Is Trevo another lame drink MLM? (full review)

Trevo is a health and wellness MLM company with a liquid nutritional drink containing 174 natural ingredients.

The company has just the one product, which is designed to replace nutrients lacking in the modern diet.

Trevo also offers a home based business opportunity featuring an unusual “single line matrix” as well as an advanced business system for the back office. They’ve also caught some flame in recent years.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Trevo claims it’s a “billion dollar brand”. Founders Mark and Holli Stevens believe that “all people are created for greatness” and weave concepts of their faith into their corporate daily operations. Their desire is to foster a business community where integrity and empowerment are at the core of everything Trevo.

As for credentials for running a billion dollar company, Mark Stevens (founder, President and CEO) is listed in Who’s Who in Corporate America. He has also served on several boards of directors for various businesses.

He is also an author (“Natural Secrets Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know About”) and has lots of experience in network marketing. He is also an contributor to the book “Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing”.

Mark is also a motivational speaker and success coach.

His wife Holli serves as Director of Finance and comes from a very successful career in direct sales too.


There is an impressively long list of natural ingredients and nutrients in the Trevo drink (174 nutrients, to be exact…far too many to list here). With so many nutrients, the list of benefits seems equally long.

The nutrients in Trevo are said to support everything from weight management and mental focus to eye health and blood sugar health. There are bone & joint benefits, circulatory system benefits, GI tract benefits, and nervous system benefits as well.

Trevo claims its drink is OK for 2-year-olds and the elderly, and of course everyone in between.

  • Think of any nutraceutical and it’s probably in Trevo: obscure fruit from the Amazon rainforest, noni fruit, and more.
  • Think of any other nutritional superfood and it’s in here too: grape seed extract, Co-enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid
  • Think of the so-called “green superfoods” and they are also present:  barley grass, blue green spirulina, kelp, wheatgrass, and chlorella.
  • Essential fatty acids from borage seed oil and flaxseed oil.
  • Free-radical fighting ingredients like maqui berries, acai berries, acerola cherries, and gojo berries.
  • Coral calcium complex.
  • Herbs: turmeric, green tea, milk thistle, cat’s claw, and more.

Here are some of the superstar ingredients in Trevo, some well-known and others quite obscure.

  • acai berry
  • camu camu
  • mangosteen
  • apple
  • aloe vera
  • ashwagandha (for energy)
  • amalaki
  • lemon
  • schinzandra fruit (for energy)
  • Korean ginseng (energy)

Ingredients combine to do three things: restore, renew, and revive. With a list of ingredients that stands out even among other nutrient drinks on the market, this drink is very tempting for anyone wishing to supplement their diet with a healthy source of nutrients.

There are no animal-derived ingredients and every single ingredient is 100% vegetarian. Some are certified organic (see: Nikken, Sunrider, and Synergy).

Food scientists have a way of measuring the antioxidant powers of food substances. It’s given as the “ORAC score”, which stands for Oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Legumes, spices, and berries tend to rate very highly (1).

The thing is, scientists haven’t really proven a direct link between a high ORAC score and biological activity. That’s because the score is based on analyzing the food in vitro, not in an actual human being. In other words, there’s no physiological proof of anything beneficial happening in the body, even though good things might happen in a petrie dish.

Nevertheless, perhaps it’s a just a matter of time until researchers can make that connection and the ORAC score gains some scientific validity. In the meantime, seems like a good thing- we love antioxidants!

Compensation Plan

Joining & Autoship.

Joining Trevo as an independent business owner is a matter of purchasing a Power Start System. That’s what they call their starter packages, which come in many varying sizes. Choose to simply become a Preferred Customer and buy one bottle, or choose higher packages ranging from 3 to 24 bottles. Qualifying to earn revenue requires Auto-Ship, so these starting packages also turn into monthly shipments.

Here’s how Autoship works:

1 bottle grants you access to 1 generation.
2 bottles grant you access to 2 generations.
3 bottles grant you access to 5 generations.
4 bottles grant you access to 5 generations.
6 bottles grant you access to ALL 8 generations.

You can upgrade your package any time in case you start selling more.

Again, your auto-ship can be as little as one bottle or as many as 4 cases.

The larger your Power Start System purchase is, the more “Enrollment GV” you will have. GVP stands for Group Volume Points. The number of generations in your downline structure is based on your GVP.

Make 40% on retail sales by purchasing wholesale and selling retail. Enroll Preferred Customers and earn bonuses on their purchases, which are paid down to 8 generations.

There is compression, so even if someone in your 8 generations didn’t place any auto-ship orders that month, someone from lower down the line who did, will be compressed up into your 8 levels. Compression is supposed to ensure everyone gets their maximum commissions each month.

There is a 20% matching bonus every time one of your personally enrolled people enrolls a new Life and Health Coach. You get 20% of the price of whatever package that new Coach chooses.

There is one trick to be aware of: you only get this matching bonus on the level you’re currently at and the level your enrollee is at. So, if one of your coaches enrolls a new coach at the highest level, you won’t get that full 20% matching bonus unless you and your guy are also at that highest level.


There are also bulk pack bonuses, group volume commission, rank achievement raises, and for the very best sellers, the Global Pool Bonuses. These reserve 1% of monthly revenue for the highest level Coaches to share. The higher you get, the more 1% bonus pools you become part of, too. It just keeps getting better and better at the top.

Finally, there’s a luxury car bonus, which means Trevo takes out a lease for a luxury car, then makes the monthly payments for you. If things go sour, you’re still left with paying that monthly lease, remember.

Of course all this means nothing until you know how much a bottle of Trevo costs. One 32 oz. bottle is $59.95. Serving size is 1 -2 ounces per day, so this bottle should last you a month.


The Trevo product is extremely attractive from a nutritional perspective. No idea what all those ingredients taste like together in one bottle, but the Trevo website assures us it’s delicious.

The cost of $2 per day isn’t ridiculously expensive, especially considering this could seemingly replace all the other supplements, vitamins and minerals you’re taking. You might even save money by putting yourself on a Trevo regimen.

The compensation plan is generous and although it’s not the simplest in the world, it’s fairly easy to understand. 40% commission is a pretty good deal.

I just wish they were a little more forthcoming with their corporate details – their website doesn’t even tell us how long they’ve been around, so it’s hard to judge whether or not they’ll stick around for long. They seem to be very active in Africa, judging from their newsletter section which is nothing but newsletters aimed at various African countries.

But aside from a few info gaps, the product looks decent. Would I invest my time to try to work from home with Trevo? Well, not exactly.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with Trevo even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling drinks to your family and friends.

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  • MGANGA MKAMA September 8, 2016, 7:09 am

    i need to make money with trevo. how do i join you?

    • Jeremy Page September 11, 2016, 2:58 am

      You can’t join me in Trevo.

      (Even though this page gets tons of traffic of people *wanting* to join me in Trevo, I don’t promote it because I still feel like there is a better way)

  • Lavy Lites May 15, 2017, 5:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing this review on Trevo. I guess there are plenty of ways to enter better MLMs. Cheers!

    • Jeremy Page May 17, 2017, 5:41 pm

      For sure