) Mai.

It didn’t matter that he probably used me for some Snapchat promo, he took a few minutes to say whats up and didn’t waste any time telling me that he’d recently kicked it with Chris Paul.

Tai Lopez is an internet coach, mentor, author, and speaker on ‘how to live the good life’.

Short story?

Dude kills it. Probably one of the sharpest minds speaking to the younger generation, IMO.

He also has one of the biggest book clubs in the world.

His roots lie in the financial world, where he worked as an investor for GE Capital before creating several multi-million dollar businesses, including nightclubs and some dating sites.

He now offers private coaching, and there are a few products he puts out, as well.

After watching him speak, people either hate or love Tai Lopez. That in and of itself is a testament to his skill as a speaker. Dude can spit straight from the dome. Allll day. It’s impressive. He’s literally read so many books that he has a depository of quotes and tid-bits that he literally freestyles behind a camera.

No way I’ll throw shade at that. He knows his stuff.

There’s a ‘rags to riches’ story here, involving an almost-empty bank account and crying alone in a car at night out of despair. He also ran a farm and (separately) lived with the Amish.

Long story short, he eventually find mentors (Joel Salatin), starts reading a lot, becomes a member of Mensa, becomes a multiple million-dollar business owner, and literally pulled off becoming one of the biggest social media names on the internet.

Dude is now trending up there with Gary V and Tim Ferriss:

He made some solid brand moves before blowing up on social media. VICE has done a piece on him, he’s done a Ted Talk, too.

But what to others think?

His promotional video for “67 Steps Program to the Good Life” earned him some criticism for stashing a Lambo in his garage, yet encouraging his listeners to value knowledge over materialism.

Haters even love to accuse Lopez of renting his famous Lamborghini and Ferrari as well as his stunning Hollywood home, but it’s simply not true…he owns them all, according to his assistant who spoke to the VICE writer.

Thanks to all this, many think Tai Lopez and his products are a giant scam.

But is owning a fancy car really exclusive to valuing knowledge?  For the record, it’s totally possible (and common) to do both.

How good is Tai Lopez at waking up people’s brains and motivating them to be successful?

Criticisms of Tai don’t seem to hold together and don’t amount to much once you look a little more closely. Most of the criticisms appear to merely be hate, jealousy, or opportunism.


67 Steps

67 Steps is Tai’s flagship course. It contains everything Tai Lopez has to offer from his illustrious career, copious book-reading, and work with other mentors. The main course content is a series of 68 video lessons (67 lessons for 67 steps, plus the intro lesson), each one between a half hour and and hour long. These videos are just single takes of Tai talking with little to no editing.

Video subjects are all over the place. After the intro lesson, the first real lesson is called The Billionaire’s Brain and Jennifer Lopez’s Voice. Tai talks about his experience living with the Amish and working on farms, his first real mentor, and intangible qualities necessary for success.

The 2nd lesson is called Blue-Footed Boobie Birds, ESS, & The 500 Year Old Mind. The main takeaway is that change is the most important determining factor for success, and he uses evolution to back up his statements.

Videos aren’t enough for most people to learn, so 67 Steps includes a downloadable worksheet with each lesson. You can download the lesson itself in audio form as well for on-the-go listening.

There are also questions to answer below each video you must answer to complete each lesson. Your answers are shared in a little feed below the lesson, which can prompt discussion among your fellow students.

On top of the main course content, you get:

1) Video archive vault access

The video archive vault contains over 100 hours of Tai Lopez videos, which are coaching calls. He distills what he learns from 150 of the most important books he’s read on achieving the Good Life.

2) VIP Membership to his once-a-month live coaching calls

Once a month, Tai hosts live online coaching calls for his students. It’s either him talking, or he brings in an expert in a certain niche. You can fire away with any questions you have regarding the coaching call host’s field of expertise.

3) Direct access to Tai so you can ask questions

You get access to the man himself.

4) Bonus audios and videos: book-of-the-Day summarized for you

Tai recorded summaries of some books he’s found useful.

5) Bonus content: investment secrets, “smart” reading, app list, and access to private the Facebook group

Investments Secrets Of The Ultra-Wealthy is a 2-part video series covering financial formulas and money management tips you should know if you want to get rich.

In the Smart Reading video series, you run through 6 lessons about Tai’s speed reading skill.

Tai’s app list comes in the form of a video where Tai covers all the apps he uses to maximize productivity in his businesses.

And of course, there’s a private Facebook group for the whole course.

67 Steps primarily shifts your mindset, but its not one of those fluff courses. I learned a lot of interesting lessons hearing Tai detail his diverse life and career.

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked. It costs $67 per month.

The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a more exclusive program which offers you a one-on-one call with a top consultant from the Tai Lopez group. He’s set aside 5 to 10 of his top people to handle the mentorship, which covers setting goals and more.

During this call, you and the consultant assess your current situation and discuss what you want to learn in order to determine which “level” of The Accelerator fits you best. More on these “levels” in a second.

You also get access to The Vault which includes over 50 hours of Tai’s Advanced Business Calls. Members get to interact with Tai in a group setting. Due to the groups smaller size, Tai is actually able to cover most questions students ask him. Tai also dives deeper into high-level concepts and discusses some of the best business books out there.

You learn in 3 levels, each of which has 67 mini-lessons:

1) Money – You’ll learn how finances work, how to manage them, and how to achieve financial freedom (think Ramit Sethi material). This is the base level, more intended for those who just want to improve their finances through better financial habits. Content covered includes stock market investing, time value of money, retirement planning, real estate, and more.

2) Entrepreneur – In Entrepreneur, you get a crash course on starting and growing a business from scratch. Tai/his consultants share wisdom gained from years in business, as well as tools that make the journey easier. Lessons cover business plans, marketing, social media, profit maximization, scaling, and more.

3) Persuasion – Persuasion students learn the framework of influence and sales. A big part of this course is learning how to read personality types, as reading people makes “speaking their language” and selling to them nearly effortless. Several other concepts are covered, such as negotiation, networking, copywriting, sales closing, and more. Persuasion is the highest “level” of The Accelerator.

The Accelerator is limited to just 300 people at a time. It costs $997 to apply.

The Inner Circle

You get a one-on-one call with one of Tai’s top consultants. The call is meant to help you focus your goals so you can plan a course of action for success.

Prices change every so often, but the Inner Circle remains one of the pricier programs relative to Tai’s other products and courses.

They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, though. Always a good thing for an expensive product to have.

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Course

In early 2017, Tai launched a Social Media Marketing Agency course that helps people start their own marketing agency.

You also get monthly coaching calls, a vault full of past monthly coaching calls, and access to a very active Facebook group.

The main course is split into 4 phases, each a month long:

  1. Business Set-Up – Creating and naming your company, identifying a niche, creating your website, etc.
  2. Mastering Social Media Marketing – Lead generation methods and copywriting. Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, SEO, social media copywriting, and funnel building.
  3. Acquiring Clients – Generating your leads/finding clients. Client acquisition methods, persuasion, closing the sale, etc.
  4. Automation, Servicing, and Building Your Team – Hiring, outsourcing, scaling tools, and more.

All together, Social Media Marketing Agency has 64 hours of video training spread among over 130 lessons.

Lessons are taught by a bunch of social media marketing specialists. Although you might have to adapt to each specialist’s teaching style, you get to absorb the knowledge and viewpoints of several experts at once.

Social media marketing is Tai’s bread and butter (just look at his “Lamborghini in my garage” ad), so he doesn’t hold back in the Social Media Marketing Agency course.

How To Invest Your Money

How To Invest Your Money is a course meant to teach people how to invest. It’s 3 months long and consists of short video lessons teaching proven investment strategies.

Before you start the program, you hop on a 1-on-1 consultation call with one of Tai’s consultants. The consultant presents you with each of the 23 proven investment strategies taught in the course so you can pick one to focus on.

You also get the following with How To Invest Your Money:

1. Monthly Coaching Calls

Tai hosts 3 months of monthly live coaching calls where he and other millionaires answer questions and impart investing wisdom.

2. Monthly Action Plans

Tai includes a monthly action plan suited to your investment strategy so you can focus and take action without getting overwhelmed or distracted by all the course content.

3. Private Tribe Group

How To Invest Your Money has a private member group built into the membership area rather than on Facebook. As you progress through the course, you can seek help from or provide help to other students.

Tai Lopez was in wealth management at GE Capital early on his career, but he also co-founded a financial advisory firm called LLG Financial. Rest assured he knows what he’s talking about here.

Ecommerce Blueprint

Ecommerce Blueprint teaches you how to build an e-commerce business in 4 steps. The only bonus is lifetime access to Tai’s Mastermind community.

  1. Find common household items – Common items that you use or find interesting. Everyone needs household items, and its easier to sell items you use or find interesting as you probably know them pretty well.
  2. Your e-commerce store platform – Tai recommends using Shopify, Clickfunnels, or Amazon to launch your e-commerce business.
  3. Payment – You have to connect your store to a credit card processor and a bank account. You’ll need a business bank account, however, to keep your business revenue separate from your personal funds. Makes tax time easier too.
  4. White labeling and dropshipping – White labeling is essentially slapping your brand on someone else’s product after buying it. Dropshipping involves buying the product from the supplier when you get an order and shipping it directly from them, no inventory necessary. Put them together and you can get started in e-commerce without much startup money.

Real Estate Mentor

Real Estate Mentor is Tai’s online real estate mentoring program. It teaches you how to get started real estate investing, wholesaling, and/or house flipping without much startup capital.

In case you don’t know what wholesaling is, it’s essentially contracting a home for a certain price and then selling it to someone else for a higher price and taking the difference as revenue. Wholesaling is usually used with distressed homes, as they’re very cheap.

You also get

1. Private Facebook Group access

The Real Estate Mentor program has a private Facebook group for students to ask questions and share their successes.

2. How To Make Money Wholesaling with Jaelin White

Jaelin White is a real estate wholesaler. His bonus course within Real Estate Mentor focuses exclusively on the real estate business model that made him rich without starting with a lot of cash.

3. Strategies To Flip Real Estate with Cole Hatter

This course teaches the house-flipping strategy. Cole and Tai show you how you can get started in this real estate business model without being loaded with cash.

Ecomm Agency

Ecomm Agency is a 4-step training program that shows you how to start an agency that helps e-commerce business sell their products online in only 30 days.

In terms of bonuses, Tai gives you sales scripts for closing clients as well as access to a private online group for networking and further learning.

The 4 steps are explained in greater detail in the course, but here’s a brief background on each:

  1. Identify the right types of businesses – Tai uses 3 criteria to screen for good clients. The business must have a great product, a bad website, and a lackluster social media presence.
  2. Get their attention – Using cold emails to reel in clients. Emails should sound human (too much professionalism can sound spammy), provide value, and clearly present services and pricing. Tai recommends pricing services at $1,000 per month minimum.
  3. Know how to do the work – You can’t run an e-com agency if you don’t know how to help e-com businesses. Fortunately, you can use Shopify to set up your client’s store quickly and then integrate tools and apps to help the client sell more.
  4. Get them customers – Tai suggests social media as a lead generation tool for your clients. Master social media and you’ll bring customers to your clients, and a happy client is a paying client.

You get access for 1 year upon your purchase of Ecomm Agency.

Credit Mentor

Credit Mentor is a 60-days training program that shows you how to fix your credit and maximize the benefits of credit cards. The course covers 3 main topics:

  1. Understanding your score – There are 5 factors that influence your score, each with a certain weight. Payment history is 35%, credit card usage is 30%, credit history length/credit age is 15%, new credit is 10%, and credit mix is 10%. In Credit Mentor, you learn to use these factors to your advantage to fix your credit and keep it high.
  2. Credit lines – Higher credit lines gives you borrowing power, useful for things like starting businesses. You’ll learn how to speak to credit card companies in a way that persuades them to extend you a credit line.
  3. Rewards points – Credit Mentor shows you strategies and tactics for maximizing your rewards points and earning free perks.

The course also covers tactics like which cards to apply for and when to apply for them to minimize credit score damage and rack up rewards.

There are two bonuses:

1. Private Facebook group

A fairly active Facebook group where Credit Mentor students can ask questions and share experiences.

2. Live Call Vault

As with most of Tai’s courses, you get access to recordings of past live coaching calls. Recorded coaching calls are always incredibly useful because it’s Tai or one of his mentors/experts answering questions on the spot.

Credit cards aren’t gonna get you rich, but it never hurts to know how to make the best use of your cards. Credit Mentor is a breath of fresh air among Tai’s suite of business courses (not knocking his business courses), although he still makes it clear that he’s not targeting your typical 9-5er.

Entrepreneur Fitness

Tai’s got a short fitness course called Entrepreneur fitness that contains tips and tricks for getting into and staying in killer shape. Tai worked with a bunch of fitness industry people to create lessons covering exercise, nutrition, recovery, and sleep. The lessons are in no particular order, so you might have to jump around a bit to find what you want.

On the sales page, you’re upsold on a “12 Foundations” program that covers health, wealth, happiness, and love, which Tai says are the 4 pillars to living the good life. This program isn’t related to the Entrepreneur Fitness program.


Then you get some bonuses:

1. Bonus Videos

Tai’s included some bonus videos from fitness professionals and influencers. These cover mindset stuff, why you should stay in shape as an entrepreneur, and some other lessons that can also be applied to business.



2. Monthly Live Q&A Calls

Tai and some fitness gurus answer your questions on these monthly Q&A calls.

3. Private Facebook group

Useful for seeing what other students are doing to hit their fitness goals and to keep your motivated.

Entrepreneur Fitness is updated every so often, so it operates on a monthly subscription basis. It’s extremely cheap, though.


Tai Lopez is a gifted speaker who draws from history, science, psychology, religion, and other intellectual realms to deliver basic principles of motivation and success which might otherwise be boring or trite.

He’s good at communicating because he draws from a world much larger than his own.

He is always caught saying “a mind full of conclusions has no room for expansion”.

I dig it.

Look, you dig Tai’s stuff? Buy all his programs. Serious. I think you should buy all of them. I bet you’ll get 10x on your investment.

But remember, you’re going to need a scalable business to feed that 10x. That’s where I believe our coaching helps.

Yes, the same coaching that gave my 10k months a wet-willy.

You can double-down on your Tai Lopez “knowwwwledge” and learn from our 2 millionaire coaches here.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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