Is Wildtree a scam? The full truth:

Wildtree is a direct selling company that offers a wide variety of culinary products to be enjoyed at home.

You’ve heard of companies like Pampered Chef and Tupperware┬áthat encourage their distributors to host parties and sell the products to their family and friends.

Well Wildtree isn’t too far off, but they have actual food products to offer such as breads, desserts, and breakfast items.

So have I been involved?

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Leslie Monte is the founder of Wildtree. After having two children that had severe allergies to food, she enlisted the help of her parents to start helping her prepare hypo-allergenic foods at home.

After a while people started to take notice and she decided to launch her recipes into the world-wide market. It became a full-fledged business in 1996.

Since then, they have moved onto a much larger scale and through the help of their representatives, have brought these unique recipes available to the general public.

They accomplish this by hosting parties. Invite your friends and family to an event, show and prepare the products, and hopefully they will get so excited that they will make a purchase.

You get compensated, they get new and healthy food choices, and everyone benefits.


Wildtree offers a very wide assortment of food and beverage products here is just a few of them:

  • Breads and Doughs
  • Dippers and Dip Mixes
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Blends, Rubs and Seasonings
  • Desserts
  • Skillet Meals
  • Bouillons and Soups
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Gluten Free Products
  • Drink Mixers
  • Seasonal Favorites
  • Breakfast Items

As you can see, pretty much every thing on a traditional menu is covered here. They also have selected sets, or packets of items, so you can mix and match according to an individual’s personal tastes.

They are members of the Direct Sellers Association and everything they offer is 100% natural and is designed to help making preparing meals healthier and easier.

In today’s busy lifestyle, Wildtree gives you the chance to prepare you, or your family a health conscious eating experience without the hassle of going to the grocery store, or opting for a fast food option.

Wildtree is affiliated with the Southwestern Company, they are affectionately called “The Oldest Company In Direct Sales” (yes, even older than PartyLite and Avon). They have over 150 years in direct sales experience.

They are committed to holding the highest standards in both the production and marketing of all the items they sell and this mission is something the company takes very seriously.

Compensation Plan

You have the chance to earn up to a 40% commission on all sales that you generate as an affiliated sales rep with Wildtree. However, this percentage is only given to those in the “Leader” category, those just starting up will make anywhere from 25-32% commission.

Basically, they want you to host tasting parties. You invite friends and family over, prepare some of their meals, or allow them to sample some of their various products, and hopefully they become interested and you make sales.

You can also enlist others to participate in the Wildtree organization and profit off of their enthusiasm. The more people you can get to join, the more money you can make.

They offer monthly host incentives and monthly customer promotions. Obviously, the more effort you put into it, the more your benefits will be.

There is no pressure with this company, you set your own schedule and plan as many hosting parties as you choose. It really depends on what an individual’s goals are. How much money do you want to make?

Around two weeks before you decide to host a party, a Wildtree rep will set you up with your host package and go over some of the finer details with you.

They suggest what samples you may want to offer and how to present them. They help you set up, assist you in greeting the guests, and basically help the whole event go as smoothly as possible.

After the rep handles the processing of all the orders, you are then informed of how many items you receive for free, or at a discounted price for hosting the party.

This is a legitimate business opportunity. Whether you decide to become a representative, or host parties from your home, you definitely have the chance to supplement you income through participating in the Wildtree program.


I believe that Wildtree is not a bad way to put some money into your account.

From what I see, the products that they offer are both wholesome and nutritious.

If you enjoy socializing and turning your friends, neighbors and family onto a healthy alternative to the many food sources that we all know aren’t good for us, this might be a decent way to generate some extra money.

The customer and representative reviews that I read were all positive, I couldn’t find one gripe. The items that this company produces reach far and wide across the potential palate and I’m pretty sure that almost everyone will find something from their menu that appeals to them.

If you climb to the top of the ladder and reach a Leader’s position, 40% commission should motivate you to just want to keep on making more money. I feel that this is a very generous offer to be given to any direct sales representative.

The fact that this company has been around for over 17 years on the world-wide market should be a direct testament to the quality and success of this business and the products they market,

Everyone seems to want be a little more health conscious these days, yet the every day hustle and bustle of the daily grind often makes us opt for other alternatives.

Wildtree provides a healthy, well-balanced nutritional source of food and drink sources that allow you and your family to get the nutrients and tastes that you both crave and need.

I think that if you wanted to start your own home based business that allows you both flexibility and freedom, enjoy entertaining others, are concerned about what foods you are putting into your body and want to make some extra money, becoming a Wildtree rep, or hosting their assisted parties would be a viable venture to look into.

Of course it all depends on what your personal goals are. Do you want to quit your day job and just make money online? Do you want to retire in the next five years? This probably isn’t going to be the opportunity you are searching for.

However, you can make money, eat healthier, and share the wellness of good food with people you know by being associated with Wildtree.

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