USANA continues to grow after decades of health products

USANA is a popular wellness direct sales company founded in 1992.

They have great products and have worked with some big names (hint: Dr. Oz and The Women’s Tennis Association). A company that’s been in the MLM game for 20+ years now must be doing something right.

So have I been involved?

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When it comes to food and supplement products, everyone likes to know that what they’re putting in their body is safe and effective.  More and more, we also like to know that the company we buy products from and do business with has a conscience.

Along those lines, we like to see badges, certifications, and evidence of third-party testing.  We also love celebrity endorsements, signs of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and big-name partnerships.  Finally, in direct selling we like to see that DSA badge as well.

USANA has them all.  From NSF to DSA and The Women’s Tennis Association to Dr. Oz, this brand has got it locked down.  Seems there’s a good chance this company is on the ball, but what’s their business opportunity, and what’s really behind all those badges, endorsements, and big names?

NSF Certification

NSF International is a third-party public health standards organization.  They set sanitation standards for the food and drug industry.  Their labs are all over the world and they perform testing, inspection, and certification for products, equipment and manufacturing facilities.

NSF International is considered the ultimate authority on food safety.  So, when a company like USANA displays the NSF badge on its website, it really means something.

  • USANA has 8 products listed under “Dietary Supplements” in the NSF/ANSI 173 listing (1).
  • Their manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City is certified as compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) (2).
  • The company is also in compliance with the athletic banned substance requirements for GMP.

Celebrities and USANA

If you trust in the Dr. Oz show and Dr. Oz himself, you’ll be glad to know that USANA sponsors his show.  Whether this indicates product reliability and effectiveness or savvy marketing is your call to make.  Either way, it’s a positive because an endorsement from Dr. Oz is the holy grail of achievements in this industry.

Not that Dr. Oz is promoting USANA products on his show, necessarily.  He says he respects Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D, founder of USANA.  Dr. Oz  speaks for USANA’s quality and professionalism, and says he was thoroughly impressed with their facility when he visited.  He attests their products are held to the highest possible standards.

But USANA funds Dr. Oz’s charity “Healthcorps”, along with 3 other big entities.  One hand washes the other!  Does this help USANA?  Do people care about Dr. Oz?  As you can see from the graph below, he has his peaks and valleys of interest:

USANA’s other celebrity connection is to NBA all-star Luol Deng, who plays for the Miami Heat.  He trusts USANA to keep him in peak shape, according to the page dedicated to him on the USANA website.

Finally, USANA is a sponsor of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).  That means they are the “official health supplement supplier of the WTA.  Sam Stosur (a woman) and Genie Bouchard are pro tennis players who use USANA products and allow USANA to use their names.

Consumers and USANA

Badges, endorsements, partnerships sponsorships and support for charity are all well and good but perhaps the final word rests with the consumer.  For that, we turn to Amazon.

A survey of USANA products on Amazon reveals a very positive response from customers (3).  Leaving out any product that doesn’t have at least 15 reviews, here’s what can be found:

  • Essentials Vitamins 4.5 stars out of 62 customer reviews
  • Essentials Antioxidant & Chelated Mineral: 5 stars out of 17 reviews
  • Procosa Cartilage and Joint Supplement 4 stars out of 27 reviews
  • Healthpak 4.5 stars out of 23 reviews
  • Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal Healthy Meal Replacement 4 stars out of 15 reviews
  • Procosa New Formula 131 4 stars out of 20 reviews

In case you’re still not sure whether to trust Amazon reviews, the landscape has changed in the past several years.  True, there was  an uproar in the literary world about fake book reviews after the New York Times exposed how widespread this dubious practice really was (4).

But that was in 2012, and Amazon has taken action since then.  They’ve created a new in-house tool that employs AI (machine learning) to improve the customer review system (5).

They’re also cracking down big time on fake product reviews.  They filed their first lawsuit ever this year, against websites that offer fake reviews for sale (6).


USANA was founded in 1992 and they are now traded on the New York Stock Exchange (USNA).   Their products fall within the categories of nutritional supplements and body care items.  People buy their products to lose weight, feel healthy, and have great-looking skin and hair.

There are currently 135,590 associates selling USANA products whose average yearly income is $616.72.  That’s including wholesale customers who aren’t building their business and new members.  200+ Associates have made it to the lifetime Million Dollar Club membership level.

USANA operates all over the world, and Associates can be found in North America, Europe & UK, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and Central & South America.

USANA stock was recently upgraded to a “Buy” at DA Davidson (7) and The Street reported that USANA stock is the #80 broker analyst pick (8).

Compensation Plan

The USANA opportunity offers a low-risk entry and a binary compensation plan (see: LR, WGN, or Yoli) with approximately $1 million in payouts every quarter.  To join, you must purchase the Business Development System ($30).

Associates can choose to open 1 or 3 Business Centers (shops) through which they will sell products.  Retail profits can be earned at 10% above wholesale price.  That is sort of a slim margin, by the way.  Associates may use the Party Plan, sell one-on-one, or make money online selling products through a website.

Commissions depend on your level of sales on your weaker leg, at a rate of 20% commission points, which are converted into cash.  Leftover sales from your stronger leg may be rolled over to the following week.

Commissions can be increased by opening 3 Business Centers, which means three binary trees of teams.  There is room to grow beyond 3, too.  Maximize one Business Center and earn another, with no limits.


It’s pretty hard to dig up any dirt on USANA or its products.  Even their stock is doing well.  There is every indication that the products are of the highest quality, the compensation plan is DSA-approved, and there’s a booming, evergreen market for USANA’s products.

Like I mentioned before, definitely not a USANA hater. But if you don’t want to be “that person” hitting up old high school friends on Facebook to buy your MLM products, there is a better way.

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