Tai Lopez a scam? My full review

You’re here to get the “scoop” on Tai Lopez.

Not mad at ya.

First, though, how about that time I interviewed him at my house?

Lol. Good times.

That’s actually my lil bro.

But, anyways, back to the review.

I first met Tai Lopez at a “make money online” event in early 2016.

Dude had an entourage following him around at the Mandalay Bay and just like any curious cat, I walked up and struck a convo with his right-hand (and cousin) Mai.

It didn’t matter that he probably used me for some Snapchat promo, he took a few minutes to say whats up and didn’t waste any time telling me that he’d recently kicked it with Chris Paul.

Tai Lopez is an internet coach, mentor, author, and speaker on ‘how to live the good life’.

Short story?

Dude kills it. Probably one of the sharpest minds speaking to the younger generation, IMO.

He also has one of the biggest book clubs in the world.

His roots lie in the financial world, where he worked as an investor for GE Capital before creating several multi-million dollar businesses, including nightclubs and some dating sites.

He now offers private coaching, and there are a few products he puts out, as well.

After watching him speak, people either hate or love Tai Lopez. That in and of itself is a testament to his skill as a speaker. Dude can spit straight from the dome. Allll day. It’s impressive. He’s literally read so many books that he has a depository of quotes and tid-bits that he literally freestyles behind a camera.

No way I’ll throw shade at that. He knows his stuff.

There’s a ‘rags to riches’ story here, involving an almost-empty bank account and crying alone in a car at night out of despair. He also ran a farm and (separately) lived with the Amish.

Long story short, he eventually find mentors (Joel Salatin), starts reading a lot, becomes a member of Mensa, becomes a multiple million-dollar business owner, and literally pulled off becoming one of the biggest social media names on the internet.

Dude is now trending up there with Gary V and Tim Ferriss:

He made some solid brand moves before blowing up on social media. VICE has done a piece on him, he’s done a Ted Talk, too.

But what to others think?

His promotional video for “67 Steps Program to the Good Life” earned him some criticism for stashing a Lambo in his garage, yet encouraging his listeners to value knowledge over materialism.

Haters even love to accuse Lopez of renting his famous Lamborghini and Ferrari as well as his stunning Hollywood home, but it’s simply not true…he owns them all, according to his assistant who spoke to the VICE writer.

Is owning a fancy car really exclusive to valuing knowledge?  For the record, it’s totally possible (and common) to do both.

How good is Tai Lopez at waking up people’s brains and motivating them to be successful?

Criticisms of Tai don’t seem to hold together and don’t amount to much once you look a little more closely. Most of the criticisms appear to merely be hate, jealousy, or opportunism.


67 Steps is everything Tai Lopez has to offer from his illustrious career, copious book-reading, and work with other mentors.

You get:

1) Video archive vault: access to over 100 hours of Tai Lopez videos, which are coaching calls. He distills what he learns from 150 of the most important books he’s read on achieving the Good Life

2) VIP Membership to his twice-a-month live coaching calls

3) Direct access to Tai so you can ask questions

4) Bonus audios and videos: book-of-the-Day summarized for you

5) Bonus content: investment secrets, speed reading, app list, and access to private the Facebook group

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked. It costs $67 per month.

The Accelerator is a more exclusive program which offers you a one-on-one call with a top consultant from the Tai Lopez group. He’s set aside 5 to 10 of his top people to handle the mentorship, which covers setting goals and more.

You also get access to The Vault which includes over 50 hours of Tai’s Advanced Business Calls. Members get to interact with Tai in a group setting.

You learn in 3 levels, each of which has 67 mini lessons:

1) Money – learn how finances work, how to manage them and how to achieve financial freedom (think Ramit Sethi material)

2) Entrepreneur – how to build a business

3) Persuasion – learn about influence and sales

This is a program that’s limited to just 300 people at a time. It costs $997 to apply.

The Inner Circle will set you back $3500. You get a one-on-one call with one of Tai’s top consultants. There is a money-back guarantee (30 days). The call is meant to help you focus your goals so you can plan a course of action for success.

In early 2017, he launched a Social Media Agency course that helps people start their own marketing agency. That coaching lasts 4 months and is $997.


Tai Lopez is a gifted speaker who draws from history, science, psychology, religion, and other intellectual realms to deliver basic principles of motivation and success which might otherwise be boring or trite.

He’s good at communicating because he draws from a world much larger than his own.

He is always caught saying “a mind full of conclusions has no room for expansion”.

I dig it.

Look, you dig Tai’s stuff? Buy all his programs. Serious. I think you should buy all of them. I bet you’ll get 10x on your investment.

But remember, you’re going to need a scalable business to feed that 10x. That’s where I believe our coaching helps.

Yes, the same coaching that gave my 10k months a wet-willy.

You can double-down on your Tai Lopez “knowwwwledge and learn from our 2 millionaire coaches here.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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