Is Zurvita legit? A complete run down on the hot MLM

Zurvita is an extremely successful wellness network marketing company focusing on just a handful of nutrition drinks that promote health, weight loss, and energy.

They’re one of the hotter companies in the health and nutrition MLM space, right up there with Vasayo, Youngevity, Trevo, and Xyngular.

So have I been involved?

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Back in 2009 nobody never would have thought Zurvita would be enjoying the phenomenal success they have today.

Back then, they were a struggling tech MLM off to very rocky start after their 2008 founding (try losing $300,000 per year). The sold business services – everything from cell phones to tech support.

After rebranding in 2011 all that changed. Now a wellness product company with just four drink products, they’ve hit their mark and each year revenue grows exponentially as market reach expands.

Recently they were named one of the 7 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling for 2016, and 2013 revenue (the last year for which there were numbers) was $63 million.

This is good news if you’re planning on running a home based business with Zurvita.

They’re not the highest-grossing MLM but they certainly are one of the most solidly-driven companies in the industry.

DSN works with Quantum Workplace to produce the annual list, which is open to any US or Canadian direct selling company with at least 50 employees (Zurvita has around 63 corporate employees and over 35,000 distributors).

The main criteria for this self-nominated contest is employee engagement at the workplace.

Engagement is based on employee recognition as well as leadership development. Both factors are carefully cultivated at Zurvita, as you’ll see below in the details of the compensation plan.

Zurvita expands cautiously into new markets, introducing only one product to begin with (Zeal). After developing a loyal following for that flagship product, they then introduce the other products. Currently, Zurvita is available in the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Germany
  5. UK


Zurvita products are:

  • Zeal Wellness (Zeal for Life): wild berry or grape
  • Chocolate Delight Protein Shakes
  • Vanilla Creme Protein Shakes
  • Zurvita Burn
  • Zurvita Cleanse

Zeal for Life is the flagship product. Combined with Zurvita Burn and Zurvita Cleanse, it makes up the Zurvita Weight Management program. This program is available in the USA and Canada only at this time.

In addition, there are the protein shakes. All products are based on the inclusion of balanced, comprehensive nutrients to feed your body so it doesn’t want to overeat and so you feel energetic.

Based on sound, healthy and research-driven principles of nutrition like herbal ingredients and probiotics, Zurvita products are healthy in every way. The products can be mixed in water or juice and come in convenient packs for sharing, too.

Zurvita products now have a face: Peter Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen is a Zurvita Challenge Coach but more importantly is a highly esteemed personal trainer. He was named Trainer of the Year by Self Magazine and by Muscle & Fitness magazine.

He is also a spokesperson for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation plus the author of several books. He also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show that airs on over 200 stations.

Compensation Plan

Training at Zurvita is very well deployed, and new consultants are given multiple forms of encouragement so they can launch successfully and move upwards quickly.

Quick wins are important for marketing momentum so bonuses are available during the first 30 days. After that, the incentive program allows consultants to build on their early success to feed growth and lead them toward promotion as quickly as possible.

There are 3 ways to start a business with Zurvita:

  1. Joining costs a $35 enrollment fee, which is not commissionable. The fee covers the cost of your Welcome Kit.
  2. You can choose the “Website Only Package” which costs $29.95 per month. Good for those looking to make money online.
  3. You can purchase a Starter Pack (various prices and levels), which gets you enrolled in monthly Autoship. Packs start at around $70.

There is no required product purchase although purchasing one of the starter packs gets you off and running with commission on Personal Sales.

Consultants make money in the following ways on a uni-level structure with upline sponsors:

  • weekly bonuses
  • monthly residuals
  • personal sales
  • uni-level overrides & commissions

Weekly bonuses occur when you sponsor a consultant who buys a starter pack. Your bonus is based on the sale of the products in the pack, not the recruitment. Bonuses tally up as follows:

  • $100 bonus (sell a $549.95 Builders Pak)
  • $60 bonus  (sell a $349.95 Quick Start Pak)
  • $50 bonus (sell a Quick Start Pak – Wellness)

Team bonuses for new consultants are granted during the first 30 days if the consultant can reach 3,000 BV with her team. The one-time bonus is worth $1,000.

Existing consultants have their bonus opportunities, too. There’s a $400 bonus every time they reach 3,000 Team Business Volume (TBV) in new business. There’s also a car bonus worth $600 per month on a leased Z-car.

Personal sales offer 20% commission of products purchased off your own website. Consultants can also earn another 20% on their frontline when those sponsored consultants purchase Monthly Wellness Packs (Autoship).

Uni-level overrides go down to 8 levels and pay 5% on ALL LEVELS. The higher rank you achieve, of course, the more levels you unlock. Infinity overrides are available at higher ranks and offer an additional 2% on sales starting at your 9th level down to infinite levels. Achieve an even higher rank and you get an additional 2% on those infinite levels. Make it to the new Crown Ambassador level and you can tack on another 1/4% override on your infinite levels.

You can also earn commission on Zeal Wellness and Starter Packs, which start at $69.95 for the Canister Wellness Pack (BV = 70) and continue on to the Builders Pack at $549.95 (BV = 500).

There is also the Get 4 and Pay No More! benefit, which is a referral program. Refer 4 people to Zurvita in a month and get a Wellness Pack for free. This is only available for consultants who are on monthly Autoship, which is not mandatory.


Zurvita isn’t kidding around with the team development aspect of their MLM. The $1,000 team bonus for new consultants is evidence of that. It might also explain why they’ve been so successful so quickly.

Management’s emphasis on cultivating a solid network of consultants and entering markets slowly and strategically has paid off. Their brand speaks loud and clear that this company is serious about wellness and success for both their customers and their consultants.

In the highly competitive market of nutritional wellness drinks, Zurvita might just be the one to survive. Might

But unfortunately MLMs have a notorious history of getting popular fast and then falling off just as quickly as they got there.

For that reason, I’ve gone to a different, non-MLM 30k/mo direction, and I couldn’t be happier. Click here to wreck your money-chasing habits.

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