Zukul and the internet business-in-a-box phenomenon

Zukul is a network marketing company that offers a “business in a box” platform for a successful online business, allowing members to work from home.

Sounds too good to be true, and a lot of people that aren’t making any money with it are saying that it might just be.

So have I been involved?

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Zukul was founded in 2014 by Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom. They appear to be based out of the UK, although their address is listed in Anguilla, a British Caribbean island, likely for tax purposes.

In just several years, they’ve already managed to sign on over 44,000 customers.

Jeremy Rush is no first-timer when it comes to internet marketing or MLM. The list of similar washed up and crash and burn ventures he’s been involved in is ever-growing: Penny Matrix, AdExperts, MMO Cashout, DS Domination, AdHitProfits, Banners Broker…what’s stopping Zukul from being added to the list?

How much does Zukul cost?

They offer three starter packages: Beginner ($19.60/month), Intermediate ($54.50/month), and Advanced ($272.50/month). Beginner is cheap, but it doesn’t get you much of anything that anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis wouldn’t already know. More expensive packages also get you access to more compensation possibilities.


Zukul’s products offer you all the tools and training you need to get your internet business off the ground, regardless of what stage you’re at. There’s a big focus on list-building.


The Beginner package includes one tool: Social Sniper Pro. This is the company’s signature software program. It is a “set it and forget it” program that allows you to run social campaigns through platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter, reaching thousands of targeted visitors with just a few clicks.


In addition to Social Sniper Pro, the Intermediate package also includes Facebook Ninja Pro (the same thing, using Facebook as the platform), Autoresponders, a Landing Page Creator, a Viral Blogging System, a Banner Creator, a URL Shortener and Tracker, and a training system. So, obviously, if you want to do anything other than spam people on outdated social media platforms, you’ll need to pick up the Intermediate package or higher.


The Advanced package includes everything in the Intermediate package, plus one bonus item: Zukul’s Video Submission Tool. If you want to do video marketing or have any reach on video sharing sites, this is a must.

A lot of these tools are really useful, if used correctly. But these internet business in a box companies are a dime a dozen now (see: Digital Altitude, MOBE, and Wealthy Affiliate), and there’s really nothing on their website to prove that Zukul’s tools are any better than the many internet marketing MLMs out there with concrete experience and credentials to back their claims.

Compensation Plan

The real value in purchasing the Advanced package seems not to be in their video submission tool (I mean, there’s no way that thing can be worth an extra $220/month), but in the earning potential that Advanced members unlock in the compensation plan.

The comp plan is a uni-level plan, meaning that affiliates you’ve recruited directly go in your Level 1, any affiliates they recruit go in your Level 2, your Level 2’s direct recruits go in your Level 3, and so on.

Beginner members make $10 each time someone in their Level 1 pays their monthly membership fee, $5 on Level 2 members, and $4 on Level 3. Intermediate members get $13 when their Level 1 members pay their membership fee, $5 on their Level 2, and $4 on their Level 3. Advanced members see a huge jump in payment: $55 for Level 1 members who renew, $25 for Level 2, and $10 for Level 3.

On top of that, affiliates can unlock bonuses on additional levels as they move up in rank. Bonuses go all the way down to Level 10.

Zukul also offers all of your other typical MLM bonuses, including a matching bonus of up to 50% on your direct recruits.


Zukul tries to reel people in with the promise that they’ll get rich with an online business, even if they know next to nothing about internet marketing.

This is unrealistic. Starting up a full-blown business with a product, and advertising budget, customer service, a website, and customers is a serious undertaking, even if it is on the internet. Unless you already have a solid business in place, you’re unlikely to go anywhere with some autoresponders and landing pages.

The shadiest thing about Zukul, though, is that there’s absolutely nothing to set them apart from the competition. Nothing in their product descriptions, testimonials (who even knows if they’re legit), or company history sounds promising, and their founder’s track record of failed internet endeavors is concerning at best.

The real money-maker here is the affiliate program, but at $270+/month for the only package with any decent money making potential, it doesn’t come cheap.

On top of that, you have to be okay with peddling a product you don’t fully believe in to all your friends and family. It’s more than a little slimy.

Look, I’m not a hater of the company. It’s just that if you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without the home parties and Facebook recruiting.

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