Youngevity is one of the hottest nutrition MLMs in the game

Youngevity is an American based network marketing company that sells nutritional supplements.

While many MLMs are selling nutrition products (hint: Ariix, Juice Plus, and Visi), Youngevity is taking it to a whole new level, and they’re killing it.

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Based in Chula Vista, CA. Youngevity was founded by Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND in 1997. He is well known and respected for his work and research on the benefits of selenium and other minerals.

Because of his efforts, the FDA established official Qualified Health Claims for Selenium, showing that it might reduce the chances of contracting certain  cancers. Since there are only a few Qualified Health Claims out there, Youngevity holds a unique distinction among other dietary supplemental companies.

He found that the human body needs 90 essential nutrients to be as healthy as it can be.  This prompted the company to develop their “90 For Life” line.

The human body loses about 90% of the supplements it receives due to the fact that it can’t digest them. Youngevity’s products however, have a 90%-98% absorption rate. The reason why is that they use plant-based minerals to increase the bioavailabilty of them.

These minerals are taken from humic shale. They have a natural negative electrical charge which aids with digestion and helps to support detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins.

The combination of these superior raw materials and the method of how they’re packaged and handled is what makes this company different from all the other nutritional supplement companies that are out there.


Youngevity has over 2,000 products with 31 brands in 15 different categories. Along with their flagship products like 90 For Life Nutrition Packets, Be the Change and Distributor Enrollment Packs, they have products for beauty and grooming accessories, food and beverages, even the home, garden and pets are taken care of.

They have a starter package for overall health and wellness. They have a pack designed for athletes and one to help lower blood sugar. They have one to help support your bones and one to help your heart and brain. One to help repair and rebuild the digestive system and one for weight loss.

If you don’t want to purchase a package, individual items are sold as well. Basically everything you need to have a healthier, more rounded lifestyle is there to choose from.

A monthly supply is available for $125 with the option to enroll in free auto-shipping.

Compensation Plan

There are 10 different ways to start a home based business and make money with Youngevity. Though they continue to be fast growing, they are stable, shipping their products to over 65 countries. Through the use of their software, you can manage your business from wherever you might be located (allowing you to make money online and work from home).

Depending on your goals and schedule you can work as little or as much as you like. There is no pressure but there are many incentives to help start your business and successfully keep it running for as long as you like.

Experts predict that the health and wellness industry will soon be raking more than a trillion dollars, now is a great time to become involved in it.

You can earn up to 30% on retail sales commissions with a 30% Quick Start Bonus as well. For every four distributors you can get to sign up, they pay you $100.

It costs $115 for the start up package and in addition to this there is an Enrollment Fee of $25, but if you buy the CEO Pack as your first choice, you automatically get upgraded in status this obviously means more money faster.

In addition to these, there are numerous bonuses paid on a monthly basis, retail profit bonuses paid on a weekly basis and for every three Starter Pack customers you get, they will provide you with your next Starter Pack for free.


The Better Business Bureau has given Youngevity an A+ rating and out of the reviews I read from prior customers, their opinion of the product was highly favorable.

The amount of money that is needed upfront to get enrolled in this program was a bit steep in my opinion. The CEO Start Up Pack will set you back $499. Also if you compare their prices to other similar companies that are available, you will find that they are more expensive as well. This should be a major consideration to take into account if you plan on selling them.

Their claims of how well the body can digest their products seems a little inflated to me as well. If the other guy’s supplements are only digested at a rate of 10%, how can they say that their’s are absorbed at 90%-98%? It just seems to be too great of an increase to me.

Then again, I am not a doctor, or a scientist and this company’s founder Dr Wallach is obviously a brilliant man and the long list of accolades and achievements are testimony to this. The fact that they have been around as long as it has is another positive thing to take into consideration.

Every company that makes supplements claim that theirs are superior, however it is very difficult to actually prove this superiority. It is also important to keep in mind that everyone may respond to supplements differently: what works for me might not work for you.

Like most MLMs there is no guarantee of success, that’s why there are disclaimers all over the place. Great care and consideration should be taken before investing your money into them with the hopes of being able to quit your day job.

While I don’t believe that Youngevity is a scam, I also think there are more viable opportunities to be found on the Internet. The health and wellness industry is booming these days and with the increased number of illnesses around, people are in a panic to stay healthy with what they believe to be a quick fix.

People are also living longer and becoming more educated on supplements. With the huge assortment of Youngevity products that are available, everyone from children, to the elderly, to the household pet can find a pill to swallow, or an elixir to drink.

I guess it really boils down to an individual’s preference if you think you have what it takes to sell questionable products at an inflated price, then becoming a Youngevity sales rep might be just the right job for you.

I’m not a Youngevity hater by any means. But it’s still an MLM that sells an opportunity to make money.

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