The rise and fall of Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority is a network marketing company that sells attention-grabbing sales funnel systems and paid website traffic packages.

Customers become promoters of the marketing system, where they have the opportunity to make money online with a compensation plan that pays residual commission for downlines.

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This video explains:


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Traffic Authority launched September 2015, after some initial bugs in their system delayed the original August 15 launch.

The program is run by Streamlined Marketing Systems, Inc, a company based in Tallahassee, Florida. SMS is 7 years old and headed by John C.Stalvey, according to the State of Florida’s business registration database. [1]

Stalvey is associated with Intelligent Wealth Network, Inc and Dynatec, Inc, both now defunct. His business partners in all these ventures are Doug Wellens & Greg Chambers.

If those names sound familiar to you, it’s because this the team that brought you “Infinite Leverage System”, a trademarked system for selling website traffic (see: Traffic Hurricane, Wealthy Affiliate, Global Affiliate Zone, and Infinii).

In fact, Traffic Authority is basically ILS reincarnated. There’s serious crossover in both product and  pricing, and as you’ll see below.


Traffic Optimizer.  $27 per month. Sales funnel products to maximize conversions. Includes capture page templates, link tracking, pop ups, mobile tools, countdown timers, redirects, split testing and website rotators for use in split testing. $47 per month if you want to resell it.

Traffic Academy.  $97 per month. Learn how to get traffic to the sales funnel you created with Traffic Optimizer. $144 per month if you want to resell it.

Traffic packages.  $220 – $8,397  These are optional. Called “upgrades” ranging from “Basic” to “Diamond” level packages. Traffic is supposedly from people interested in online business ops.

Premium Reseller Membership: $20 add-on for Optimizer, $47 for Academy)  You get more sales funnels, additional training, and “resources from our leaders”. The leader is someone named “Vince”.

This is new as of Fall 2015. Reseller training includes:

  • how to connect with prospects on social media and email by holding “quality conversations”
  • testimonial videos from the library of choices
  • how to connect with leaders in the industry as well as other affiliates who might be looking for new opportunities
  • how to create a Facebook Event Promotion
  • how to use Crowdfire to promote on Twitter
  • customize your affiliate link and popup
  • Fast-start section: premium training on getting traffic

In addition to sales funnel tools, all members receive the following benefits:

  • Daily company call: company vision, marketing tips
  • Twice-weekly evening webinars: Resellers Training (Premium Reseller members only) and Prospecting (speakers include Devon Brown)
  • Weekly Founders Visionary Call
  • Private Facebook group
  • Resource section: emails, Facebook posts, banner, and scripts all in one place

There are also monthly contest giveaways of things like a 15″ Macbook Pro, 13″ Macbook Air, iPad Air, Apple Watch, Bose Headphones etc. One of the November 2015 winners was a familiar name: Rob Fore. Another winner was Vince Ortega: let’s hope it’s not the same Vince who runs the Premium Reseller training.

Compensation Plan

Traffic Authority calls their compensation plan the “Infinite Leverage Compensation Plan”. Sounds familiar!  As you’re about to see, it looks familiar, too.

The main advantages are:

  1. high commissions based on full retail value
  2. medium to high-ticket items
  3. high rates of residual income on your downlines
  4. Pass-up is partial, not complete. That means you’re making commission on every sale, right from the beginning.

The higher the level at which you join TA, the higher your commissions will be. Moving up the levels is done via purchasing traffic packages, which are optional. If you don’t want to purchase anything at the start, you may earn qualification by selling.

In other words, qualifying to earn commissions can happen in either of two ways:

  1. purchase the product
  2. sell 3 of the product, passing up those commissions to your sponsor

Here’s the commission break-down:

Traffic Optimizer:

  • Make $10 per month on the first 6 Traffic Optimizer packages ($27/month) you sell. The actual paid-out commission is $20 but half goes to your sponsor.
  • Make $16 per month on Traffic Optimizer packages sold after that (the split with your sponsor is now 80/20)

Traffic Academy:

  • Make $25 per month on your first 6 Traffic Academy packages ($97/month).Again, that’s a 50/50 split with our sponsor.
  • Make $40 per month after that (80/20 split).

Traffic Packages (upgrades)

Earn commissions on upgrades. For example, a mid-range package the Gold, costs $1,097 and earns you $250.Again, it’s a 50/50 split for your first 6, 80/20 after that, so you commission becomes $400.

Here’s the full range of Traffic Packages from Basic to Gold:

  1. Basic – $220 – 170-190 clicks (Pays $100 commissions split between you and your sponsor)
  2. Bronze – $440 – 350-380 clicks (Pays $200 commissions split)
  3. Silver – $660 – 510-570 clicks (Pays $300 commissions split)
  4. Gold – $1,097 – 850-950 clicks (Pays $500 commissions split)
  5. Platinum – $2,197 – 1,700-1,900 clicks (Pays $1,000 commissions split)
  6. Titanium – $4,297 – 3,400-3,800 clicks (Pays $2,000 commissions split)
  7. Diamond – $8,397 – 8,100-8,400 clicks (Pays $4,000 commissions split)

You can only make commission on a package you’ve been qualified for, which happens by purchasing that product or selling 3 and giving up the commissions to your sponsor. If you do not qualify, commissions pass up to the next 2 people in your uplines who are.

This works to your benefit too, once you have downlines. They may be passing up commissions for which they do not qualify, too.

Affiliates have the option of establishing a merchant account for accepting credit cards. Traffic Authority has an approved vendor through which you may set up the account. If you choose not to do this, and have TA process your transactions for you, they take 10%.

The same goes for commissions, which are paid weekly. Alternatively, you may request commission payment by check. There is a fee: $2.50 for mailing it to US addresses, $4 to Canada and $8 internationally. The TA Income Disclaimer states that expected average annual income is $500 to $2,000. There is a 30-day refund on initial fees paid to the company.


The promo video for Traffic Authority is super exclamatory and wildly optimistic about what can happen when you join TA. However, for anyone who’s really interested in joining, details will be hard to find without submitting contact info. They’re allowed their hard-sell tactics, but there are other problems.

Without purchasing the traffic packages yourself, there’s no way of knowing about the quality of the traffic. That makes it pretty hard to push those packages, which are in all actuality the driving force behind Traffic Authority. That means you’re in for at last $220, the price of the smallest traffic package. With reports of low-quality traffic from ILS, the previous incarnation of TA, there’s not much to go on while TA is still young.

That being said, I’m not a TA hater by any means. I’m just not convinced that its worth my time as a money making opportunity…

I’m just saying, there’s a better way.

In other words, you might like our coaching because it shows people how to build a real business without hawking traffic packages to your Facebook friends.

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