World Ventures review: Is this vacation membership MLM a scam?

World Ventures is the MLM where network marketing meets vacation memberships.

Members get discounts on travel, and distributors, known as sales reps, have the opportunity to work from home and earn income by selling vacation club memberships.

The business model seems legit and there’s a ton of money in the travel space (see: TraVerus, formerly known as Paycation), especially in a good economy.


1. What is World Ventures? World Ventures is an MLM company in the travel industry. It was founded in 2005 by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent and has since grown immensely.

2. What does World Ventures sell? Travel memberships. It’s a travel membership “club” that hooks you up with discounts and points for travel deals. They call their memberships DreamTrips.

3. What is DreamTrips? DreamTrips is the name of the travel membership they sell. They have three membership levels which are the standard membership, Gold, and Platinum. Gold is an upgrade from the standard membership and Platinum is an upgrade from Gold.

4. Who founded World Ventures? Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent. Mike has been in MLM since graduating college in 1995, moving up the ranks in several MLM companies. He’d trained hundreds of thousands of sales reps throughout numerous countries by his 3rd year in MLM. Before Wayne was in MLM, he was in the US Marines, which instilled in him a love of travel. He then pursued a successful sales career, eventually founding World Ventures with longtime friend Mike.

5. How to cancel DreamTrips membership? You can either mail them a written cancellation notice or email their support email address indicating you’d like to cancel your DreamTrips membership. You must notify them at least 5 days prior to the date you’ll be charged, or otherwise, you’ll be charged for the whole next month too.

6. How do I become a World Ventures Representative? To become a sales rep, you need a sponsor first. If you have a sponsor ID number, you can use that to sign up. To maintain your status as a World Ventures Representative, you have to pay your monthly Representative Business System (RBS) fee.

7. What are VolunTours? VolunTours are service-based DreamTrips where travelers can work on volunteer projects to assist communities around the world. These are organized through the charitable arm of World Ventures called World Ventures Foundation.

8. Are representatives and customers the same? No. Customers are those who purchased any level of the DreamTrips membership. Representatives sell the membership products directly to the customers. What separates representatives from customers is the RBS fee, also known as the Representative Business System fee. Paying this retains your representative status, but the moment you stop paying it, you become a normal membership customer.

9. How many people can you bring on a DreamTrip? You can bring one other adult age 18 or older with you, as long as one of you are members. If you have children under age 18, you can bring them by paying an extra amount for their trip.

10. What Are DreamTrips Points? Customers earn these a variety of ways, most commonly through paying their membership fee. Each point is equivalent to a dollar and they can be used towards DreamTrips vacations. You can only use a certain amount of points on each trip, even if you have more points. All accumulated points expire if your membership is terminated.

11. Does DreamTrips have a mobile app? Yes, DreamTrips has a mobile app for iOS and Google Play.

12. How much does it cost to join World Ventures? The standard membership costs $99.99 up front then $31.99 per month. Gold is $279.98 upfront then $56.99 per month. Platinum is $479.98 up front then $99.99 per month.

13. Is World Ventures a scam? World Ventures is not a scam, although lawsuits have been filed against them for running a pyramid scheme (1).

14. What is World Ventures BBB and complaints rating? C+ (2)

15. Comparable companies: TraVerus

16. Recommended? Yes, they are a legitimate company with which you can earn some good money, especially if you enjoy traveling too.


I first heard about World Ventures from former Arizona basketball player Nic Wise.

It was on Instagram, and he had a lifestyle pic – I think it was a selfie draped in ocean blue on some exotic beach in Cyprus – with #worldventures in the description.

I liked the image there… the former borderline-NBA-bound point guard was playing ball overseas while building some executive income on the side.

Hard to hate on that.

Needless to say, I was intrigued, and I knew I had to investigate further.

Buzz-wise, World Ventures has had their ups and downs over the years, but that’s pretty normal, especially for MLM companies.

This is a real company that closely follows its mission to not only better the lives of its own family of representatives, but also to help communities around the world.

In evidence of this, the company fulfills its corporate social responsibility via its VolunTourism program. VolunTourism is a group vacation which involves giving back to the community in some way. Travelers get many of the same DreamTrips travel perks while also impacting the lives of people around the world.

Good stuff… glad they are all about giving back. It lends some legitimacy to their image and helps dispel notions of greed, too.

World Ventures founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue were successful businessmen and long-time friends before they started this company, both having worked in other sales and MLM organizations. But both of them wanted to be part of something they felt passionate about… travel.

…and World Ventures is no exception. Obviously, this is a product that’s marketed to people with money… a luxury product. It’s travel, after all.

This is not a drawback but rather quite an appealing point to make: with higher prices tags come higher rewards for the right reps who know how to find the right market.


World Ventures reps are selling a club membership called DreamTrips where the benefit is discounted travel packages and access to a great travel booking engine.

World Ventures membership offers access to special deals. These deals are offered through their travel search engine called Rovia. Customers can choose from 3 different travel club memberships, ranging from their standard membership to the high-level Platinum membership.

Prices are as follows:

Product        1-Time Cost           Monthly Cost
DreamTrips Membership $99 $31.99
DreamTrips Gold Membership $279.98 $56.99
DreamTrips Platinum Membership $479.98 $99.99


The standard DreamTrips membership. This membership is best for the budget-conscious traveler, but it has some interesting stuff with it. You have access to a lot of trips around the world, but they also give you great specials on cruises. Each DreamTrips member can bring one other adult age 18 or older with them, and you can pay a little more to bring your kid along.

When you arrive at your accommodation, you get a little reception from DreamTrips that usually involves a drink or two. It’s hard to find much information about their standard membership without diving deep into Google, and if I had to guess why, it’s so they can sell more Gold and Platinum memberships.

The Gold membershipGold members gain a lot more benefits and tools on top of the standard membership. One of their coolest is the RateShrinker, which aggregates flight prices from all over the web the moment you book a flight to monitor if a cheaper ticket becomes available. If Rateshrinker finds a cheaper ticket, it will automatically void your current one, reissue a new ticket at the lower price, and refund you the difference. It’ll do the same thing after 24 hours if it finds that the new ticket price plus the ticket swapping penalty still results in savings.

Your Gold membership also comes with 24/7 concierge service. They throw in a bunch of extras for Gold members too, like flight accident insurance and discounts for room upgrades, online shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. To help recruit other members, World Ventures gives you a personal website with your Gold membership.

The Platinum Membership. At the Platinum level, you’re getting all the benefits of Gold plus more. There’s your typical Platinum-exclusive DreamTrips, but World Ventures gives you some other goodies like advance booking, trip-specific upgrades, and emergency evacuation services if you book with their preferred vendor. Platinum members can also use more of their DreamTrips points on each trip than Gold or standard members.

DreamTrips Local. Every membership includes something called DreamTrips Local, which is exactly what it sounds like – DreamTrips for your city. You can discover new spots in your city and earn DreamTrips points at participating vendors without leaving town. It’s kind of like one of those cashback apps that rewards you for shopping.

DreamTrips PointsSpeaking of points, every DreamTrips member earns an amount of DreamTrips points equal to their monthly membership fee each time they pay that fee. You get some initial DreamTrips points when you sign up as well. Same with upgrading – they give you some extra DreamTrips points if you decide to jump up a level. You unfortunately have to wait a year from the day you join before you can use the points, but you’ll have a bunch accumulated by then anyways. On top of that, you aren’t allowed to use all your points at once. Can be a bit of a bummer, but at least you’re saving even more money on an already-discounted trip.

Get Four, Pay No MoreAs a DreamTrips member (not a sales representative), recruiting 4 people into any membership level will get your monthly membership fee waived. Platinum members must recruit 4 other Platinum members to have their fee waived, but World Ventures will count each Gold member you recruit as half a Platinum member and each standard member as a quarter Platinum member. So any sufficient combination (like 1 Platinum, 4 Gold, and 4 standard) will earn Platinum members some waived membership fees. As long as your referrals maintain their memberships, each of your monthly fees will be waived. Get Four, Pay No More works similar to one of the sales rep bonuses that I’ll talk about more below.

VolunTours. Like I said earlier, DreamTrips members can do volunteer work while still taking advantage of membership perks by going on VolunTours. They offer a diverse set of volunteer activities. You might build a school, work at an orphanage, or assist with recycling efforts. Many of these VolunTours also give you an inside look at the local culture as you get to observe the daily life of the locals while volunteering.

RoviaRovia is brought to us through World Ventures… it’s their booking engine. It’s a real product, it’s not a repackaged booking engine that’s available elsewhere. World Ventures is not an affiliate for this booking engine either… they own it.

Rovia’s authenticity is further elevated by the fact that they do in fact assemble their own travel packages for members. They are not reselling other company’s packages. This is a legitimate travel company with offices full of employees developing travel deals for their members, and it’s only offered through World Ventures’ Rovia.

Many of their packages go beyond just travel and include exciting activities in them. I saw one on there that involved helicopter tours and an all-day tour of multiple vineyards. Seems pretty neat to me.

What are Rovia’s benefits to the consumer?

1) Rovia has an easy-to-use, clean-looking interface, much nicer than the competition.

2) Rovia quite often has lower prices than the big well-known travel search sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia. Users of Rovia have never reported search results with higher ticket costs. Rovia’s results either match or blow the competition away.

Pros of World Ventures:

The Compensation Plan. The compensation plan offers some great potential for making some real money fast. We’re talking $100 bonuses, not $10 bonuses. This is high-stakes marketing with expensive products, so expect large bonuses. Not only are many of the bonuses large, but there are so many types. More on the compensation plan below.

Exciting Product. It’s easy to get people excited about travel, especially via online network marketing. If direct selling in person isn’t your thing, this program lends itself especially well to the online marketplace.

Real Product. The DreamTrips travel memberships are unique and real.

Product Value. The product offers actual value to its customers (good deals on travel).

Cons of World Ventures:

The World Ventures website. The main World Ventures website is a little unsettling and confusing because there are actually 3 websites. They have World Ventures’s main site, the DreamTrips site, and Rovia. Keeping track of these sites is a bit of a headache. The World Ventures website is where you can find information about the business opportunity, while the DreamTrips site is for buying your DreamTrips membership, but even that site obscures many details about the standard membership. This could be so easy to fix and would vastly improve the customer and member experience.

Start-up cost is high. Yes, it costs a bit to get started, but then again this is a high-end product so everything, including start-up, is on a higher scale. But think of this: all it takes is 3 recruits in one month and reps get a $100 bonus (see below for details on the Compensation Plan).

Compensation Plan

Members earn money by getting like-minded travel enthusiasts to sign up for membership and then learn how to sell more memberships to others… everyone earns money along the way through bonuses and commissions.

Kinda like the “digital Costco” memberships you sell at Wake Up Now, you’re opportunity lies in the travel membership packages you can peddle out.

The compensation plan is good, especially the generous Personal Sales Bonus.

Personal Sales Bonus. When a rep sells 3 of the higher-end trips within 28 days, a $100 bonus is paid. If 3 more are sold on top of that, it’s another $150…and $150 for every subsequent set of 3 during that same 28 day period. If 3 of the lower-cost packages are sold, the bonus is $50. If another 3 are sold, $75 in bonus is earned.

Wings and Wheels Bonus. Sponsor 4 customers to get elevated status, which means monthly fee waived and/or 8% lineage commission on sales. There are higher tiers to this bonus you can reach through more sales and sponsorships. These higher tiers boost your bonuses even more. The first tier is essentially the sales rep version of the Get Four, Pay No More customer program.

Weekly Team Bonuses. Your weekly team bonuses are determined by you and your team’s sales performance each week.

Residual Commissions. Reps must earn Senior Representative status to earn commissions on their downlines. Senior Rep status means 30 x 2 downlines in the rep’s lineage.

Other Bonuses. As reps sell more and rise up in status, there are many more bonuses to be made. Almost too many to count.

As you can see, the money to be made right away is in selling the packages rather than in earning commissions, which only comes later on with Senior Representative status. Doing so incentivizes product sales rather than recruiting more people without completely eliminating the potential for a downline. If you can prove your sales mettle, then you’re granted the privilege of downlines.

But how do you make money?

The RBS Fee. In order to be eligible for earning money, a representative must be “active”, which means being up to date on paying his or her monthly “RBS fee”.

This stands for Representative Business System and covers the following: maintaining the admin website, online training programs, your personalized website, sales and marketing tools, and the Representative Marketing Kit.

The RBS fee is in addition to monthly Product fees. New reps pay a one-time RBS fee of $99.95, then $10.99 per month in order to remain active, thereby allowing you to make money through your team. If you don’t pay the RBS, you’re simply a vacation club member, which has its own initial fee plus ongoing monthly charges. It’s basically what separated normal customers from actual sales reps.

So, your start-up cost as a rep is $99.95 + $10.99 = $110.94.

That will get you through your first month and then it’s $10.99 monthly to keep going. If you’re good at selling travel packages and have a good network of moneyed people you can sell to then the initial hump should not be a problem. Your first Personal Bonus will cover the start-up RBS fee.


World Ventures offers a real product that has an actual unique value for its vacation club members. They could do better with their slightly fragmented online presence, but at least they aren’t peddling any BS.

The amount of traveling people engage in is directly proportional to the state of the economy. After all, people need money to up and go somewhere.

Luckily right now, with an improving economy, that outlook is very good. People have more money now and they’re willing to put it towards enticing travel packages like the ones offered by World Ventures and its travel booking engine, Rovia.

Things are looking good for World Ventures.

So if cruise-lines, exotic travel, and passive income are some of your passions, World Ventures might be something to try. Just don’t expect to build a home-based business overnight by selling discounted travel packages.

There is a better way.

After reviewing well over 200 opportunities, here’s my #1 pick

…and it’s not even close 🙂

May your income streams stay multiple. -Jeremy

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Mia

    Sounds like you’re doing big things and that’s great but the one thing I know about wealthy people is they want it cheaper and of the same high quality they can afford.. World Ventures membership fee is a farce. You pay into a proprietary savings account which entitles you too heavily discounted trips not just a membership fee! The hook is we get to keep you as a member for at least a year so you can book another trip whole time stupid low prices are still available to you, even without using your points (which are dollar for dollar.) Don’t be a rep what you’re doing sounds way more lucrative but at least be a member why not save money on dope travel? Does it matter that you can afford it at whole retail price? The art of the saving money is an interest in every tax bracket.

    • Jeremy Page

      Was this a sly pitch?

  • kev

    I joined last night & looking forward to travelling and making money with my friends & doing some good .

    • William Ric-Hansen

      You won’t make money. Or more correctly you have (according to the Worldventures financial release) a 80% of making no money at all. If you are in the 20% the average monthly income is about $20. And 1% of the top gets over 95% of the schemes income.

      i.e. you just wasted your money

      • Beruk Mehari

        What a total pessimist, you’re so anal about life that you wanna raise your rear leg and piss on someone else’s opportunity? What did you do in WorldVentures that stands as your proof for it not working and being a waste of time? That’s messed up man

        • B dog

          Lol all the numbers that he just stated are straight from dream trips, he’s just being real

          • Ted

            They show statistics but it’s capitalism. They only give you an opportunity. The only people who don’t succeed are the ones who quit. Those statistics hold true for all other companies. But this company gives everyone a real opportunity that takes little skill but strong determination.

        • Warren

          If you researched the People involved, you would understand his pessimism.

          Wayne Nugent has World Ventures on his Linked’In – BUT he does not list his involvement with the now defunct YTB (Your Travel Bureau) or his other previous and now Bankrupt LLC.

          A little research does a lot of good…

        • Tarane Jiles

          Independent research that the company got riddled with lawsuits. And messed over their employees.Plus check the better business ratings and complaints. I’m ticked about receiving a 100$ travel dreamgiver card. And wasting my time trying to apply that credit to a booking. It didn’t work, they wanted my credit card info. For what if it’s under 100$? Scam and misleading. Not a way to recruit new members.

    • Bianca

      Did you make that money and travel?

  • loise

    Wao i love travelling the last time i was in France 3 yrs ago, i spent over Usd 9000 for two weeks! Now am looking for groups or organisations like yours. I look forward to joining

    • Jeremy Page

      Lol don’t really do the whole MLM thing, my CEO-money is made by doing this instead, but traveling to France seems pretty cool.

    • Linnette

      Have you joined??

    • Steve

      If you love to travel. WV is the way to go! There’s a membership for all budgets and trips for any budget. The best thing is, you can earn your way to a vacation by doing everyday things you already do.
      I don’t know how old this blog is, but WV in 2016-2017 has made some huge advances in their membership benefits and their products and services. They are truly the best travel and lifestyle company out there right now, and if you’re interested in checking out this VIP Club, leave me a comment, I’d love to share it with you!

    • Steve

      Hello, were you able to join the VIP Club? (Sorry if this reply is out dated. It doesn’t show the date and time of your comment).

  • Bart

    Hi Brad,

    I am based in Australia & have just watched your video. It’s got me fired up. I am supper excited to get involved and learn more.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Awesome man, you get a call set up?

  • Francisco agurio ramirez chino

    I bought into the platinum all benefits membership on february 25 at 10 51 am from a top sales that insisted this was the best to travel the world (tandy meader) i deposited 598 usd to this account 0160234476, aba 314074269, 9800 fredericksburg san antonio texas (usaa federal savings bank), tel num 19703331778. It has been almost 7 months and i recieve no answer, no membership and i would love my money to be reemburst. Who may help me to solve this scam.

    • Jeremy Page

      Hey buddy, sorry to hear about that. You’d have to contact WV directly, I am just a blogger.

    • Fiona

      I am so sorry to hear that someone scammed you! Never deposit money into anyone’s bank account. You would have to take this person to court and see if you could get your money back. You deposited this money into someone’s personal account it seems.

    • Amanda

      Funny you say that. Tandy Meader and her friend Brooke Mackey scammed me out of $600. It has been 2 years and messages to both of them go ignored. I’ve emailed WV to try and get my money back and they don’t respond. I purchased a dream trip and somehow my information was changed to Brooke’s without my permission or me knowing about it. These people are fraudulent.

      • Michelle

        Complain to accc or other government departments. I am if I don’t hear back from Anthony Fitzgerald by the end of the week.

    • maxine
      • heather

        No not necessarily, WV just ignore bbb and make excuses. I told them I had information, emails, messages etc to back up my claims and they have not even asked to look at what I had.

        • Michelle

          Going thru the same thing this company needs to be investigated .

          • Lisa M

            Agreed. I am sure they make their money by getting people locked in and making it timely and difficult to get out! I had a nightmare of a time just getting them to address my issues. They are very limited on their locations to stay and they ARE NOT the least expensive. They promise low price guarantee?? I couldn’t even get them to help me into my account let alone get a low price guarantee refund. Horrid experience. Completely wasted my hard earned money.

  • Chantall

    Hi Fansisco, I know exactly awat you going through. This company is bad, the staff is rude and unfriendly, I am having the exact same problem as you. Bit if I don’t get my refind, legal action. The staff sound foreing too. I hope there is someone who can ,,Regards

    • B dog

      You can’t take legal action actually. Sorry good luck

      • Scott Michael Herman

        You must work for the scammers.

    • Michelle

      Complaint to accc, taxation department, and let your friends know.

  • Angella

    Congratulations on your success Jeremy! I hate hearing about people who fall victim to fraud. Currently, I work for the Federal Government and have investigated many fraud schemes over the years. The very first thing to always remember is, NEVER wire transfer money to anyone you don’t know for any reason. Banks are not responsible or required (except by subpoena, which is usually initiated by a law enforcement investigation ) to provide you with any information regarding their costumers. Your money is gone. WA most likely gets hundreds of phone calls from people daily who fall victim to wire fraud schemes. I was approached about 3 weeks ago by a WA rep. After doing research on WA and it’s MLM, I signed up. I currently have a timeshare with Hilton that cost me $14,000. I enjoy the Hilton timeshare, but immediately realized I paid way too much money for very few trips. WA’s is priced WAY more reasonable and has WAY more perks. The way it was explained to me was, I won’t make money over night. I won’t get rich quick. Plus, 98% of people fail at making any money. It’s the 2% that succeed. It’s all up to you. WA applies to different people for different reasons. It may not work for you and that’s totally ok. It’s a numbers game. You have to keep at it. Nothing worth while is ever easy. It clicked for me, because I wanted to begin living “My Quality of Life” . I spent 8 years paying my way through college. I fought hard and I was very persistent and that’s how I became a Federal Agent. I never gave up and I succeed through many trials and tribulations. It’s not an easy world for a female, but I did it! And I’m good at it!! I love my job and what I do. Until the day came when I got an asshole piece of crap for a supervisor. She has made my life and everything I worked hard for a very sad hopeless existence. I fought back and I’m continually fight back on a daily basis. I thought I was fighting for what I believed to be “Quality of Life” . When I was presented with WA’s I realized I needed to go all in and create, control and live “My Quality of Life”. Today, I wrote my boss a thank you letter. I basically told her thank you for being such a hateful and angry person, because without her, I would have continued living my life without ever knowing what it feels like to be truly happy. I told her, it’s too late for her, but not for me. I may not make as much money with WA’s as I did as a Federal Agent, but at least I will be happy. You can’t put a price tag on happiness. I know there will be ups and downs with the money aspect of WA’s and I can handle that
    ( law enforcement is all about ups and downs ). Nothing and no amount of money is worth selling your soul for. I will succeed at WA’s. I know this, because I already have and I haven’t received one check yet. I already succeed, because at 37, I found “My Quality of Life”!

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks for sharing your story, I loved it.

    • jake

      So you work for the fed government..? But you dont anymore because you quit?

  • Amanda Nibbs

    So I just went to a WV presentation last night and I am Sooo Pumped!
    I’ve tried several MLM’S before but I have never seen anything like this. …and I get to enjoy myself….

    • Jeremy Page

      Hope it works out for you 🙂

  • Sam Matlepe

    I went to a WV presentation about two weeks ago….and I really loved it. #its real

  • Deante

    Bruh really…crazy story. I came across Job killing last week doing something I forget right now. But Ive been getting your emails daily and I read them. Im just alittle busy tring to stay focused on what I have going. Any way every since Im seeing your ads all in my FB feed. (Retargeting of course) But tonight Im playing with this google app asking all kinds of questions. And I randomly asked “What is worldventures… multiplestreams.org was the first blog to come up. So Im reading the article watched the videos etc. etc. (I knew you looked familar) Then I click on your link in the comment and long behold guess who it is. YOU…Again! Lmao This is freakin crazy bruh. I mean what are the freakin chances right. I can’t shake ya bruh. Im not the kinda of guy that believes in the whole signs thing but this might be a sign bruh. Laws of attraction states the universe will align with your will. I might have to jump on with you guys. Just sayin…Hey keep up the great work guys. You shall be hearing from me soon.

    • Jeremy Page

      You should believe in taking action more than the “whole signs thing” IMO…but that’s just me. Hope you make it happen.

  • Premi

    Hello everyone. Many of the comments I read with amusement..some with concern and some are not facts.
    The Worldventures vacations are the greatest thing that happened. I have been on 9 over the last 15 months..so I think I am qualified to speak about the WV vacs. Theres nothing out there like it. Each one was so special and at such discounted rates. I have saved thousands of dollars already and I will travel no other way than WV. If you love to travel join the vacation club at least. No everyone wants to make money out of recruiting.
    See you on the beaches of the world

  • Daisy

    Hi there! I have been researching WV but i feel convinced now after reading your blog! I just have a question, can anybody be a member? I mean, people in Asia? Thanks!

    • Jose

      We are open in all 50 States and 29 countries so far. Asia is one of them! I have been involved for almost 2 years now. I have been on 15 trips and counting! I provided my link to become a member. Enjoy!

  • RJ

    My friend is trying to get me to join but all the info I find is about the rep/selling side of it. I have no interest in selling, I just want to take trips. I read the prices are similar to other companies such as AAA or Costco. Since the website doesn’t display prices or real-time comparison, how much of a deal are the trip prices really? Thanks.

    • Beruk Mehari

      We actually don’t disclose the prices but we are not in competition to AAA or Costco at all… I’ll show you a couple of trips that are being sampled right now but we can’t let non-members access the prices

    • maxine

      you save about several hundred dollars on a trip, but depends how much you pay for the plane ticket…so you can save if you really invest your time…

      to me, money cannot come to the grave with me, so i would rather have a comfy job, less stress and decided where or when i want to travel 🙂

  • Dan

    i think i rather listen to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki when they endorsed NetworkMarketing in their book ” Why we want you to be Rich”.

    • Jeremy Page

      Trump has had many opps to own that recently….has stayed away, though.

  • Ruby Garcia

    I have a friend who is trying to sell me a the WV (Dreamtrips) membership. I feel indifferent about it because there are positive and negative comments all around. I have done my research and have seen a video that she showed me. I am just confused on whether or not to go forward. I am thinking of joining for the money making side as well as travel. I understand the whole deal is to endorse/sell the membership to others and Dreamtrips pays you monthly according to the plan that the member chooses. Which is good because I am tired of living pay check to paycheck. On the other hand, I see comments stating that this is just a scam and no way of making money, but I think its because those people quit and never tried to move forward. So I want to honestly know is it worth it. I do not have money to just pitch out like that. I want to know if it is worth it. I am not here commenting to try to be sold, I just want a real answer. I work, have 2 kids and go to school so I want to know that I can be able to add this to my schedule and I wont be wasting my time.

    • Amanda

      Don’t do it.

    • Rob

      Well, they haven’t been paying their reps since October of 2017, so they time between paychecks is kind of steep. Also, it isn’t just the monthly fees, it’s also the training that will cost you dearly. They will hound you continuously to buy their training (what reputable company charges their own employees for training?). It can go from $20 US (they have a bad habit of not mentioning to international marks that everything is in US Dollars) for an hour long lecture (there are 60 in this series, so you’re looking at a $1200 US outlay just for one series of CDs) to $30 US for Regional Training Events. To the cost of airfare, lodging (which they don’t cover), meals, entry tickets to their “conventions” called United, Momentum and Boot Camp. The cost of a VIP ticket to one of those events is roughly $500 US. (These trainings are not considered a dream tip, so all those “great” vacation prices you hear of isn’t applicable to these events).
      Of course, the killer thing is (from their own compensation plan) 99% of their reps lose money…even if they make commissions due to the amount of money they are forced to spend on training and the monthly fees.

      I would avoid this if I were you.

  • Thomson Pakoa

    I went to the WV meeting last night. The presenter stated that if you do not pay your monthly fees after signing up you become inactive and then have to pay membership fee again to join. Is this true?

    • Jeremy Page

      Thats usually how it works

    • Laura K Bowling

      Not anymore

  • kathy wright

    I was ripped off by Dream Trips, plain and simple. There are a lot of details to wrap your mind around when you’re first “recruited”, but I was assured that I would be able to get my investment back ($400 per year) in travel. First, we missed the intro trip by one week because of family illness, I was told to call and they would make an exception, but when I called, they said sorry, change of policy. And, you can’t use all your money at once, you use the $99 downpayment first, in one trip, then the $300 you’ve built up over one year on another trip. And you have to buy the expensive trips to get to use that $300, they tell you how much of your investment you can spend on any one trip. Not cool.

  • Michelle

    Signed up under false promises and was not shown how to get into back office until two weeks later when I did it myself. A few of us want answers were told one thing and didnt happen by our rep. Now going to ask for WORLD VENTURES to be investigated in Australia. Contact HQ with evidence didn’t get back. Australia is a big country yet small place as in people.

  • Brent Carlson

    I have just signed up with world ventures! I know the usual way is to seek out your warm market but it also can become a discouraging challenge too. Do you know of any websites that explain ways to reach cold market and draw interested prospects in?

  • Lea

    I’ve been with World Ventures for 3 years and taken over 40 international vacations. 80% of which has been paid in WV rewards points from my membership fees.
    It has created more connected relationships with friends and family. And our children have had the opportunity to travel and enjoy new experiences. It’s the best education ever for a child.
    Re the business…I only joined for the travel part..but I would recommend WV to anything wanting more Fun and More travel. And of course, the best travel deals online.. Maybe I will do the business as I’ve found it’s not had to convince people to travel more and have more fun!
    Thanks for the post!

    • Jeremy Page

      Thats major, nice work!

    • Kayongo Elizabeth

      I am planning on joining WV just for the travel packages, i have a list of thing i want to do before i hit 50yrs and travelling is one of them, i have never left my country by the way and am 38yrs so i think WV will be the way to go my worry is i earn 268 dollars a month, the queestion is do i qualify to join. and also how soon can i start travelling from the time when i join?

  • Sarah P.

    You’re clearly part of this MLM and it shows, because their C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is something that you just gloss over after mentioning in passing, but that should really give you pause; BBB ratings don’t take customer complaints into account, but anyone who really wants to see what’s happening with Worldventures should read the customer complaints and note that the BBB has placed the equivalent of a red flag on it due to the complaints. WorldVentures’ consistent response is to say that the individual representative the people were doing business with wasn’t behaving properly, but a business like that is only as good as its representatives, and if that many of them are ”breaking the rules,” there’s either a larger issue at the management level OR these people are doing exactly what they were trained to do and WV disavows them when they’re caught. I have a friend who was involved in this for years and claimed that she’d be able to retire soon; a couple of years ago she stopped talking about it all together, took down all of her Facebook posts about it, and went on to some other vaguely shady get rich quick thing. She tried to sell all of us on it but now if someone asks her about it, she can’t change the subject fast enough. And i remember thinking that the pictures she was posting from these alleged “five-star resorts“ looked more like what you’d find at your average Springhill Suites, not the Ritz-Carlton. So maybe this isn’t a scam, but it’s got problems, and this “assessment” was written by someone who has skin in the game, so clearly do your research and come to your own conclusion.

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