What you should know about Zrii International

Zrii International is a network marketing company that makes premium healthy nutritional products with ingredients based on Ayurvedic herbs.

The company is backed by Deepak Chopra and is fueled by an impressively progressive vision from its leadership.

It’s a tempting opportunity for a home based business, but you might have to rely on your Facebook timeline and selling to family and friends to make decent money.

So have I been involved?

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Zrii International, as the company is officially named, was founded by Bill Farley. His background is unusual in the network marketing world, which may explain the company’s unique vision.

Mr. Farley was CEO of Fruit of the Loom at one point in his past career. He then ran his business dealings under the guise of a holding company called Liam Ventures Inc, which ran into trouble after failing to make pension contributions on behalf of the metalworkers controlled by his company. Oops.

That may have been a failure but Farley has been successful in other ventures since then, including the big hit Zrii.

Zrii is named after a Sanskrit word meaning “good fortune”, and what an apt name that has turned out to be.

Just short of eight years in business, Zrii has accomplished more than many juice companies ever would (up there with Juice Plus and Rain).

They were founded in 2007 and have already accomplished quite a bit. Take a look:

  • earnings of $45 million in their first year of business
  • backed by well-known and respected health guru Deepak Chopra (his Chopra Center officially endorses Zrii)
  • not only backed by the Chopra center: they sell Zrii products on their website
  • recommended by Chris Gardner, bestselling author
  • Officially endorsed by Freestyle Soccer World Champion Boyka Ortiz
  • Record-breaking sales for 2015: over $100 million

The marketing employed by this company speak to pure genius, and you can’t help wondering if it’s 100% due to founder Farley. As CEO of Fruit of the Loom, he once appeared in his underwear for a TV commercial.

From 2012 to 2015, Zrii monthly sales went through the roof consistently, resulting in growth from 1.5 to 10+ million. Zrii now operates in 18 countries.

Zrii is very big in South America. Accordingly, they hired a big player last year to be the new Regional VP of South America: Carlos Lopez Ortega. He formerly worked for Redbull and Coca Cola so he knows his specialty drinks.

VP of Global Sales Matt Ward is similarly qualified, having worked as Marketing Director for the American Grand Prix.

President A.K.Khalil was appointed in 2013 and comes with a 15-year background in network marketing.

Based in Draper, Utah, Zrii operates in the United States, Canada, Latin America, India and Australia.


Zrii products are based on a mix of traditional Ayurvedic (herbal medicine) principles and modern science. The entire line of products revolve around the powers of amalaki, a fruit.

Zrii founder Bill Farley was introduced to amalaki in 2007, right before he founded the company, and the two friends have been promoting drinks made with it ever since. When asked by Bill Farley what one single thing Chopra would take every day to support health, Chopra answered: amalaki.

So what does amalaki do for us?

  • supports healthy digestion
  • strengthens immunity
  • increases energy

Amalaki is rare and is said to be powerful as a rejuvenator, especially if you consult traditional Indian medical practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine.It’s a potent antioxidant, if you want to define it in terms of Western medicine.

Here’s a quick run-down of Zrii products:

  • Zrii Amalaki. This is their flagship product and contains not only amalaki but also turmeric, ginger, jujube, schizandria, Tulsi, and haritaki. $37 for 25 oz.
  • Zrii Rise. This is high performance coffee containing Colombian Arabica beans and green coffee bean extract plus amalaki of course.
  • Zrii Achieve. This comes in chocolate or vanilla- it’s a meal replacement weight management shake.
  • Zrii Accell. This is an energy booster containing green tea (caffeine + antioxidants).
  • Daily AM & PM. These are vitamins: AM for alertness and PM for relaxation.
  • Smart Omega-4. This is a super-dose of omega-3s EPA, DHA and others.
  • Zrii Purify. Cleanse & weight management system comprised of 4 parts: Fiber, Detox Oil, AM Capsules and PM Capsules. Supports digestion, detox.

Note that Zrii products contain natural ingredients, and most are are gluten free as well as GMO free. Most are also certified Halal, too.

Compensation Plan

The Zrii Opportunity offers exceptional mentoring and training.

Zrii trainers actually travel around to meet their distributors, rather than simply relying on webinars and email to stay in touch. Actual strategy is discussed in these meetings and managers are always scanning the lower ranks for new potential leaders to promote.

They give you the opportunity to earn from home with 16 ways to get paid. They are broken down into “immediate” methods, “residual” methods, and “lifestyle” rewards as follows. Please note: distributors are called Independent Executives (IEs):


  • Fast Start Bonus. 20% bonus on all initial orders.
  • Star Bonus. Enroll new IEs (one on each of 2 legs) and earn up to $50
  • Star Maker Bonus. Earn bonuses when your enrollees buy Z-Packs of product.
  • Tablet Bonus. Earn $300 cash when you make ranking of 3-star IE in first 8 weeks and again the next 4 weeks.
  • Four Weeks to 4-Star. Earn $1000 if you make it to 4-star IE.


  • Team commission. 10% commission on pay leg CV
  • Matching Bonus. 7 generations of dynamically compressed (that’s good for you) check matching
  • MyZriiProBonus. Up to $10 on every MyZriiPro membership sold in your downline.
  • Customer Bonus. 20% customer bonus on purchases made by customers you enroll.
  • Customer Performance. Every 5,000 CQV you make, you get $500.
  • Loyalty Rewards. Place an EZ Order every four weeks and get free or discounted products.


  • Zrii Benz Club. 4-star ranks get $600/month for a car lease.Higher ranks get $1000.
  • Leadership Academy. Travel.
  • Achievement Bonus
  • RSA Elite Club
  • Global Leadership Pool. 2% of company commissionable sales go to this pool.

IEs get wholesale pricing on products, too.


Bill Farley is certainly a man of vision- his business interests have been as diverse as can be. He’s also part-owner of the Chicago White Sox (although he hasn’t always invested actual money in the team each year). Remember GItano Jeans?  He owned them too, along with a footwear company called DIngo boots.

His first company was the Anaheim Citrus Products company, which he purchased in 1976. That original business became the foundation for subsequent ventures, which are now called Farley Industries, a conglomerate doing $5 billion in sales per year and employing 65,000 people.

Having been blamed for almost forcing Fruit of the Loom into bankruptcy, he’s not always successful, but Zrii might finally be his winner. Might.

Look, as I’ve shown throughout the review, not a Zrii hater by any means. But there are flaws in today’s MLM industry. It’s the sad story of “selling the opportunity”, where real money is made by the few gurus on top while the rest fight for the scraps.

Seen it too many times.

However, you can wreck your money-chasing habits and still crush your day job.

No recruiting, just building a business you can be proud of. Find out more here.

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