Wake Up Now, the rise and the fall

Hopefully you’re here to get the inside scoop on Wake Up Now.

#WUNLIFE forever, right? Uh…not so fast.

After blowing up last year, dwarfing the ranks of 2013’s MLM darling Empower Network, they hit a few bumps and lost momentum.

Now, they’re pretty much calling it quits.

Should you be surprised? In the MLM industry, this is just another day. The all-too-typical ending to a story full of hype.

This video explains:


All good? I still stand behind my original Wake Up Now review, even though they went under…


Wake Up Now seems to draw an urban crowd.

I like their creativity. They have some creative people on board doing crazy videos.

Like tight-dressed ladies shouting chants from cool whips in South Beach (hilarious and delightfully tacky) :

Rented cars? Of course, but don’t hate just yet. Truth is, there are plenty of people getting paid in Wake Up Now.

A quick Google trends search tells it all:

Typical MLM rise and fall wave.

What was it?

Wake Up Now is a multi-level-marketing company that offer a subscription-based service to save money on products and services.

Kinda like a Costco membership, but for the internet.

Founded in 2009, caught fire in late 2013…founded by some smart, business dudes from Utah.


First of all, you can come in on two membership levels:

Customer ($24.99/mo) – gives you access to a restricted amount of membership deals in the HUB (their marketplace)

Independent Business Owner ($99/mo) – gives you full membership access and to the HUB and the opportunity to distribute the products

What are the products? Honestly, pretty much anything you can think of.

Grocery, finance, travel, software, cell phones, car rentals, vacations…hell, even an energy drink — they’ve partnered with a lot of companies to secure outstanding deals for their members, and they’ve developed some proprietary products of their own.

The product line is very intriguing, because if you intend to use the products anyways, using WUN products would actually recoup your monthly membership fees.


For example, if you travel a lot, you’d get hooked up nicely. Here are some travel membership benefits examples:

(source: wakeuptheworld.biz)

That is the question, though. Would you actually purchase these products and services if you weren’t a WUN member?

Some of the deals offer front-end savings, some offer cash back, some offer coupons.

This can be somewhat confusing, but for the most part, the product line is pretty straight-forward.


So, as good as the WUN products are, I believe that only accounts for part of the hype. I think people are more intrigued with making money as a distributor in Wake Up Now.

Which is totally fine…who doesn’t wanna make some bankroll selling digital Costco memberships?

Let me break it down for you in the purest and simplest of forms:

wake up now compensation plan

And here are the average incomes with each leadership position in Wake Up Now:

wake up now money


It’s a great company. Simple compensation plan, too. Here is the thing that most people don’t understand…

…the whole you get 3, and then they find 3, and they find three is soooooooo played out.

Just rarely works anymore, which is why MLM success rates are laughable. It’s not WUN fault, more of an industry plague.

However, WUN started a movement and I give them their props.

It’s still not for me, as I’ve wrecked my MLM habits and built $30k months going in a different direction.