Wor(l)d Global Network cashes in on the wearables industry

Wor(l)d Global Network is an MLM offering proprietary phones which work on its unique community wireless network structure.

They’re also super, super hot right now (up there with Scentsy, R+F, and Jeunesse).

So did I join ’em? Listen for yourself:


All good? Let’s continue…


With offices in Miami, Moscow, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Dublin, Wor(l)d Global Network has headquarters in the UK and already operates in more than 100 countries.

The Idea: Project mCell 5G Technology.

Project mCell 5G is brand new technology that allows wireless users to tap into a variety of networks for optimal coverage. Combining 3G, 4G, WiFi, and LTE-U5G, it allows seamless handover between networks when making calls, using the internet, or texting.

Billed as something akin to the “deregulation” of telecommunications, it’s a privately-owned global communication network owned by the customers. Members install hubs everywhere they can (home, office etc) and thereby become the builders of the network.

The hubs, called “space stations” broadcast a 5mhz signal in HD. Connected “space phones”, when they’re near a space station, use that signal instead of wifi, 4G or whatever. Customers thereby save money by not using up their existing cell phone plan allotments.

When tapping into the Space Station signal, calls, data, and texts are free. When you’re not near a Space Station, you tap into the 3G/4G, WiFi/LTE-U5G network…your own network, that is.

The Space Phones and Space Stations are brand new on the market, just announced this past August in Turkey at the last stop on the Wor(l)d GN tour.

The Space Stations are designed to work with SpacePC, SpacePrinter, and Lumina Glasses.

Wor(l)d GN Accolades

Their new website, launched in August, speaks to their target market with a cohesive message and belies the professionalism behind it.

Wor(l)d has hired top talent Antonio De Rosa, who invented the Socialmatic Camera, licensed to Polaroid. He also won a Photokina Star Award in 2014, and the Innovation Award in 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show technology fair (2).

Fabio Galdi, CEO of Wor(l)d GN, was number 11 on the Top Direct Selling CEO in the World list for 2014 (3). For some perspective, Mary Kay CEO David Holl was number 10. Isagenix CEO was number 2.

Their compensation plan was named number 10 in the Best MLM Compensation Plan Poll for 2014 (4).

The takeaway: this company in it to win it, with accomplished business professionals running the show.

Wor(l)d GN is part of a huge holding company that markets much more than community wireless networks. That holding company is called Wor(l)d Assurance Group.

Through 3 separate subsidiaries, WAG owns a fascinating range of brands, including one for wearable technology (think Google glass), a digital payment system, Power Clouds (community-owned solar power stations), a mobile advertising platform, and digital business cards possibly involving biometric scanning.

Wor(l)d Assurance Group has offices in Miami (where it’s called Wor(l)d Global Group, Inc.), Dublin, and Singapore. A publicly traded company (OTC Pink: WDAS) and was able to hand out its first dividend in July of 2014.

There’s also the World Media & Technology Corp, which is mentioned on the Wor(l)d GN website as owning the Wor(l)d brand.

Confused yet? Let’s just put it this way: Wor(l)d is part of something big, sort of like Fruit of the Loom is part of something big (Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway).

The takeaway: strength in diversity, strength in numbers. Just ask all the rich investors who put their money in Berkshire Hathaway. Wor(l)d looks all the better because it’s part of an exciting holding company that seems to be doing things right.

Compensation Plan

According to Wor(l)d GN stats on their website, the company is fast approaching the half million mark in terms of its consultants. Self-reported stats confirm that the average consultant earns between $500 and $2000 per year.

The idea here is to profit by owning the mobile communications network that’s previously been dominated by a few mega players. Owning the network means installing Space Stations. In essence, the more Space Stations you install, the more you earn.

Here are the details.

Retail bonus: 10% on SpaceStation, Spacephone, and SpaceLumina (smart glasses), the latter two of which work on the mCell 5G network broadcast by the SpaceStation.
Fast Start Bonus: sell business packages to your recruits and earn 10% of the price.
Team Volume Commission: binary setup, 20% commission on the weaker leg’s volume
Residual Commission on the monthly service plans: $4 per plan
When you team sells 2 high-ticket items (Master or Executive business packages), you get $20. One sale must be on your right leg and the other sale must be on the left leg.
Move up in the ranks and gain access to the Career Plan (academy training).
Other bonuses available (including the luxury car bonus, a share in company profits at 1%, and luxury jewel bonus) as you sell more, build your team, and stay longer.
Make it to the highest rank in the company (President Millionaire, of which there about 10 as of this writing) and get matching bonuses down to 7 generations.

To qualify for commissions, consultants must meet a monthly sales quota of 20 CV. The Consultant Kit costs $49: that’s your buy-in. Recruits may choose to buy upgraded Business Packages in order to insert themselves higher on the earning ladder, as follows:

Partner Package: $400
Master Package: $800
Executive Package: $1400
Executive Lumina Package: $3300
When you sell these, you get 10%.


There’s money in telecommunications, nobody will dispute that. And you may have already sensed a shakeup in this industry, similar to what’s been happening in the cable TV vs streaming arena. That means potential for Wor(l)d GN.

With no serious contenders, a winning team, an awesome product that makes sense and appeals to a huge target market, this is a fascinating proposal.

It helps that the compensation plan is simple and offers a low-cost buy-in. Wor(l)d also offers training at its academy for consultants, so it’s an enticing business opportunity to work from home or make money online.

But will you really make any money?

Look, if you’re just doing it for the money, there’s a better way.

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