uBox, the MLM that streams media. Can they compete with Netflix?

uBox is a network marketing company that sells streaming media through the use of a device called the uBox.

Streaming media has become more popular than ever, so they’re definitely in a hot industry. It’s an intriguing offer for people who want to start a home based business.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


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This company was started up by a man named Roscoe Umali in January of 2015. He was originally from the Philippines, but now lives in the U.S and is also a Hip Hop performer. The company’s headquarters are located in Newport Beach, California.

The uBox lets people stream live media through it, in a way, it’s similar to Netflix. It runs on Android 4.2.2 and has an external antenna¬† with built in WIFI. It also supports full HD Video decoding and most of the other popular video formats.

Some of the features that this company says they can offer are:

  • Live Worldwide Sporting events
  • 1000+ Channels
  • TV Without Commercials
  • The Latest Movies in HD
  • 100,000 Movies + TV SHows.
  • All Seasons + Episodes of TV Shows
  • Over 500 Live Global Radio Stations


As was mentioned, the only product that uBox offers is the streaming device itself.

The money-making opportunity relies on your ability to recruit and bring people on to the company.

Compensation Plan

Basically if you decide to become a customer, you pay $399 and for an additional $50, you can become an affiliate. By doing this, you can buy one for $250 and then turn around and sell if for the $399 price this gives you a profit of $150.

Like many other MLM companies (see: AlureVe, Monat, or Sisel), uBox uses a unilevel compensation plan this allows it to be leveraged and can become pretty strong.

Also, if you can recruit someone at the highest levels, you can earn a commission of $150.


Ubox has only been around for a little over a year, so it is difficult to tell yet if they will be a potentially lucrative company to get involved with.

Their website is very vague and uninformative. I had to do great a bit of digging to find out much about them and their product. This raised a bit of a red flag.

Apparently, not all of the licensing is in place for this product. You can’t just stream different media products without having all of the legalities in place and this could prove to be a problem for them in the future. If a company like Netflix has to wait before showing the newest videos, how can uBox manage to get away with it?

$450 is a lot of money in my opinion to come up with if you are trying to start up you own home based business in my opinion. This is especially true if you can’t readily find all the information needed to make an educated decision.

In general, I just think there is something slightly shady about uBox and I wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable about dealing with them. There are discrepancies in both where the office is located, and who the actual owner of the company is.

One of the problems that I see about this company’s compensation plan, is that it might be entirely possible to spend so much time focusing on the recruitment system that you might be tempted to forget about the retail part of the business.

In the promotional video, the CEO says that nearly 95% of everyone who purchase the box, puts out the $50 yo become an affiliate. This means that people are investing in it only for the chance of getting involved in the MLM opportunity. If you don’t look at the retail aspect of it, this will quickly turn into another pyramid, or ponzi scheme.

Any media streaming service that openly says that they operate out of a deregulated space and are also a MLM are definitely trying to get away with something.¬† Just because you might be able to bootleg a movie in China, doesn’t mean that it’s an acceptable practice here in the U.S.

If you take the time to research this company be prepared to put some time an effort into finding out any real valuable information. Most of the material I discovered was on other reviews.

These reviews for the most part were all negative and strongly suggested looking elsewhere for MLM opportunities and after doing the reading, I have to agree with them.

You have to ask yourself basically three things.

    1. “Is uBox legit, and if so, why are they so secretive about even some of their most basic information?
    2. “With only a little over a year of being in business, what is there to really go on?”
    3. “How comfortable am I with selling something that may turn out to be illegal, or unethical at best?”

It all depends on what your individual goals are and what you are prepared to do to reach them I guess. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get involved these guys. Because of the controversy that surrounds them, I would imagine it would be very difficult to convince others to make a purchase of a uBox system on a regular basis.

This means that you would have to rely on your recruitment skills. Do you think you have what it takes to get people to sign up for something that they can’t even do their own research on. I know that I don’t.

Home based businesses seem very tempting to many of us. Whether you hate your job, or just want to stay at home and make a living, probably everyone has thought about it at some point or another. However, only 5% of people working from home are actually able to generate enough income to live on and pay the bills. If it was really as easy as so many of the ads claim don’t you think there would be more people doing it?

My point is, making money with MLMs isn’t easy, in fact it’s rather difficult. Take this fact into consideration and add in the fact that the product you are trying to sell has a lot of unanswered questions around it, and I think you can see why it’s a vulnerable industry.

If you want to build a real business that doesn’t involve selling to friends and family, there is a better way than going the MLM route.

Check this out. You can have a real passive income business without peddling products to your friends and family.

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