Total Life Changes (TLC) is a hot MLM, will it really change your life?

Total Life Changes is a network marketing company that sells a wide variety of nutritional supplements and skin care products.

Another health MLM with fantastic results…shocking right? Actually, this company has actually done a lot of things well despite fierce competition in the industry (see: Ariix, Immunotec, or Sunrider).

So have I been involved?

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Jack Fallon is the CEO and founder of Total Life Changes. TLC is a privately held company that was founded back in 1999, placing it in the category of classic survivors in a tough business. The company markets natural nutritional and skin care products. They hold tight to their vision which is to focus on helping other individuals obtain success with affordable products and incredible business building systems.

There is no sign up fee required in order to become a member. Well over 35,000 people have joined within the last four years. TLC exists and is well known in 92 countries including the United States, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Asia, Malaysia, Peru and several Latin American countries.

The company’s goal is simple, to increase their global presence through the availability and quality of TLC products along with the values maintained in helping others.


Total Life Changes strives to use only natural ingredients in all of their products. The product line consists of items such as skin care products, tea and coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, weight loss and nutritional products, all designed for overall health and wellness.

One of the rather well known products is Iaso tea. The tea is made from 100% organic ingredients, using only safe natural and edible herbs. Iaso tea is a cleanser for your lower and upper intestines, removing toxins and parasites, so it provides natural energy and helps you lose weight. Just a quick look at the ingredients :

  • Persimmon Leaves
  • Marsh Mallow Leaves
  • Holy Thistle
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Ginger
  • Papaya
  • Malva Leaves
  • Chamomile
  • Myrrh

The company’s line of skin care products are scientifically formulated and tested in order to provide cutting edge quality (almost on Jeunesse‘s and Nerium‘s level). The product pricing can be slightly expensive with some single items costing roughly $40.00. There are various testimonials stating that the products are efficient and that they work producing satisfying results that met people’s expectations.

There are a few who remain skeptical simply because the Cappuccino’s ingredient list contains sodium stearoyl lactylate , a versatile FDA approved food additive and Mono & Diglycerides, another additive used as an emulsifier.

Other than the additives the products are ranked with high ratings.

Compensation Plan

While there is plenty opportunity for growth, it is best that you have experience with networking and sales to become successful. You can become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) through this company. The sign up is free as it is stated on the website and this lures in many people who have interest.

Although the sign up is free you DO have to invest money into the company with a start up cost that covers the purchasing of the products you wish to invest in. The lowest priced item is $40 and the most expensive kit will cost $1,500. As long as you have good marketing and networking skills you have plenty of opportunity to make good money.

There is an opportunity to make 50% commission on every order you submit, which is one of the highest percentages of commission around. When you become an IBO you receive your own website that is to be managed and run by you. While there is no recruiting required you can earn even more money by becoming a sponsor. When you get somebody to sign up, you become their sponsor and this allows you to receive a commission of 50% of the sponsored person’s initial sale.

The Hybrid Binary Commission Plan is not always something people have been interested in, but this one is actually sought after. You can create a team of people, each generating their own sales. At the end of the week the total sales of all of the active team members is tallied for the team. Based on your teams ranking in the sales department all of the team members receive a 10% – 25% bonus at the end of each week.

The bigger your team and the more sales generated allows for the opportunity to earn money faster.

The 50% Check Match Bonus gives you an additional 50% income match on your binary payout from all of your personally sponsored IBO’s and another 10% – 50% match on their personally sponsored IBO’s.

These bonuses are all paid out weekly with no limit on the amount of people one can sponsor. A Lifestyle Bonus- this bonus is available for those who have succeeded and excelled as an IBO and have now become what is called a National Director. The bonus you receive is $1,500 a month provided to cover expenses of training, travel costs, expansions and team growth.


Total Life Changes can be a great opportunity for those who are already experienced in marketing, networking and website management, or you already run an online business. It is not something for beginners in the business of sales. If you are dedicated and have an actual interest in the products, the mission statement and the values held by the company then it is worth giving it a shot.

In order to become an IBO you must invest in the products. Some people find it misleading when they see that the sign up is free, then find out that there is a start up fee, as well as, a monthly fee for the products they will receive.

When you order your products in the kits you have a choice of which items to receive but it is important to remember that it is all auto shipped, so when the product is shipped money is withdrawn from your bank account.

There is a demand for Total Life Changes products as more people are seeking a healthier lifestyle. One must understand, however that this is a competitive industry. Also, remember that the work is continual and the more people involved, the better the chances for growth and profit become. The amount of success achieved is completely up to you.

Overall the company is a legitimate business but if you plan on making a profit you must invest time, money, dedication and hard work, and serious amounts of all four.

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