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Valentus is a nutritional network marketing company and they’re pretty hot right now.

Nutritional MLMs might be a dime a dozen these days (hint: Life Shotz, Beachbody, and Plexus), but these guys aren’t stopping anytime soon.

So have I been involved?

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The health and wellness network and marketing company was founded in the fall of 2014 by Dave Jordan.

Dave is the founder and CEO of the company. He got into the marketing business at the young age of 16 and has come a long way since then. He is the former owner of a multi-million dollar eBay sports business which is initially how he earned his wealth.

In 1994 he started in the network marketing industry. It is said that Dave has mentored many people leading them to become distributors reaching the company’s Diamond ranking.

The products available are nutritional supplement drinks that you mix into your water. There are only four different items to choose from at this time. With the company only having been founded less than 2 years ago there is not much more information that is provided.

The product return address is located at 1492 Kleepe Lane in Sparks, NV 89431, although the website does not specify as to whether this is the company’s headquarters or simply the shipping facility/factory.

The company has yet to become Better Business Bureau accredited but currently has a B+ ranking. The ranking Valentus / Prevail has received is said to be based on the fact of the length of time the business has been operating, one filed customer complaint and the manner the complaint was handled.


The Valentus aka Prevail’s product line consists of what they call “functional beverages”. All of the products are said to be formulated with pure natural ingredients. The company only has these products at this time.

  1. Prevail SlimRoast – this product controls appetite, contains antioxidants, a mood elevator, regulates sugar & fat absorption, as well as, promotes healthy brain function and focus.
  2. Prevail Immune Boost – this product is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all which help boost immunity and support overall health.
  3. Prevail Energy – ingredients naturally boost your energy, it is said to start working in just minutes and lasts for hours without the crash and burn.
  4. Prevail Trim – formulated with natural appetite suppressants and ingredients that will detoxify the body.

Research has shown that the ingredients are actually all completely safe for human consumption. However there is no data yet stating as to whether the products are Non GMO or that they have been grown naturally and organically.

Compensation Plan

There are currently four different ways to get started as an Independent Representative with Valentus.

*note* Each box contains 24 packets per box.

  • Basic Pack = receive 1 box for $59.95, this purchase starts you out with no ranking or title.
  • Basic Pack = receive 3 boxes for $129.95 and a Gold starting qualification ranking.
  • Advanced Pack = receive 6 boxes for $199.95 and a Platinum starting qualification ranking.
  • Business Builders Pack = receive 16 boxes for $499.95 and a Ruby starting qualification ranking.

The ranking you receive upon the pack purchase carries throughout the remainder of the current month, as well as, the whole next month.

Commissions and Bonuses

Independent Representatives receive a $20 discount on all purchases, the wholesale price of just 1 box is $79.95. This allows you to begin making your money back plus some.

  • Fast Start Bonus – these bonuses are paid out each week to IR’s based on their business volume (BV) of their first order.
  • Binary Commissions – Once you have a BV of 100 in personally enrolled volume to each leg and a total of 150BV you will begin receiving cycle commissions.
  • Matching Bonuses – this allows you to receive a bonus which matches the binary commissions of every person you personally enroll into the program.
  • Rank Achievement Bonus – as you advance in ranking you receive a bonus each and every time. Each rank achievement bonus can only be earned once. Emerald ranking pays $5,000, Diamond ranking pays $25,000, Double Diamond pays $100,000 and 3 Black Diamond Legs pays $250,000.
  • Preferred Customer Referral Bonus – this program provides incentive which will give you a free product, this provides pure profit, and can be earned once a month.

You can receive all of the above bonuses but the real money comes into play when it comes to recruiting new Independent Representatives. For every new person recruited is another chance to receive a cash bonus.


Valentus aka Prevail provides a lot of opportunity for Independent Representatives. You can start up for less than $70 and begin making a profit right away. If you have the money to invest into the bigger packs you will get a better deal in the long run. There are currently over 5 different ways to receive bonuses. IR’s can ultimately earn up to 25% commissions which is a great number, but when you do the math you have to sell around $10,000 worth of products to make a steady income that does not require outside work.

If you have good skills in recruiting new members for sign up, that is where the real money comes in. Doing a little research I did find Valentus/ Prevail products for close to ten dollars less than the retail price through Amazon.com. That can be a very big weighing factor as to whether you can make your money back or not with the company. You can find 24 packets of the Slim Roast for a little over $44. With that kind of competition in pricing may mean a loss of money to Independent Representatives.

The company has only been operating for a year and 7 months, to some that means it may still be risky. The business not being Better Business Bureau accredited is not a terrible thing and the B+ rating is not so bad either. At this time they have only received one complaint that pertained to the lack of a refund, when reading the situation it may have simply been miscommunication between the company and the purchaser, the purchaser filed for a refund and did receive it but not exactly the way they wanted it. The policy changed which required money to be refunded via paypal and the customer wished for the refund to be placed back onto her credit card.

So if you’re really into the products and you have a good market to sell to, it might not be a bad company to try.

Just don’t plan on quitting your 9-to-5 to work from home with it anytime soon.

If you want to build a real business that doesn’t involve spamming friends on Facebook or approaching family members to join a hot opportunity, there are better ways.

Check this out. It might help you trash your MLM money-chasing ways for good.

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