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Yevo review: Healthy food meets MLM

Yevo is a health and wellness MLM that has gained some serious momentum in recent years.

Their products are real, nutritious foods that are packaged in ready-to-prepare meal kits.


Food is the product. But not just any food, food that’s packaged and ready to prepare, yet contains no preservatives, full of essential nutrients (43 to be exact) and fast and easy to prepare

What’s the hook? People want packaged foods, but they’re increasingly afraid of what processed foods do to them. Yevo contains none of the ingredients people are learning to avoid, yet they’re packaged and ready to eat with minimal preparation.

  • no MSG
  • no preservatives
  • no high sodium
  • no trans fat
  • no artificial dyes/colors
  • no genetically modified foods

Plus, to satisfy the micro niche of healthy eaters who avoid cooking their food or using high heat (which kills nutrients), Yevo foods don’t have to be cooked.

Products right now are mostly breakfast foods like oatmeal and vitamin coffee/tea drinks. The idea is that if you consume 2 Yevo products, you get all your nutrients for the day. There are currently over 100 products to choose from.

If you’re trying to get a feel for how well Yevo will weather the inevitable ups and downs of business, then here’s what you need to know…

Peter Castleman is the head of Yevo.

Dude went to Harvard Business School. Taught there, too.

Secondly, he’s worked in the MLM industry before, where he headed Herbalife as their chairman of the board.

And finally, he’s a managing partner at a private equity firm, which is big-money backing for Yevo.

Never a bad thing.

Compensation Plan

The best compensation plan is one which attracts and retains a vast network of the best distributors.

Here are the facts, straight from the Yevo Compensation plan PDF itself:

  • maintain active status with $100+ Personal Volume per month
  • 50% of that PV must come from sales not to yourself.
  • 25% commission on retail sales
  • 15% commission on Preferred Customer (autoship) orders
  • Recurring Preferred Customer bonus based on volume & number of Preferred Customers
  • Unilevel Bonus starts at 5%
  • Unilevel Bonus available down to 7 levels
  • Unilevel Bonus is 10% on level 1 at higher ranks
  • Many other bonuses when you get rolling in sales
  • Bonuses start generally when you have over 2,000 in downline volume, 250 in PV, and 3 active legs
  • Max leg rules apply

Right now, information on what qualifies as commissionable volume is hidden.

Also, hidden are the product prices.

You can get an idea from the costs of the various starter packages. (Keep in mind these were pre-launch prices, early March 2015). However, Yevo hasn’t seemed to publish any new pricing yet so as it stands…

  • Starter Kit ($50). Sample food items only.
  • Silver Enrollment Kit ($224). 7 Sample food items + basic backoffice + marketing materials
  • Gold Enrollment Kit ($480). 12 larger sample food items + premium backoffice + marketing materials
  • Platinum Enrollment Kit ($560). 14 larger sample food items + premium backoffice + marketing materials. + Yevo ribbon-cutting ticket

Here’s exactly what you get with the Silver Enrollment Kit:

  • 2 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal pouches, 5 servings each
  • 2 Breakfast Rice pouches, 5 servings each
  • 2 Plain Oatmeal pouches, 5 servings each

That breaks down to 30 breakfasts. At a price of $224 and assigning a value to the other components of the kit as follows:

  • Marketing materials
  • MyYevo basic backoffice

Consider this: many MLM setups give you the back office and marketing materials for free. Marketing materials I’m guessing are pdfs, images, etc to put on your online business or Facebook account. Back office is an admin panel for managing your account. Not pricey, either one of these things.

That brings us to $149 for the food. Let’s make it $150 for simplicity’s sake. That’s $5 per meal.

The Starter kit is no longer listed on the Yevo website, so it may not be available any longer. There’s also a new kit on their site, the “Platinum 2” kit, with a few more food samples in it. No pricing though.


  1. stellar founder credentials
  2. product with a wide audience
  3. infinite renewal possibilities for recurring sales
  4. awesome marketing potential- play into fear of what unhealthy lifestyle, processed food do to the body
  5. product taps into huge & growing “safe food” movement
  6. nice commission percentages


  1. high start-up cost
  2. product may be pricey but we can’t tell yet
  3. full details of the compensation plan/product pricing aren’t fully disclosed yet


Yevo food products satisfy the notion that busy people can have their cake and eat it too. Take the two most prevalent aspects of the way people eat today: they want fast & easy packaged food, but they want to eat right, too…and Yevo satisfies them both.

Plus, the food supplement has worked for other MLM powerhouses like Advocare and Isagenix.

The concept has all the makings of a brilliant business idea, and why shouldn’t it? It’s the brainchild of a brilliant mogul named Peter Castleman. So far, so good…very good.

With these two pillars off success behind it (great product, great backing), it would be a shame to see the whole thing fall apart because of the compensation plan. What’s the problem? While in general there’s nothing unusual about the plan, it is complex and as with all complicated compensation plans, we wonder why?

Another note: $5 per meal. Assuming that’s wholesale, these are some pretty pricey breakfasts. $5 wholesale price for breakfast is bordering on restaurant prices.

Not only that, but Yevo products say nothing about organic foods.

With an industry that’s enjoying total annual revenue touching on $32 billion, it’d be nice to see some of that.

Finally, the high buy-in will keep some people out…perhaps the strategy…but if you’re trying to attract a serious distribution network, you’ll have to divulge a few more facts.

It’s still early, but if you’re set on MLM, Yevo seems to provide an intriguing offer.

Trending product. Solid distribution. Good comp plan.

However, if you find yourself chasing the next hot opportunity, you’re 99% gonna fail.

Straight up.

You’re a money-chaser, and you’re not providing any value to society.

If that’s the case, apply for our non-MLM mentorship here.



  1. Anthony

    October 3, 2015 at 4:32 am

    I really like the food products. They are loaded with nutrients and vitamins. When I show people the package they are impressed with the ingredients.

    • Jeremy Page

      October 5, 2015 at 3:30 am

      Anthony, that’s good to know. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Chris Peypers

    October 23, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Very interesting, thank you. I am with Isagenix, so I always am trying to compare. The ting that I would like to know is, does people who uses Yevo, feel different and better after eating it, cause that is my big thing, I keep using Isagenix because of how I feel every day, I have never felt better in my entire life. I’ll try Yevo, I have a friend that is looking into enrolling with them.

  3. Jane Knew

    December 2, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    I ordered product from YEVO. Their website is confusing. Somehow I placed two orders, they say. I never got a confirmation of 2nd order, however I received the product 3 days after the first shipment. Order was supposed to be a monthly shipment. Well, they have terrible customer service and refused to refund me. I finally took it up with my credit card and it took 3 months for them to issue a credit AFTER I returned the bogus 2nd shipment. I would not recommend this company as they seem like many of the other dubious online retailers.

    • Jeremy Page

      December 8, 2016 at 6:50 am

      Hmm interesting.

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