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The Wealth Network could be 2017 most anticipated launch

The Wealth Network is an online business community that teaches internet entrepreneurs how to make more money online.

They launched July 12, 2017, with Jesse Singh (the millionaire who got some e-fame for topping Digital Altitude and DS Domination income charts in recent years), as one of the owners.

Although he is known for his expertise in SEO and Amazon/Ebay dropshipping arbitrage techniques, Jesse is also a prolific networker and has assembled an impressive talent pool with The Wealth Network.

Anyone giving internet marketing training in The Wealth Network are all high 6-figure or 7-figure earners in their respected spaces, making this a coveted think tank to online business owners.

Learn more about The Wealth Network here


Right off the bat, its easy to draw their product comparisons to a MOBE, Digital Altitude or even an early (cerca 2013) Empower Network, when Empower had 5 core products.

To start, you pick a monthly membership option (Platinum: $150/mo, Gold: $50/mo) which gets you stacked with all these products:

You can see, their basic membership covers a lot of ground.

Blogging training, SEO training, eBay training, Amazon training.

Lotta angles of expertise, and I can hear the skeptics already…

“If you’re an expert at everything, you’re an expert at nothing”, amirite??

Yes and no.

True, if you go after too many topics and claim to be expert, your message gets watered down. But in this case, the product vault is served up by several internet entrepreneurs who’ve mastered their craft, so they can legitimately offer all this training.

Again, most of the people who’re giving trainings are people who’ve already seen massive success (multiple 6, 7-figure earners) so there isn’t another example of “the guy getting rich off of teaching people how to get rich.”

This is real expertise. Gotta hand it to em for the team they’ve assembled.

Although they’re committed to rolling out a wide variety of products in the internet marketing and internet software space (think: best web hosting, email autoresponder service, conversion optimization software, etc) their current flagship product offers these internet marketing education trainings.

They also have another product called Smart Commerce, which goes for $999. Smart Commerce is a premium training that shows exactly (A-to-Z) how to setup a profitable Shopify store.

They’ve got love to prove their worth, too. Here are some glowing testimonials of the team:

“I’ve been learning how to run an e-commerce business from the founders of TWN for 2 years now! With the knowledge I have gained from them, I have generated over $350,000 in sales on Amazon and eBay. I knew nothing about e-commerce until I started this journey with these brilliant entrepreneurs 2 years ago. TWN is chock full of training videos, tools and support – everything someone needs to have a successful e-commerce business.” – Sue Spakowski

“I have been working with the owners of TWN for a few years now and one thing I can say is they KNOW how to MARKET! From blogging to paid marketing these guys are the real deal. They know how to systematically break down traffic methods so that anyone from a newbie to a seasoned marketer can benefit from their teachings.” -Freddie Baumann

Compensation Plan

There’s not really a comp plan, because The Wealth Network isn’t multi-level marketing.

But they do offer an affiliate option, although its not required.

The affiliate rate is 40%.

So, someone signs up using your affiliate link for the “Gold” package, you’d get a juicy $40 residual monthly payment – just for the product. Obviously, the “Platinum” would yield a $60 residual monthly payout, assuming the person stays current on their payment.

Same implies for their other products, including the $999 Smart Commerce product, which pays out a $400 commission. Starting to get juicy now, huh?

According to Jesse, he also said “they’ll have monthly affiliate contests” to incentivize promotion.


Product-wise, this is one of the more stacked deals I’ve seen in recent years. To get all that expertise training under 2k is a steal.

The Wealth Network seems to be one of the more balanced affiliate offers in the make money online space.

Because they offer training from people who have incredible track records at a reasonable cost, the sky is the limit for them.

Usually I don’t join any affiliate deals as I have focused my attention building out million-dollar content projects in recent years, but I’ve decided to get on board. Products are too stacked.

Learn more about The Wealth Network here

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